Condition Zero

Condition Zero


We are a Power-Pop-Rock group from Sacramento Ca. We have one of the best vocalist's our area has to offer and have quickly gained local radio interest. Most of our members have worked previously in other groups together. Those who enjoy groups like Daughtry or Three Doors Down will Love us.


Condition Zero started as almost becoming a Via Shadows reunion a previouse group the the founding members were in 5 ears previously. After a few near misses on getting a National Record deal the group disbanded and followed there individual passions at the time.
Fast forword to last year where within 2 months of regrouping and changing there Genre of music to Power Pop Rock the band already had 4 new songs that were very catchy and started to build a faster following than before.
Our success so far has been built hard work , sacrifice and a smart DIY marketing campaign.
We have been very well received by 2 local radio stations and offered some very large outdoor shows this summer.
Our CD is due out in late May and is being produced by Keyboardist Mike Klooster of Smashmouth.
We are looking to hit the roads this summer and utilise every weekend we have to promote ourselves to new areas and oppurtunities.


Our Cd is currently being produced by Michael Klooster Keyboardist for Smashmouth.

Set List

We have an hour of original material and we do throw in some covers. Our most popular cover being Wanted Dead Or Alive by Jon Bon Jovi.