Confident Red

Confident Red


High energy blues rock and roll. Outstanding musicianship and professional performance.


Confident Red is rock. Forged from the influences of the blues elders and molded by 3 musicians that come from backgrounds stretching the musical spectrum, they have joined at a musical point to help redefine and reintroduce a genre that had paved the way for so many musicians and styles. Confident Red is rock. In the day and age of so many styles, genres, and cross-genres, Confident Red is taking an old school approach and crystallizing their own style to what is 2007 and is still rock. Rock is simple and rock is pure. That was the main idea when the three musicians began this project. Bring a group down to it’s bare instrumentation without the safety net of other instruments backing you up and what you have is something raw, organic, and very much so, vulnerable. The group is comprised of guitar, bass, and drums. Chris Cornish on guitar, Tom Mcloughlin, and Andrew Lao make up the band. Chris is on lead guitar and vocals. Chris has been playing for the better part of 17 years. His influences range from Jimi Hendrix to Eric Clapton to Eric Johnson. He has been touring professionally since the early age of 17. He has toured with acts ranging from country to metal and all genres in between. Chris has had the pleasure of touring with such national acts Bad Company and Dr. Hook. Tom Mcloughlin is on Bass and backup vocals. Tom comes from a jazz background and adds an awesome uniqueness to his rock approach and style. His innovativeness and his approach to standard blues and rock progressions allows for expansion outside the basic progressions and creates a stylistic hybrid that is cutting edge but is still not overstepping the bands musical boundaries. Andrew Lao is on drums and backup vocals. Andrew recently came off of a six year stint with Fort Collins’ local favorites Holy Moses and The High Rollers. The band broke up during the summer of ’06 and since then Andrew has played and toured nationally with bands and has been a staple player in the local music scene. Andrew brings an old school flavor with a new school approach. Influenced mainly in blues and rock Andrew is approaching this project from more of a funk interpretation bringing and adding reminiscent flavors of Clyde Stubblefield, Jabo Starks, Steve Jordan, and Mitch Mitchell to name a few. There is a definite underlying tone in the bands sound and the presence of their influences from the blues and rock era’s is more than prevalent. The sound is unique, cutting, edgy, gritty, soulful, and most importantly organic. The basic intention is simple. Rock hard, rock out, and spread the word that rock, especially blues rock is bigger than ever. Between the three members, the group has shared the stage, toured, and played with such artists as Bad Company, Dr. Hook, Damon Wood and Ray Brundige of the JAMES BROWN BAND, Duwayne Burnside, Stanton Moore, The Motet, The Dirty Dozen Brass Band, Railroad Earth, Mike Dylan, Charlie Hunter, Robert Walter, Jennifer Hartswick, Dave Chappelle, Oteill Burbridge, Russell Baptiste to name a few. The group is still on it’s way to earning its wings but once it does, they sky is the limit.

Set List

ere's a song list:


1. fire

2. voodoo child

3. foxy lady

4. red house

5. crosstown traffic

6. purple haze

7. little wing


1. tightrope

2. couldn't stand the weather

3. lenny

4. cold shot

5. pride and joy


1. Crossroads

2. Hard to handle

3. Remedy

4. Fly like an eagle (check

5. Messin with the kid

6. born under a bad sign

7. thill is gone

8. mustang sally

9. walk away

10. tore down

11. sign sealed delivered

12. honkey tonk women

13. I don't need no doctor (scofield version doing ray charles)

14. Stormy Monday

15. Southbound

16.Long train runnin

17. Going down

18. Killin Floor

19. Fool for your stockings (ZZ Top)

20. Miss you

21. Play that funky music

22. Who did you think I was (Mayer)

23. Bold as Love

24. I got a woman (Mayer Version)

25. Funky Bitch (Son Seals)

26. Cissy Strut

27. Folsom Prison B