Conflict Within

Conflict Within


Hard edged brutality for the mind and body.


Formed in 2005 by Tommie Arnold,Orion Knight(formerly of split level) and John Gonzalez,Dave Brunelle(formerly of Killdevil). The band focused on forming a sound fused with technical guitars and driving grooves. The group was completed in early 2006 with the addition of Matthew Allen(White Oktober,Terrible Fate) on bass and backing vocals. The band Headlined the 2006 W.A.R.S. Music Festival and Competed in The 2006 Global Battle of the Bands. Conflict Within is now scheduling more live performance dates in support of their debut demo.


Demo self released in Febuary 2007

Set List

Buried Alive,Assasin,Hands of Thanatos,Wasting Away,Taken,Sodomy of the masses,Seed of Sorrow, Suffer.

Set runs about 40 Minutes.