Ultraistic Progressively Aggressive Metal Music from Chicago!


Like a natural disaster draws from it's surroundings to create an event of power and magnitude, CONGLOMERATORZ does the same with it's music and lyrics.

From it's inception in 1986 BNO, bassist/vocalist/lyricist/keys held true to a goal. Challenged yet unchanged it gained momentum with each new experience. That would be closer to the goal of a better musical vehicle.

In 1995, another element of power was added by way of JC, drummer extraordinaire. Drawing from a background of solid gigging in clubs plus, his vast studio engineering skills only add to his list of accomplishments and attributes.

Then in 1998, Mike an accomplished guitarist and pianist only increased the power of this every solid trio. From his studies in and Europe and the United States, Mike has sharpened his skills on all styles of music and various stringed instruments.

Now that all the elements are in place this raw force could only be called one thing, "CONGLOMERATORZ!"


Cryogenic Crowd Control


Miscalculation of sheer enormity
Of a petrie dish society Abort
Accumulation of cosmic debris Equalized
Icy quarantine for the labrosphere Defecture unclear
Blocking of the sun Every living thing
Policed from a high Crystallized to a halt
Herbivores attack Their own kind Just to survive
Starving to inhale And replenish Pure oxygen Frozen
Burial in ice never to reannimate In a shallow grave
Forgotten in the outerscape Alive
Solidify a solitary demise Breathing core
Survivalistic reaching from the tar Regurgibirth
Re-Evolution De-Evolution De-Evolution Re-Evolution
Crystalized labrosphere Experiment Forgotten in the outer scape
Failure Total banishment Survivalized ReEmbryonic Regurgibirth
Welcome to the ice age

Skill And Determination


The hunted and chased A fight to the end When eyes contact we are not friends A game
Of chess each moves caressed Incessantly through dream and breath Kinetic rage and
Oceans grave Who’s the master to the slave Elude the talk a state of calm Carelessness
The act of age Evoke the duel and start the chase When eyes contact we now shall dance
Erase the thoughts of everlast
**Waiting watching overtaking sails consumed of wind Spying drifting calculating
Perception deception Agonizing fighting crying starboard unto the quest
I see a trophy in your face as battle lines are etched in sand Abductions come and they’ll
Take place No one survives in neptunes land** (2x)
By chance we’ve met Sceneries set Walls of ice and no regret Chronography the trap is set
Eyes of ice and wisdoms wretch


"Naturally Heavy" Limited Edition Digipak 14 Song CD. 2006

Set List

Whole CD front to back.