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The best kept secret in music



Industrial punk rock noise featuring a drum machine, Eric, Mike, Ed and their electronic percussive buddy get in your face with four aggressive blasts of venom, "Yo Mama," "Damn Good," "Arturo," and "Slow Learner." Harsh and unrelenting. - Garage and Beat


Four cuts, crankin', spankin', and tighter than a nun's butter mound. Raw and bombastic. Hard not to think of Big Black cuz hell, they invented the punk rock drum machine band. This has bit more of an industrial edge, which is just fine by me! Simplistic in the guitar chords with some sweet, high-pitch spindling - perfect for this. Vocals seem a bit subdued in the mix, I'd like to hear those peaked a bit more. Great drum machine programming too, hard and forward with some catchy change ups to keep the guitarists in line and tight on the beat. We need more shit like this in the music world. More, more, more! - CARBON 14


Wow, this is pretty weird.... coming from Buffalo, NY, here we have a self-proclaimed "industrial punk band". Well the industrial side of the thing is a drum-machine that gives a big, pounding fat sound I like a lot, the rest is pretty good schizoid punk played with nuts and psychotronic vocals... listening to it and looking at the cover picture I thought this is the perfect soundtrack for a killing spree, just put "Slow Learner" on when you're about to climb on top of the local supermarket to become the #1 mass-murderer in your own country and you will feel the urge to release that fuckin' hammerlock aiming for the more heads possible. Cool stuff going on this, it's got the primitive buzz and the right dose of sick sound to leave me satisfied. Another definitive BIG NECK wax to get your hands on NOW!!! - GARBAGE DUMP ZINE


Four songs of drum-machine powered industro-punk, falling somewhere between Big Black and Nomeansno, with some metal/grunge swagger. Warped and twisted enough to be interesting - MAXIMUM ROCK-N-ROLL

"Concubine Forming "The Guilt Will Kill" LP"

Straight outta that faraway snow-dump of a town, Buffalo, New York – which explains everything- the noise-rock terror train known as Concubine Forming return with a full-length of murderous, phlegmy ranting, jagged, dive-bombing garage-puke guitars, and a thumping, distorted drum machine, all mixed together like rat salad. This one was recorded in Memphis, so you'd think there'd be a little sunshine slicing through the murk, but no go, daddy-o. Loud, tortured, and blood-engorged, “The Guilt Will Kill” is lunacy, certainly, a swampy brace of dirty electrical surges that sound like Ministry interpreting the Sex Pistols. Or maybe like a shaky alcoholic trying to diffuse a bomb while angry Dobermans snap at him through a chain link fence. At any rate, it’s ugly and mean. - Sleazegrinder


"Stiff"- 7in. EP (Big Neck Records) - Oct. ' 02
"The Guilt Will Kill" - LP (Big Neck Records) - July '04


Feeling a bit camera shy


Detonating eardrums with their sonic blast of industrial noise and post-punk rhythms, Concubine Forming have become one of the most volatile bands to ever emerge from the Buffalo garage and punk scene. Concubine Forming Began as a three piece made up of Eric Witz and Mike Hart with rotating bass players. Between Witz and Hart, the group took ideas Pioneered by seminal damaged art bands such as The Jesus Lizard, Joy Division, Big Black and The Butthole Surfers and forged them into even darker terrains. In place of a drummer, the band utilized the bombastic thud of two drum machines, which gave the band an even more menacing sound.
After a year of playing shows around Buffalo, Concubine Forming ventured to Detroit to record with Jim Diamond, who is best known for his work with the Dirtbombs, The White Stripes and The Von Bondies. From those sessions came the STIFF EP, which was later released by Virginia’s Big Neck Records. From the sick and cynical dark humor of “Yo’ Mama” to the downright frightening “Damn Good”, STIFF received rave reviews in the underground press and the band began attracting crowds both in and outside of Buffalo.
Shortly after the release of STIFF, a permanent bass player was found with the addition of Traci Volker. Since then, the band has toured the East Coast as well as the Midwest all while continuing to perform in their hometown, sharing the stage with such notary underground bands as The Dirtbombs, The Tyrades, and The A-Frames.
More importantly, however, was the group’s foray into the Memphis studios of Jay Reatard and Alicia Trout, both of the acclaimed synth-punk band, The Lost Sounds. With Reatard and Trout, the band recorded their debut full length, The Guilt Will Kill, released on Big Neck Records in July of 2004. Expanding on the ground broken on STIFF, The Guilt Will Kill is a wall of ugly noise and discomforting sound. Between the cold mechanical beats of the drum machine and the screeching wails of distortion, the lyrics paint a horrifying portrait of dark psyches and inhuman behavior.
Shortly after The Guilt Will Kill’s completion, Concubine Forming recruited Jason Molina as the band’s first human drummer. Although the new four piece line-up is still a mere months old, the band has already been receiving favorable reviews in its expansion. Concubine Forming recently charted #1 two weeks in a row (week of July 5th and 6th and 12th and 13th) at core station, 91.3 WBNY on both their top thirty and loud rock CMJ charts. In summer of 2004, following The Guilt Will Kill, the band will be touring extensively throughout the U.S.