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San Diego, California, United States | SELF

San Diego, California, United States | SELF
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"Conceptus - Demos"

Jangly folk-rock takes center stage for Conceptus, with nice-boy-nextdoor hooks to top it off. All 13 tracks are the product of Chris Holmes, who produced everything at home. “Erica’s Trip” nicely alternates between menacing guitar drives and short, sunny licks. “Which Way” echoes with Brit-pop reverb. Aside from the band’s name, which sounds to me like what you’d call a fetus at conception, there’s a solid dose of Pavement, Kinks and early R.E.M. here. - CityBeat San Diego


Originally based in L.A., Conceptus began in 2005 as the home recording project of a Chris Holmes (whose favorite Beatle is George). Other members have come and gone, but Conceptus has lived on and, as of 2010, is based out of Ocean Beach and City Heights.

Holmes describes their worst gig: “We played a Friday night in March of 2011 at Tower Bar that was a total disaster, definitely the worst show a few of us had ever played in any band. First of all, we were too loud for that room, secondly, we couldn’t hear each other at all. We were all out of sorts. People thought our drummer was drunk. My friend, who came down from L.A. to open the show with his band, was standing two feet from me, heckling me during the set, throwing me off my game. We played terrible. We all slammed beers pretty hard after that one.”

Their full-length Trebly Feelings was released in early 2012.

“I guess the story about the album cover art could be considered an interesting one,” says Holmes. “My grandfather, Dan Kiley, was a prominent landscape architect, and there’s a book devoted to his work. I utilized sketches from the book for the record art. With respect to the album title, it’s describing the nature of the songs: introspective, sensitive-guy lyrics, paired with bright, jangly, 1960s-ish guitars. Hence, Trebly Feelings.”

Everything on the album was recorded in the band rehearsal space in Kearny Mesa, with the exception of the drums, which were done at Black Box Studios. The album was mixed and mastered by Mike Kamoo (drummer of the Loons) at Earthling Studios in La Mesa.
- San Diego Reader

"No Contraception Needed for Conceptus"

Believe it or not the 90s are almost vintage and most definitely throwback. Conceptus is a throwback to vintage 90s college rock dripping with Malksonian flairs and nonchalant slackerisms, which is a good thing. They aren’t the most exciting band to see live, but I sense the potential in them for exploring the space of the stage and growing into a great live act, but for now they are writing tight tasty songs and that is more than just a good place to start. “Trebly Feelings”, their debut release, will fit in nicely among your old favorite Silver Jews and Built to Spill records, so enjoy some El Pastor tacos and fade out. - Of Shows and Burritos


Artist: Conceptus
Song: “Which Way” (from
Heard by: Lorenzo Ochoa, North Park
It reminded me of the Mamas and the Papas. It seems influenced or inspired by them. It has a soft melody to it. The guitar kind of reminds me of Weezer. Overall, I felt relaxed. I liked the way the guitar overpowers the lyrics. The lyrics are mysterious and a little bit soothing. I think it does have commercial potential but only because of the guitar. It really stands out. The vocals were a little bit underplayed. I’d give that song a 7.5 out of 10. - San Diego Reader


Trebly Feelings



Conceptus began as Chris Tomorrow's home-recording project in Los Angeles in late 2005. After a relocation to San Diego, it became a full-fledged organism with the help of Jeff Acrea, Derrick and Mark. Uniquely jangly and Pavement-y, the band has a reputation for energetic live performances.

Conceptus recorded, mixed and mastered their debut, Trebly Feelings, in early 2012.