Conconquidore Truidore

Conconquidore Truidore


A bizarre version of experimental folk rock, catchily and creepily generated by an ever-growing collection of world instruments, with a healthy hint of psychedelia, offering danceable music and tranceable words.


Conconquidore Truidore Biography

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My name is Rob Cole, and so far I am the sole-writer for Conconquidore Truidore ("Conconquidore" OR "Truidore" for short). The main members include Julia Carney, Kyal McQueston, and Alex Arvelo-McQuaig, but we also like to include our musical friends when they should happen to volunteer. Our music is just over a year old, and our band is just under one. When the band agreed to exist, the first 10 songs were already written and home recorded. I asked my girlfriend, Julia, who was only accustomed to grinding organs (the instrument) in a church, to join and she said "YES". I asked my since-grade K- friend Kyal, until now working the restaurant 9 to 5, if he would play exactly what I told him to play on guitar, on the condition that I teach him how to play guitar, and he said "YES". Finally, I asked Alex, a fellow songwriter for the Toronto band 'Lanterns', if he would back us up musically, if the three of us backed him up muzacally. He said "YES". And so the band(s) was/were forged.

As lame or cool as it sounds, the name Conconquidore Truidore came to us in dream. One of us to be exact. Kyal.

'I was in the dugout of a baseball diamond. The coach was assigning positions to their respective players "2nd Base - Wedgerly! Right Field - Orvon!", and so forth, until I knew I was next. To my excitement, a new position! "Greatest Guitar Player In The World - Conconquidore Truidore". I stood up and ran towards the outfield, to solo. '

Like the seemingly nonsensical stuff dreams are made of, this name almost went forgotten, but Kyal's pet rabbit, Daisy, bunny-hopped onto his chest, waking him up instantly, with the subconscious sounds fresh in his mind. As an homage to the dream world, and as test of self-fulfilling prophecy we chose 'Conconquidore Truidore' as the name for our band. It has the benefit of sounding like Conquistador Troubadour (two words that oddly relate to our music), without the hassle of being 'actual' words.

Our idea was never to limit our range of sounds, even if we inevitably found our style. Our songs are written on a growing instrument collection. The instruments that we will always be learning include guitar, piano, harmonica, ukulele, flute, erhu, trumpet, and especially the bongo, djembe, maraca, tambourine percussion, so far.

June 2006 began our first live performances. Starting with 3-song open-mic mondays at the Tranzac, until our first set over 1/2 an hour at the Healey's independent music competition, where we beaten by a woman who sang about elves. Meanwhile, 10 songs were being written and recorded in both Conconquidore and Lanterns, the two bands with same members but different writers. Founders of Reel Cod Records, Matthew Flook and Tanya Williams, being our musical mentors, were kept up to date, given cd-r copies of the songs one-by-one. Nearing the end of the writing process, Mr Flook called and surprised us with a most generous offer; to produce and print a split album, a shared disc, with 10 songs of Lanterns, followed by a brief delay, and 10 songs of Conconquidore Truidore. They were so excited, we had to let them.

Ultimately, we are part of a larger project, including and involving over fifty people, everyone with something to add. Reel Cod Records is a new independant record label, led by Matt Flook and Tanya Williams. Most Reel Cod affiliates are musicians, or have been at times. The projects thus far include Conconquidore Truidore, Lanterns, Candy Elephant, G-R-F-N-K-L, and The Great Bloomers. I am learning that everyone involved with Reel Cod shares a confidence and effort, be they producers, drawers, painters, poets, filmmakers, actors, or, in particular,- record store clerks, Flook himself formerly of Toronto's 'Sonic Boom' and 'Deja Vu Discs' ('Deja Vu' also housed Tanya Williams, and houses several others involved with Reel Cod, currently). The first produced album, the Lanterns/Conconquidore Truidore Split will be released February 24th of this year.


Robert Cole and Conconquidore Truidore


Safety for Softie

Written By: CCT

With so many years behind us, and we know what they can bring, how, How do we stay so soft?
It takes a dream to show what I think I (but shouldn't) need. That my friend should live a parallel life to me, and any more or less of my experience won't, Won't give the safety.

Very Beak

Written By: CCT

Thieves are thieving the gloating show-offs who tease as if to lead a horse, (and) whose understimulated brains in a know-it-all box must pretend just to stay the course.
Now the great-inside-running-gag infinitesimal laugh is at peace and its tedious ease, but the people are fresh to their talent for effect, with a craving they'll break to appease.
We got two trees in the yard for our domesticated dogs, and holidays we donate to the poor. Now the outside and internal pressure has been equalized and all languages are spoken for.
Yes our globe is a surveyed graph, census in lines that converge upon opposite poles. But the borders of habits and gold seem to see terrain as human piles and holes.


'Hightail Tales' 10 song (22 min) introductory EP
featuring the songs:

"Jewel Robber" - played on Toronto Independent Music Podcast, and CanCon Radio Podcast,

"Planimammalien Circles" - played on Suburban Transpondency Podcast,

"I Saw a Dog Eating Another Dog Once" played on Suburban Transpondency Podcast, and Radio Orphans Podcast

All songs off of 'Hightail Tales' featured online for streaming at,,

New Album 'Lanterns/Conconquidore Truidore' 20 song (10/10) Split Disc. To be Released under Reel Cod Records mid-February at Cd-Release show taking place at The Music Gallery, in Toronto.

Set List

Our set features 18 performable songs chosen from 2 10-song releases. We usually perform at least 10 songs a show, lasting in a range of 30 to 60 minutes . A possible set list includes:

- English
- Jewel Robber
- Romancing the Crohn's
- Secret Switches
- what we call the "'Grazing Cows' medley"
(4 short-songs that just happen to go well together!)
- Safety for Softie
- Very Beak
- Planimammalien
- An Abstract
- Changing Caves Lit By The Same Pink Flames

Covers are a once-in-a-while thing for us, but have included "Strange"by Galaxie 500, "Sanjina" by the Orchestre Regional de Kayes, and "Brothers" by the Frogtown Hollow Jubilee Jugband, etc. And all of this while slowly becoming more and more visually stimulating!