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Confabulus is currently compiling his first VA album, which is due for release in the near future.

Upcoming appearances:

23.2.2013 Progress In Trance, Leeuwarden, Netherlands
6.7.2013 Existence: Dharmaraja, Juupavaara, Finland

Past appearances:

31.12.2012 BOMBARIE NYE, Groningen /// NL
01.09.2012 DJ set @ Iso-Roba 10 / 23.30-00.30
17.08.2012 Hard Stage DJ set, psy set at chillout stage, Teuvan Metsikset

06.08.2011 Unofficial Alppimuisto Afterparty
21-25.07.2011 YAGA GATHERING Lithuania
18.06.2011 UG @ Porvoo
25.06.2011 Bermuda & Dark Illuminati pres : -Juhannustanssit-
01.07.2011 Dark Illuminati UG: Midsummer Glade w/ MR PECULIAR
08-10.7.2011 Existence - Continuum
11.06.2011 Bashmental - Zen Agent BDAY BASH - Alppipuisto
28.05.2011 Sub Terra UG II
21.05.2011 Dark Illuminati Alppipuisto Opening
07.05.2011 FSS - Forest Season Opening (FSO vol. 3)
13.05.2011 FRIDAY 13th B-DAY PARTY!
29.04.2011 Alppipuisto // Helsinki // GOA set
29.04.2011 Alppipuisto // Helsinki // B2B with Zen Agent
24.04.2011 Magic Hat Clinic @ Playground
23.04.2011 Alppipuisto spontaneous summer season opening ?
23.04.2011 Noitarumpu @ Lucky: HBD Jane Doe Rubbish Dubbish set
16.04.2011 Spontaneous Looney Moon afterparty - DJ set / Bar Lucky9

15.04.2011 Noitarumpu Psybreak/Chillout set @ Looney Moon Temple

02.04.2011 Uniaika (Noitarumpu Chillout set) @ Glowing troll amulets
01.04.2011 Noitarumpu Neurofunk set @ All Your Bass are Belong to US / Aleksandria

05.02.2011 The Läksiäiset 4 Hossni / Bar Lucky 9, Helsinki
07.11.2011 DJ set @ Turbulenc Läksiäiset / Bar Lucky 9 Helsinki
31.12.2010 DJ set @ Efekti Ry Uusivuosi / Ilokivi / Jyväskylä
26.12.2010 Boxing Day Special / Bar Lucky 9 Helsinki
18.12.2010 Dark Illuminati: WOOO!@ **
20.11.2010 Back2Back w/ SIENIS @ Sneaky Vibes / Ravintola Alexandria / Helsinki

06.11.2010 Random 4 hour surprise set / Bar Lucky 9 Helsinki
16.10.2010 Bermuda meets : The Dark Illuminati / Bar Lucky 9
08.10.2010 Dark Illuminati: HBD Mamooshka w/ TALPA @ Club Playground / Helsinki

25.09.2010 Efekti & Flashback Summer Closing party / Jyväskylä UG
28.08.2010 Tahizu's Memorial Event / Helsinki UG
20.08.2010 Expedition @ Pasilan Galleria / Helsinki
07.08.2010 Vuoriukon Valtikka / Jyväskylä
30.07.2010 Dark Illuminati: Life Saver / Helsinki
19.06.2010 Sub Terra UG / Helsinki
30.04.2010 Sokeaa Euforiaa Mayday / Espoo
14.11.2009 Psychedelic Pacifico / Helsinki



Confabulus is the moniker under which Finland/Netherlands-based DJ/producer/promoter Juho Helle chooses to express himself musically.

Juho spent his childhood in Bangkok, Thailand and moved back to Finland in 2006, diving right into the deep end of the underground psytrance scene. He'd been playing records for a few years, and decided (like many others before him) that the best way to get gigs would be to organize his own parties.
In 2011, after a few years of working closely with other promoters organizing underground parties (all the while making a name for himself in the scene), the decision was made that collaboration between different local psytrance crews should be more intensive; thus, the AURA Collective was born.


In his DJ sets Confabulus plays a pulsating mix of frequencies, from 90’s Goa and deep shamanic forest psy with mossy basslines all the way to twisted dancefloor-pumping fullon grooves.

Confabulus strives to deliver to the audience the best possible audiovisual experience each time, his sets always custom-crafted on the spot to suit the atmosphere, vibe and energy of the ceremony.

'I have little respect for 'DJs' that have a ready-made-and-rehearsed playlist for their gig. It doesn't allow for any flexibility, and makes the performance about the artist instead of the audience. You need to be able to read your dancefloor and respond accordingly... Once you've demonstrated to the crowd that you are indeed a capable master of ceremony behind the decks, you can play anything you want and they'll follow!', he comments.

Confabulus likes to set the mood, begin with some foreplay and gently coax his audience into a grooving, pumping party. Begin with mysterious creaks, whistles and atmospheres straight out of the jungles of the Amazon in perfect groove with Confabulus' vibrations. Then, as midnight draws closer you may find yourself transported into an ancient ritual; the shaman beats his drum in a trance, chanting the neo-pagan-tribe to a higher level of cosmic and harmonic vibration to pay homage to the energy of life as one.

In 2008 Noitarumpu began experimenting with producing his own highly experimental music. Live sets are to be expected as soon as the man himself is satisfied with his own works (which may be a while :D ).
Regardless, some works in process are listenable at

Beware of this man (especially if you encounter him after dark). ...and lubricate your cortex with the right alkaloids, just in case.