Just your atypical psychedelic / rock n' roll / zappa-loving/ jamtronic / peanut-buttery / baroque / phrygian / funk band from Texas. For Booking Info Contact Brian: (817) 721-4827


When four key members of the 13 piece improv funk/jazz powerhouse band, Sol Kitchen, wanted to flex their skills with tight orchestration, witty lyricism and rich vocal harmonies, they called on one of their favorite local Dallas musicians and Congratulations was born. With musical influences as wide ranging as Frank Zappa, Bassnectar, Parliament Funkadelic, Yes, EOTO, Miles Davis, Phish, Squarepusher, Ween and Igor Stravinsky; the words genre shattering come to mind while trying to describe Congratulations' unique sound. Catchy song writing seamlessly interwoven into skilled improvisation has made them current favorites of the underground Texas music scene.

At a typical Congratulations’ show, you might find the venue transformed at times into a sweat filled dance club saturated with pulsating electronic beats and rhythms delivered by percussionist Eric Rogers and drummer Alan Eckert. Or maybe engaged in a Broadway-ish sing-a-long led by Keyboardist Gaah(n), complete with tap dance solo. Brian Felker’s striking guitar leads and Daniel Forester's grumbling bass lines deliver funk filled counterpoint at rippling speeds or at a precise slow greasy grind.

Since 2006, Congratulations' high energy live performances have enabled them to travel extensively while adding to an ever growing and diverse fan base. From bars to festivals and late night 'events', Congratulations proves it's ability to harness the energy of an audience and let it build. Last year saw the release of Congratulations' first full length studio album and tens of thousands of miles traveled in touring support. Members of Congratulations have shared the stage with or have opened for such acts as: Widespread Panic, EOTO, Vic Wooten, Estradasphere, Topaz, Eric McFadden Trio, Drop Trio, and Sugar Free Allstars, just to name a few.


In May 2008 Congratulations independently released their first full length album entitled "It's a Band"

Set List

We usually play two hour long sets. Although with over 40 original songs we can range from 45 minutes to 5 hours depending on time allotment.


Delicious Pt. 1
Blow Me Down
Red State Blues
Ask Mike
Silent Apathy
Dump in the Ocean
Like So
Track 5 Song
Food for Thought
Crack of Now
Burritos in the Belfry
Death Dying Dead
Going to the Moll
Stockton to Malone
Plywood Song
Can't Believe
Yr Confederate Flag
Mr. Funkknuckle
Little Ball of Hate
Failed Bit
Secret Stache
Jiffy Pope
Delicious Pt. 2
James Bond
Woke Up Dead
Alaskan Thunderfuck
Taken Aback
Pocket Vito
Persian Disco
Can' Get My Zipper Up
Yellow Sunglasses
Prelude to a cactus
Modern dude
Leaving the Unit


Jump In The Line (Belafonte)
Sabre Dance (K h a c h a t u r i a n)