Congress of a Crow

Congress of a Crow


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Congress of a Crow derives from the science of love, a crucial journey of the mind in search for wisdom. This five-some's self-titled debut album echoes with songs about abuse, empowerment, chastity, addiction and the ever growing struggle for nirvana. The band conveys a wide array of emotion translated through arousing guitar layers and fat bottom beats resembling no other band before them. Danelle's powerhouse ability to harness the most breathy and bittersweet tones translate perfectly into lyrics coming from an aggressive and sometimes shameless point of view. Congress of a Crow has created the yin and yang of modern music, birthed from the seeds of reggae, rock, and pop with an intense thrash/aerobic work out.

The Band is now recording 5 new hit songs, drawing influence from world cultures and reggae music. You can expect to see them deliver an amazing performance in your town in the very near future.

1998 ~ Guitar players Adam Tichenor and Wil Sutherland meet as juniors in a high school English class over a dispute on Deftones vs. Soulfly. That first impression sparked the creative flame that was realized when Sutherland accidentally auditioned for Tichenor's high school band.

2004 ~ The remaining members of Tulsa band Vastu join forces with Wichita native Danelle Phillips and her pipes of steel to form something a little outside the box.

2005 ~ Danelle wins Best Female Vocalist of the year by Payne County Line Awards. The Oklahoma based awards gather more than 30,000 votes each year.

2006 ~ Congress of a Crow win their first award as Band of the Year (Payne Co. Line)

2006 ~ Danelle wins Best Female Vocalist for the 2nd year in a row.

2006 ~ Tulsa SPOTNIKS, the local Grammys, feature COAC in a 2-page spread photoshoot themed in Marilyn Monroe's 7-Year Itch and awards them with Band of The Year.

2006 ~ The band helps the "Have a Heart" charity by raising over $11,000 by doing what they do best.

2006 ~ Following in his father's footsteps, left-handed drummer Nathan Lindley takes up a love of rock music. His positive attitude and ideas solidified his spot in the rhythm section.

2007 ~ A comrade, familiar with the Tulsa scene, shares the digits of a solid bassist looking to help shatter the mold of modern music. And so Todd Shaver became the fifth and final member of COAC.

Congress of a Crow has shared the stage with bands such as Candlebox, Shiny Toy Guns, Caroline's Spine, Rewake, Citizen Mundi, Sam and the Stylees, The Hero Factor, The Feds, Fair To Midland, Valient Thorr, PDA, and many many more. . .


"When Did Animosity Eat Us All Alive" EP

Bad News
Time 2 Wake Up

~Tulsa's Z104.5 hosts "Cock Fight," a local show where locals battle national bands, where they win 11 nights in a row.

~Club TV Channel 8 spotlights a special performance Feb. 24, 2007 @ 1AM

~ 94.7 The Buzz in OKC, Ok features us on their website

~ 104.5 The Edge Tulsa, OK spins our music during regular air time and more frequently on the "HOMEGROWN" show (9 pm sunday nights)

~ regularly features the band and our music

~ We've preformed live on air twice for KMOD 97.5's morning show. (The station reaches 40,000 listeners)

~ ABC "Good Morning Tulsa" featured us in a live on-air performance

~ FOX 23 Tulsa hosts the local show "Up-Late w/ Ben Sumner" where we performed 3 songs live.

~Route 66 Music Shop features the band in streaming video and will air on COX high def in the spring (make sure to activate the route 66 link)

~ other websites we are featured on:

Set List

bitter end
time to wake up
killer lady fingers
the worlds gone dry
bad news
everything is a lie

12 songs in one hour

we are known to play a few of our favorite bands during the set. . . .

the mars volta
mazzy star
radio head
led zepplin
no doubt
tracy bonham
rage against the machine

When these songs are added we can play all night long.