Concerto for Constantine

Concerto for Constantine


Nirvana meet Tool in a venue owned by Smashing Pumpkins, with a bar staff consisting of members of Queens of the Stone Age and Maria Callas. Paganini changes the kegs.


Concerto for Constantine is three Dubliners: singer and guitarist Mark Greaney (formerly JJ72's frontman and songwriter), bassist Gavin Fox (formerly of Turn, Idlewild and Vega4),and drummer Binzer (formerly of The Frames, BellX1, and Halite; he also plays drums for Mundy amongst others.
In the summer of 2007, Mark and Gavin found themselves bandless simultaneously. They had, over the years of knowing one another, sporadically yet passionately discussed the notion of forming a three piece rock band. It was time for action. The first, and only person to be sought for drumming duties was Binzer. He has been refereed to as the Irish Jimmy Chamberlain. Enough said.
A rehearsal took place in late August 2007. It was raw. It was visceral. And having enough gigs under their collective belt from over the past decade they knew immediately that it worked. Bones shivered, hearts beat faster and ears hurt. A beautiful thunder was born. As individuals, the experience and talent is impressive. As a band it is colossal. This is three men at the top of their game, playing the music that they have always wanted to play.

Set List

Minsk, Wasps, Cat's Cradle, The Last Swim, Falling, Everything, Knife, Silver, Gaps, Killing Fields, Death In Lisbon