Concrete Waves

Concrete Waves

 Liverpool, England, GBR

Four piece alternative Punk Rock group bringing you the sound of the city. Fast-paced, agressive, highly emotive, this new addition to the North West music scene write original material with heart from raw and life-changing experience. If you like Lostprophets and The Blackout, then listen well!


HI, we're Concrete Waves. We formed back in 2009 from the childhood dream of one man, our Guitarist Tom Willis. It was a dream that was hindered by one thing...Willis had never played an instrument in his life! After jesting suggestions of starting a band with his close friends Tom France and Nathan Mount, the three finally agreed to make the attempt, though France and Mount had also no experience with instruments.

It wasn't until a few weeks after this unusual endeavour had been undertaken that Willis befriended Liam Page through their college course and, learning of Page's limited but nevertheless present experience on Guitar, also drafted him into the project. There was still an open spot for a vocalist as Willis, France and Mount each felt overtly conscious of their singing abilities. The breakthrough came at the local youth club as Page reached the top score on Sing Star at expert level. This seemed to be enough for Willis to suggest that Page take up Vocals as well as Guitar, a post that he accepted reluctantly at first due a confidence destroying past experience as a child.

In December 2009 we recorded our first three songs with Fallen Industries Wirral, and after that...silence for a whole year until we recorded our second demo of four tracks, again with Fallen Industries Wirral. As our skills developed, so did our connectivity and our style quickly evolved from the light hearted pop-rock of 'Six Days to Summer' to the disenchanted, anti-conglomorate hard punk of 'Chaos Symphony'. Our latest recordings were produced at Parr Street Studios in Liverpool in late 2011 and feature an even more agressive anti-political element, combining our original melodic riffs and harmonies with a harder, angrier tone expressed through aditional screamed vocals and drop D tuning.

To date we have played many live shows across the North West at such venues as The Cavern Club and the Manchester Academy, and are set to play the 2012 Mathew Street Festival.


Believe Again

Written By: Tom Willis and Liam Page

You know it was meant to be, and I won't forget the gift you gave to me,
I believed in you once, I believe in you again, I believe in love, I believe again.

A Call To Arms

Written By: Liam Page

The fire's ignited and we're singing,
But do you realise just what we're fighting for?
It's time they felt the fear we're bringing,
Get on your feet, get on the street 'cause this is war, yeah this is war!

For the Sake of Revenge

Written By: Tom Willis and Liam Page

(Verse 2)
Farewell to Sympathy and all that shit, it only held me back,
'Cause when I question why my will gives up and dies, I'm powerless and thrown off track.
When the bridges you've built come crashing down there's nowhere left to hide,
I can't stay here in this place, I fear it's simply pointless looking behind.
The anchors of your troubled past will sink us all.

Living a Lie

Written By: Liam Page

Learning to live, learning to breathe,
accepting the stories that I wouldn't believe.
'Cause I know it's hard to open your eyes,
only to find that we've all just been living a lie.

Sea Of Apathy

Written By: Liam Page

I'm lost in this sea, this ship's a grave, all hope is gone.
Drowning in apathy, this face once brave, this star once shone.
Anchors tied around my neck, I cannot breathe enough to shout,
No sign of rescue, left for dead, wonder if i'll ever make it out.


All tracks available for free download from

2009-Demo 1: After All (Single)
1. After All...
2. Six Days To Summer
3. Start A New Beginning

2010-Demo 2: Chaotica Symphonica (Single)
1. Chaos Symphony
2. Always The Sidekick
3. CCTV Heros
4. Believe Again

2011-The Ghosts and Vultures EP: A Call To Arms (Single)
[11 track EP Due december 2012]
1. A Call To Arms (This Is War!)
2. Sea Of Apathy
3. For The Sake Of Revenge
4. Living A Lie