Aggressive Metal. Very Intense Live shows. We are very interactive with the crowd during shows.


Since February of 2001, Concockshun has been unleashing its aggressions out on anyone that can handle catching one of their shows. No one ever suspected that 4 teenagers from the middle of nowhere could write such intense music. Due to a unique heavy style, its hard to compare Concockshun to any band out there. With influences such as, Sepultura, Fear Factory, Pantera, and Dream Theater, the band fits its name perfectly.

The madness behind the creativity are these southern New Hampshire residents: vocalist P.J. LaJeunesse, Guitarist Twitch207, bassist Adam Wiedmer and drummer Jeff Suarez.

In August 2001 with the release of their demo "Enemy Inside" Concockshun formed a street team that consisted of over 300 members in 36 different sates. With more than 700 copies of their demo sold in less than 5 months, Concockshun attracted the interest of several different promotion companies before deciding to go with NewLevel Promotions out of Raleigh, North Carolina, who now head Concockshun's street team.

For a band that is only a year old these guys are really making a name for themselves with dedication that they have proven by playing incesant shows that are extremely intense! Concockshun is currently working on new material and plans to record a full length CD in early 2002. Listen carefully for the new material, you definitely don't want to miss what sounds are emitting out of a basement in a tiny, colonial, New Hampshire town.

Contact Concockshun Using These Methods:

P.J. LaJeunesse (Vocals)
(603) - 345-1938 (CELL)
(603) - 673-1290 (HOME)

P.J. LaJeunesse
18 Helene Drive
Milford, NH 03055


Enemy Inside EP - Released Aug. 2001. 700+ copies sold as of 12/01/01

Set List

One Life
My Creation
So Much For Tomorrow
Enemy Inside

We can play an original set that is between 45-60 minutes. We can play covers if needed.