Energetic, intense rock filled with hooks and exceptional guitar work.


Conditions came together in the fall of 2006 after the five Richmond, VA natives moved on from their previous projects. “All of us had been playing in bands around Richmond, and we used to play shows together all the time, so when we were all band-less we decided to do something together,” said guitarist Alex Howard. “We had made so many mistakes and learned so many lessons touring through high school, so we really wanted to get a fresh start and do it right.”

After months of writing, Conditions went into record their debut, self-titled EP with producer Paul Leavitt (All Time Low, Senses Fail, Over It) in Baltimore, MD. This seven song EP helped launch the band tours with Paramore, New Found Glory, All Time Low, Boys Like Girls, Scary Kids Scaring Kids, Cartel, Advent, There For Tomorrow, Good Charlotte, and Phantom Planet as well as land spots on The Bamboozle and Warped Tour.

Booking - JJ Cassiere/The Vital Agency (
Band - Alex Howard (


Keeping Pace With Planes

Written By: Brandon Roundtree

I am drowning in dry land
Distance is swallowing me
This keeps my sanity close
But far from inside of my body

Complete lunacy…
I will no longer keep this within me

The closest thing to me at heart
Is the furthest thing away to touch
And all these undeservers take for granted
What we deserve so much

The world has been pulled to my feet
Closer than it’s ever been
This is something to live for
The beautiful mess I am in

I know this feeling’s heaven sent
And I am so confident
I will regain my sanity
When “goodbye” is a memory

The whole entire world
Is not enough to make my body still
And no matter of miles
Could make a mockery of iron will

Our Way Home

Written By: Brandon Roundtree, Jason Marshall, Alex Howard

So open your eyes
Don’t let this feeling inside
Question everything you are

Breathe in deep, don’t let the water fill your lungs
Awake but motionless is such an ever-calming ground
Again, your words, they ring so clear now
So quick, I’m heading right into destruction
Don’t let go…

So focus on a way out
It’s not supposed to be like this
So focus, it’s close now
This is very far from never ending

This is nothing you won’t live through
I won’t let you fall any further
If we sold our souls, what then do we live for?
I won’t let you fall any further

Never let it leave your mind, you are so alive
When you’re on your way home, you will know

To be set free, would be the first step away from me
To be set free, would be the first and last in steps to sanity
Do you have the strength to walk away?
Do you know how to live any other way?


Written By: Brandon Roundtree

For you to tell me I'm way out of line, kid
Is an understatement
Today I'm bold enough to start a war on
Everyone around me

And if you run, don't ever stop...

When you retreat again
Make it far enough to lose your way back
I'll be a gentleman
And leave it to you to keep your distance

To say the least, I've been so very tired of you
Of all of this
Time and again, trying to bury you
God it feels better now
Like an empire crumbling at my feet
I saw your character cracking
And it was call and response
Now I no longer hear you

I was so many things before being honest
And I'll be so many more before I do it again

These words are alleviation
I'll brush you out of my head
I'm not taking myself back to prison
I'll bring myself back from the dead

So long my friend, you are forgotten...


Conditions EP - April 8, 2008

Set List

30-60 minute set of original songs.