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The best kept secret in music


"CD Review: Condemned EP"

Mix two parts aggression, one part melody and you've got the winning combination behind Condemned's four song EP. Their music caters to the fans of 70s style metal with its clever solos, dark tonalities and versatile features. Condemned is confident that whether you're ready to thrash or just sit back and soak up the sound, you'll be impressed.
With monstrous growls and low rumbles, Jorge brings a compelling intensity to the soundscape. He has the capacity to deliver a raspy roar (like in "Lies & Deceit") but also to lull into a dreamlike chant (like in "When Death Arrives"). Guitarist Nelson Filipe and Bassist Jeff Silviera show their skills at intertwining old school metal licks with a full-bodied, modern sound. You can expect more solos than your average 2005 rock band but it's a welcomed melodic journey in the midst of heavy aggression. Marco Onorato drums hard and heavy to keep audiences in a frenzy of emotion.

Understandably recording a full-length album is a costly endeavor, but true Condemned fans have been waiting three years for the band to squeeze out this EP. They don't play out enough to satisfy the manic mind. Patience is a virtue but certainly not a reality in the Metal world. However, the quality is very clear and professional, the songs killer, so it seems that this EP is a solid representation of good things to come.

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Metallica. Pantera. Iron Maiden. Black Sabbath. Lamb of God. Alice In Chains. Black Label Society. Baroque. Slayer.

Favorite Track: When Death Arrives (4)

Rating: 4.0/5.0
Jennn's CD Index:
1 - I'll give you $10 if you can make it through the whole CD
2 - I'm not a fan, but someone might like it somewhere
3 - There are a couple offbeat tracks but it's 90% ROCKIN
4 - This CD rocks my world in its entirety. Buy or die.
5 - Go see them live, support them, join the cult.

"Condemned: Saturday Night @ The Opera House"

I'm under the opinion that Saturdays should always be rowdy. You've worked hard for it. You've pinched every penny all week. You probably won't be making it to 10am mass Sunday morning any ways. This particular Saturday was a wicked one, yet for some reason the crowd was stagnant as a pale green scum-pond. There was no lack of passion coming from promoters or bands... so... I blame it on the $6 drink price. People simply weren't drunk enough to lose their inhibitions and throw themselves around like rag dolls of habit. "Well, there WERE a few crazy emo kids," my friend John reminded. "They were just flying around the pit like 'Aghhhh I Hate My Dad!!!' ... It was awesome!"When my sister and I first arrived, I realized we were in the midst of that MTV Show Headbangers Ball circa 1986. A whirlwind of hair three times' the length of mine whipped around front and center stage with fervent intensity. "And they said Metal was dead," my sister joked.

Since my EP review, I was interested to catch Condemned live. "I'm glad you came," singer Jorge admits, "because the Condemned you're going to see tonight is totally different than the Condemned you listened to at home. That was us 9 months ago but we've evolved since then and after this we'll be taking a break to really work on finishing our full length." I wasn't prepared for the heavy twist that set them into a category closer to Intensify and Dropnote, rather than Baroque or even Pantera. Their stuff is harder, faster and more intense, if you can even imagine. I have never heard so many false endings to a song before! "We really try to take the crowds expectations and warp them," Jorge adds.

Overall, it was a night to write home about.


2005 - Condemned "EP"
2007 - Nemesis



Los Angeles, Ca – Brash, brawny and bulked-up, the sound of Condemned has been making headway with its full-length album “Nemesis.” The latest single has only turned up the temperature on this hot as hell band. Iconoclastic, heavy and energetic, Condemned is offering up its “Prayers for the Damned.” This single is the latest anthem of anger from Condemned, bringing forth with musical nuclear fission the staples that make Condemned unique among the damned. Sinners and proud of it, Condemned serves up the staples of metal in a fresh, invigorating way. The song demonstrates the metallic diversity of Condemned and proves that you don’t have to be a metalhead to appreciate good metal – and good music. “Prayers for the Damned” has got a little something for everyone and unveils the talent and capabilities of this dedicated batch of musicians.

Tempo changes, rhythmic shifts, harsh yet melodic vocals and thrashing guitars all serve a back-to-basics metal aesthetic while still offering up the staples of the genre in unique and exciting ways. The music is simultaneously catchy and complex and the music evolves from song to song throughout the album. The song’s fury roars through an exploration of the universality of the human condition. “Even though we act in a certain manner ‘today,’” explains one band member, “those that have come and gone have gone through similar types of problems.” It’s always been the dynamic of politics, religion and everyday home life fusing. “It’s amazing how much things have changed over the years but have still stayed so much the same.”
Condemned was formed in 2003 in Toronto, Ontario. The band underwent a series of line-up changes until the coalescing of the tight-knit unit performing today. Condemned is: Jorge Sousa, vocals and guitar; Nelson Filipe, guitar; Jeff Silveira, bass; and Marco Onorato, drums. The band’s first release was a self-titled EP; that was followed by a few years of craft-honing. Finally, the full-length debut hit the streets. “Nemesis” arose. The band plays frequently on stage and is in the process of putting together a Canada/U.S. tour. Condemned is currently working with A&R Select, the premier independent A&R firm based out of Los Angeles, CA.