Toronto, Ontario, CAN

Toronto's Premier Progressive/Power Metal Band - Soaring Vocals, Shredding Guitars, Flying Keyboards, Thundering Drums and Pulsating Bass-lines.


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Contact: Wes Van Der Valk


There is an amazing chemistry that flows between Orton and Owen that is classically appealing. It is reminiscent of some of the great vocal/guitarist teams of the past such as Plant/Page, Mercury/May, and Gillan/Blackmore Their passion and intensity along with the great songs and talent make this album a must listen - Metal Express Radio (May 2011)

Hailing from Toronto, Canada - CONFLICTED create a truly unique, category-defying, genre-expanding modern Hard Rock/Metal sound via a combination of seasoned technical ability, a fervency for volume, and a passion for power. CONFLICTED is fronted by the astounding four-octave vocals of singer JASON ORTON who consistently delivers pitch-perfect tones rich with both ferocity and emotion. In perfect contrast, guitarist MARK OWEN possesses a fiery, virtuosic stranglehold on the fretboard. Supported by the symphonic atmospheres created by RON DE COSTEs masterful keyboard work, bassist CHRIS BOSHIS commands the bottom end with complimentary melodic undertones, while drummer COREY STOLL delivers a percussive onslaught with seasoned precision.

Formed in 2008, CONFLICTED released 2 critically acclaimed EPs and are currently supporting their debut album Never Be Tamed (available worldwide through Nightmare Records/Sony RED). Based on the strength of these releases and their reputation for putting on stunning live performances, CONFLICTED have quickly risen to become a must see live act - headlining their own shows, as well as sharing the stage with international touring artists. CONFLICTED was named Best Metal Band at the 2010 Toronto Independent Music Awards (TIMAs) and has also earned four prominent ImageFM Radio Annual Independent Music Awards (Male Vocalist of the Year, Guitarist of the Year, Drummer of the Year and Progressive Single of the Year). Additionally, CONFLICTED is proud to announce that their song Victor(ia) has recently been made available for download in game format for the prestigious ROCKBAND III platform.

Mixing progressive arrangements with the melody and catchy hooks of power metal, Never be Tamed has to be one of the best albums released this year. - Steff Metal (July 2011)

From start to finish the album is a progressive metal masterpiece will have you pushing the repeat all tracks button. - Hellbound (April 2011)

Honestly, this is what every music listener, every metal listener, wants: music that both invokes the great styles but also defies and reinvents them. - Dangerdog Music Reviews (April 2011)

And now there is a guy called Jason Orton from a band Conflicted who is singing the shivers up my spine. My God, what a voice this man has! An album is born that every self-respected prog metal fan must have this album is gonna score high in my top 10 over 2011! - Digital Steel (May 2011)


Never Be Tamed

Written By: Lyrics & Music: Orton

When I look into your eyes,
I can not see your fate.
It’s more or less the way you’ve walked
In through the opening in space.

Stand before me. Hear my story.
Time can’t waste. Love at first taste.

Heed this warning : you won’t see morning.
Come to me and I’ll set you free.

I will not recall your name,
But I will take you just the same.
Scream! Yell! Do what you will,
But I will never be tamed. NEVER.

From deep in my trance you call to me,
In a way I’ve never been.
So let history repeat itself,
I’ll show you what I mean.

Stand before me. Live this story.
Time can’t waste. You’ll love that first taste.

Hear this warning : won’t be sorry.
Come to me and I’ll set you free.

I can not forget your name,
And I will make you feel the same.
Scream! Yell! Do what you will.
But I will NEVER be tamed. NEVER!

Now I look into your eyes,
And I can see your fate.
It’s more or less the days we’ve walked,
Are memories in this knowing state.



Written By: Lyrics: Orton, & Music: Owen/Long

Here decide: A moment in your eyes?
Hands tied so we look to the skies.
The minutes crawl, as I race to your door.
What’s this for, and I just want you more.

