Confidence Man

Confidence Man


DC-based Confidence Man mixes rock, punk, and experimentation with stirring lyrics. The result: Dirty, stripped-down songs of sexual misadventure, exploded loves, and colonialism.


On bass, a film school refugee obsessed by science and Monster Garage. Keeping the beat, an affable father of two who hits like an evil jazz robot. Playing his violet Strat, a grade school teacher whose strumming ranges from the libidinally punk to the tragically Spanish. Lastly, a bruising, writerly singer who projects a certain anguished glee. Fans suppose Confidence Man is influenced by the Replacements, the Pixies, Guided By Voices, liquid Prozac, Bass Ale, and other phenomena, but they’d rather think of their music as a tuneful product that is catchy without making you feel too dirty the next morning. Please listen and enjoy.


Miracle of Modern Living

Written By: James Silver

My girl, I’ll tell you why you tempt me.
I see you are completely empty
just like me. You’re so sweet
and you say you’d never cheat.
But your eyes and your thighs
they convince me otherwise and so I say

the miracle of modern living:
we are so nasty and forgiving.
Just like that, just like that,
and you say I’m such a brat.
Qu’est que c’est, qu’est que c’est,
I guess French cut is okay.
Goddamn you.

Because our love can be so spastic
I’ve only known you through the plastic.
It makes sense, this defense,
so there is no consequence.
Fool yourself, for your health.
We don’t want to reproduce our self.

Soldier On

Written By: James Silver

Your attention please!
The dogs of war are off the leash.
The bombs fall with our names
and I don’t understand
why it’s this bad man
(there are so goddamn many of them.
The cowboy king has drawn
his line in the sand.).

If I get a gun and kill another human,
will I go to heaven? Will I be American?
Better pin a flag on, sticker for the wagon.
Pride is never draggin cause I am American.
If I do believe then will He never leave me?
Wouldn’t He receive me cause I am American?

But it’s American to question
any goddamn thing I please.
And I don’t like your suggestion
that I follow your decrees.

Have you ever seen an eagle
wheeling high above the pines
to land upon a windswept rock?
It’s so terrible and regal.
What I want to point out is
it sits alone. It does not flock.

Trailer Bride

Written By: James Silver

Your mother has tried to murder me several times.
The tip of her blueblood nose points to the sky.
All my life been looking for a trailer bride.
A pigtailed girl to take along for the ride.

But Old Hickory had to evict me and the Cherokee from the Smokies, 1833.
Sent us to the plains, now we're Oklahomains. Watch the cattle graze through the brown haze. It's been 30 days since I seen you of the sunburned hue, calico blue, Daddy shoots true with a .22.

So we got hitched when our tenderloins itched and we live in a trailer cause the earth don't belong to us. We belong to the earth. I said the earth don't belong to us; we belong to the earth.


In February 2002, Confidence Man had gathered enough material for a 7-song EP, entitled, My Favorite Ex (MFX). Recorded at Cue Studios in Falls Church, Virginia, MFX was engineered and mixed by Harry Evans (Mr. Poole, Hot Buttered Elvis) and mastered by Doug Johnston. The band returned to Cue in spring 2003 to record its follow-up 9-song EP, The Miracle of Modern Living, available now for sale and streaming at Confidence Man songs have received airplay on DC 101, University of Maryland radio, and other stations.

Set List

We typically play 45 to 90 minute sets, mainly of originals. We cover songs by the Pixies, Replacements, Clash, Pearl Jam, and the Who.