Conchita Campos

Conchita Campos

 Brooklyn, New York, USA

Conchita Campos is a NYC-based singer-songwriter. Her newest project, Little Shells, is a collaboration between Campos and other local artists and musicians who are interested in combining pop, rock, jazz, orchestral arrangements and found sounds. Her favorite instrument is the kazoo.


Conchita Campos is a NYC-based singer-songwriter. In 2007, when she released her debut EP, the soul/acoustic rock based So it Goes, she explained the intimate, soul searching nature of her work as a reflection of the many geographic moves she's made both growing up and as an adult. From Pasadena to Philly to the Philippines, she navigated the often difficult task of being the "new kid" in town by reading comic books, listening to loud beats and bass-lines, and writing lots of bad songs no one will ever hear. Her restless spirit eventually found its way to San Francisco State University where she studied music and Asian American Studies. She moved to NYC shortly after graduating from college, looking to hone her songwriting skills by surrounding herself with a talented and diverse community of artists.

And it seems to have paid off. In its review ofSo It Goes, All Music Guide wrote: "Norah Jones fans will feel right at home...But she traffics in the same musical style as Laura Nyro with sinuous rhythms that Campos negotiates with ease, playing with the grooves as well as the romantic messages." The Biloxi Sun Herald used adjectives like "funky," "catchy" and "melodic." She later delved into jazzier territory on her full-length release No One Really Knows (2009), collaborating with dynamic Bay Area hip-hop trio The Park, her college buddies from SF State. The album received praise from bloggers and fans alike.

After taking some time off from music to pursue a grad degree in public administration, she's back with a new project called Little Shells. Taking its name from the literal English translation of Conchita, Little Shells is a collaboration between Campos and other NY-based artists and musicians. It's a departure from the more personal narratives of her previous work, exploring broader themes of existence while expanding her artistic playground with new sights and sounds. While you can expect to hear the same vulnerable melodies Campos is known for, you may be delighted (or completely offended) by her incorporation of sci-fi, Nietzsche, kitchen supplies, and other highly sophisticated sounds like the kazoo. If that's not your thing, Campos has reunited with So It Goes producer, Jon Jetter, to create lush orchestral arrangements and a sonic landscape that attempts to transport the listener to otherworldly experiences.

Campos recently released her first music video, a short film vignette produced by Brooklyn design studio DUPO (run by Campos' husband Jacques Dupoux) and directed by Mtume Gant, best known for his role as Reggie Rawls in the HBO series Oz. The sci-fi inspired piece explores yearning, loss and regret in a post-apocalyptic world. Although the single, Ease My Mind, is from her last album, the sound and style foreshadow her next album. As Campos said to her producer recently, "Either this is going to be fresh and interesting...or it's just batshit crazy." In truth, she seems fine with both outcomes.

The new album is set to be released in 2015. Check out for updates.


Now and Then

Written By: Conchita Campos

Now and then I try to think back when
I never wanted to look back again
And it’s a little harder now to handle things
I got more than I’d ever hoped you’d bring
But loving you’s just half of it
The rest of it’s a mess
Still I refuse to give in
Coz the thought of losing you leaves traces
Of fears so buried deep inside my mind
*Why do I hesitate every single time?
I keep wondering if this is the end of the line
I want you babe, for all of my life
So why should we worry baby?
Coz loving you’s just fine
And I wish we could go back to the way it was
When you were mine and I was yours
And that was enough
But time changes everything
And I can’t keep up
I never knew our situation
Would elevate into this complication
Why, do I try?
But even though I’ve got my reservations
In the end it’s only just a phase, Coz I, I still try - Repeat*


Written By: Conchita Campos

Lately, I’ve been feeling sort of shady
Thinkin ‘bout the time I turned around and then you left me
With no one to be around, and all I here is the sound
Of my own regrets
But maybe now it’s my turn to show you what I’ve learned
It’s just a matter of time

Coz babe you gotta read the signs
I wanna kick it to you right this time
I wanna hear you say my name all night
And maybe we could build a fire across the sky…
(Maybe for awhile)

Thinkin’ bout what my mama said
She said, “Well, love yourself before you love another”
Coz only then will you discover that
The love you got isn’t always right
But the love you want, well you gotta fight
For it, now baby (Repeat 2X)


Written By: Conchita Campos

Let’s take our time
Coz it’s been awhile
I haven’t been fine
And you’re blowing my mind
Just take it easy baby
Let’s take a step back again
Alright, I’m sorry we’re here
I wasn’t so clear
I need to be somebody baby
Not just anyone you’ll need

*And I keep on hoping you’ll hang around
Maybe someday, I’ll see
you’re not gonna let me down
If only I knew what it was like
To be safe and sound
Then I wouldn’t be afraid of all these
Changes baby…

I’ll be alright
Just give me a sign
And I’ll walk the line
I’ll be yours if you’re mine
I need to be someday baby
Not just anyone you’ll need Repeat*

Bridge/trumpet solo

On and On

Written By: Conchita Campos

They keep sitting here and saying it and saying again
That you can’t believe in something you don’t understand
No matter what they do or what they say it never ends
Maybe this time, maybe this time, we won’t have to pretend
So it goes and goes again
The foolish games we play to win
We all fall down, we all sin
We’re up against the wall
So where do we begin?

*On and on they say we’ll never change
On and on, we seem to dissipate
Holding on to anything we can
Maybe someday we will come around
(Maybe someday we will come around)

And there it goes again
Another dream for which we stand
Washed away with aspirations we could never plan
Imagine all the people watching finally take a stand
Then maybe this time, maybe this time we could have a chance


*On and on they say we’ll never change
On and on, we seem to dissipate
Holding on to anything we can
Maybe someday we will come around
We’re all searching for a second chance
To belong to something greater than this
Who knows if we’ll ever understand?
Maybe someday we will come around


Neoterics (singles)

Conchita's Collective (EP)

No One Really Knows (LP)

Set List

30-45 minute sets.

Not Today
Now and Then
On and On
Meaningless Things