It’s no surprise, when face to face we shy.
Are you on my side? And you I can’t deny.
Not the same. At first all was a game.
There’s no shame and only you can tame…

This torment, such torment.
I’m living with you, but you’re not in my life.
Our lives are an empty canvas, Awaiting our heart’s command.
Another moment closer is another moment’s end.

Apologize? In a moment’s time.
Still alive? She’s coming through in lines.
And what “she’d” said, still racing through my head.
With no intent, just a harmless enchantment?

This torment, such torment.
I’m living with you, but you’re not in my life.
Our lives are an empty canvas, Awaiting our heart’s command.
Another moment closer is, Another moment’s end.
I’m living with you,
but you’re not in my life.
Our time is an empty canvas,
But carry our past demands.
Any other moment forward,
Leaves all other moments damned.

Heat Me Up

Written By: Lyrics & Music: Orton

You, you're a revelation, a new creation
My own fixation, topic of infatuation,
You bring on my own damn nation.

Me, I am focussed hard, I'm the extra card,
The one you hide in your arm.
I could be another start? I may be your other heart?

You, you're an everything, You're my special thing,
you're more than some thing. You give me a chance to sing,
you may be my everything?

Me, I'm a desperate child, I am something wild.
I'm a mess un-filed. I am the beast who's riled,
I am the devil's smile.

You heat me up, yes I'm never gonna stop
Keep me up, I guess I'll never really stop
Eat me up, lick your fingers then take aim
Heat me up, now I'm burning in your flame.

I want you, I miss you,
I need you, I'd kiss you, kiss you, kiss you.

I can't live like this much longer, there's something stronger.
The more I sit and ponder. My mind begins to wander
to another fonder. I know. I've gone there.
You, you're a shining star, no matter how close or far,
you're worth my internal war.
You see I will bare some scars as I break through the bars.


Written By: Lyrics: Orton, & Music: Orton/Owen/Stoll

Victor Victoria, I’ve heard some stories.
You were your mother’s pet,
As well your dad’s regret.
Hiding in your own world,
A boy like a little girl.
Freed by yourself at night,
By day it’s your heart you fight.

Their god and yours don’t see eye to eye.
Your guardians never understood your rights.

Victor Victoria, I’m telling your story now?
Am I a stranger still? Or has peace of mind been found?

Blinded by their own lies,
Shunned you with no surprise.
Tortured in their own lives,
Their sisters may be their wives?

Such a wonderful world.
What a beautiful life.

Victor Victoria, I know the story now.
You were your mother’s pet.
As well your dad’s regret.
Victor Victoria a queen in a prince’s world
A choice of the heart or mind?
So you left the small behind.

My god and yours don’t see eye to eye.
Your guardians will never understand your rights.



Written By: Lyrics: Orton, & Music: Owen

Cool breeze come devour me, and let it all just blow away.
I never wanted to leave, but you never wanted me to stay.

Oh, what’s coming over me?
Like you had never done.
As you ripped it out from me,
I’m paralyzed it’s just begun.

And if you want me to live,
You'll have to kill me.

And as the water covers me, I close my eyes.
And as the air's released….Aquatic override!

Oh just pour it over me.
Like you've never ever done.
Just to rip it out from me,
you're paralyzed and it's just begun.

Still if you want me to live,
you'll have to kill me.
And if you want to live,
just give in to me.

Is it all in your head?
It's all in your head.
Think back to what we've said.

Is it all in your mind?
You'll see in time.
'cause we've stepped across the line.
We did.

Is there a hole in your head?
And soon you'll be dead.
Is it the hole, or the whole of your head?


a)6 song EP - January 2009
b)4 song EP - November 2009

Never Be Tamed (Nightmare Records/Sony/Red)
- Street Date: April,12 2011.

Set List

Never Be Tamed
The Hand of God
Heat Me Up
I Wish. I Remember.
The Maze
Outer Space
Beautiful Lies
In the Water
Chasing Shadows
Upon Your Cross