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"Confront CD review"

"CONFRONT Life, Death, and Everything Between CD Ive said it before, so Ill say it again Im biased because Im from Boston. We have the best bands, the best scene, the best friends, etc. CONFRONT are from Boston, so they rule. Its true. They are one of the more underrated bands in the area, but with this latest CD, they should get their just due outside of the New England area. 12 fast, punishing, and seriously pissed off songs about getting pissed, standing your ground, drugs, and a bunch of other uplifting, positive things. These dudes are banned from playing just about everywhere in the city because a riot always ensues when they play the music is passionate and so are their crowd, and sometimes things get a bit out of control. With this CD, Steve has proven hes one of the best songwriters in Boston not to mention one of the angriest - and who would know better than Mark Lind of DUCKY BOYS fame, brother of White Trash Rob Lind (BLOOD FOR BLOOD), and CD tray picture cover model. Take it away, Mark! Steve Young may very well be the angriest man in Boston since White Trash Rob packed up and moved to Detroit and this release shows it. When you see Confront perform you can sense a cynicism and rage in Young's eyes and this record is a testament to that world view. Well said. (MWB)"

- AMP magazine

"Confront is the new!"

"Confront has released their second CD titled "By your side". This CD is easily in th etop 5 of Boston Punk and should propell this band to the level they deserve to be at." - unknown

"The Noise"

Confront was just pure raw energy. They had a great set and the crowd was really lovin' them. Steve's and animal on stage, great presence. Guitars were solid. What was really cool was the fact that, for the most part, the crowd stuck around the whole night - Lionel

"The Noise rock around Boston"

Confront has their act down pretty well. They offer up some straight-ahead garage punk rock. They sound quite a bit like The Offspring to me and pull off rather well a garage-style cover of "Land Down Under." Confront delivers a high energy set that has glimpses of other Boston punkers like Dropkick Murphys and Lost City Angels. Confront actually displays a good deal of versatility as they are able to show different sides of garage-style rock.

- Richie Hoss


Confront followed us up and layed down the law. They got a new CD out that just cooks and everyone should check it out. They played all those songs and even had me come up and sing a cover tune. I missed 5 minutes of their set and that included a brand new song that they're gonna release later in the year. I'll have to go see them again soon to hear that one.

- Mark Lind

"Confront "What have we become"" - Dook of oil


Multiple demos released between 1999-2002
"Remeber the days" CD released May 2003
"By your side" CD street date Feb 20th,2004
Singles off of rember the days can be heard on local Radio as well as mp3 sites
"Life Death and everything Between" Released January 2006.
"what have we become" coming out July 4th 2008
Also included on multiple compilations and DVD soundtracks.



Confront was born around 1999 with the desire to play hard honest music without catering to the image and style so often confused for true rock and roll. Unlike the cookie cutter, trend conscience bands that tend to dominate MTV and mainstream radio, Confront crosses and breaks through the boundries of punk, hardcore, and hardrock to create a sound that is their own.

Confront has since released multiple early demos, 4 Retail Cd's, they have appeared on numerous compilations, are included in two DVD soundtracks,and have played 100's of shows with never anything less than 110% energy. From doing their own all ages shows at D.I.Y venues, to sharing the stage with such notable acts as, Dropkick murphys, street dogs, subhumans, anti heros, ducky boys, blood for blood, avoid one thing, toxic narcotic, GBH, circle jerks, misfits, etc. Confront has developed their own loyal underground following and continue to work on making fresh music, with little or no help from the outside. In early 2007 the band was faced with multiple setbacks and a decision was made to take a break and reform. A three piece since 99' Confront is now a 4 piece with a new lineup. Founding members Steve Young and Matt scanlon remain, with the addition of Ennio avallone(7th rail crew, haloburn) and chuck casella(tester) on drums. Some of the faces are new now,but the motive is the same, if you've been around for us,you know what its all about, if you're new to this, you'll figure it out soon enough.

Confront will be heading back into the studio in Feb 2010 to record their 5th CD. "God's Eye View" is the much anticipated follow up to the bands 2008 CD/EP release "What have we become". The new CD "God's Eye View" will feature 11 songs and is tentatively slated for an April 2010 Release. The band has leaked 2 demo's of the new material for fans to hear right here on the myspace site. Updates will be posted as dates approach and there will also be a new video released in the coming months

Please Contact steve at to inquire about booking.