Confidential Collective

Confidential Collective

 Oxford, England, GBR

Confidential are a 11-piece fusion of Electro, Drum&Bass, Jazz, Funk and Soul. MC Wildfire presents this unique mix of live and electronic sound which puts together their diverse musical influences over powerful beats and basslines.


Confidential are a 10-piece band that combine Electro, Drum&Bass, Jazz, Funk and Soul. At front of stage, MC Wildfire presents with sometimes deep, sometimes ferocious lyricism next to the melt in your ear harmonies of their two female singers. To their right stand a trio of horns, all accomplished jazz musicians. Behind the vocalists are the funk rhythm section with bass, guitar and live drums and to their right are Fluke&Infectious, two electro and drum and bass artists who add the heavy subs and synthetic sound that gets your body shaking. With so much input from so many passionate performers there is a lot to take from one of their gigs. Their songs range from tunes like 'Garden' with its deep and soulful lyrics and melody, to 'Vulture', bass heavy ghost-house drum and bass and dub-step. 'Free Spirit' is a hypnotic journey into driving electro and there's the crowd favourite, 'Jam' with its simple and effective jazz twist style that puts a smile on everyone's face as they bounce around. They've been playing up and down the country from close jazz venues to 1000-capacity night clubs alongside major artists and bands such as Roni Size, Grooverider, Adam Freeland, Bugz in the Attic etc. They all share an absolute love of performing together and pushing their originality in sound forward and it shows when you meet them either on the stage or behind it.


EP01 - Draylon Dreadlock
EP02 - Mr. Big
EP03 - Waiting Game
EP04 - The Garden Project

Set List

Our sets are usually an hour although there's plenty of material for more. A typical set list would be 10 songs of about 6 minutes each.