Congress of a Crow

Congress of a Crow


Congress of a Crow is a Rock-Reggae-Pop hybrid, mixing several genres into a sound that is unique and familiar at the same time.


Left of center and pushing the envelope, Congress of Crow is a kinetic five piece regionally touring band from Tulsa, OK. Modern rock, pop, reggae and funk are twisted into a powerfully dynamic sound pushed to the top by lead singer Danelle's lyrics and vivacious stage presence. Congress doesnt just play their shows, every performance is a new & evolving experience for their legion of fans, referred to as the “Congress”.

Arousing guitar layers and fat bottom beats blend perfectly with Danelle's ability to harness the most breathy and bittersweet tones. The music is hard to classify, but it sticks with you long after the music stops.

Congress of a Crow tour regionally, performing over 120 shows a year both as a headliner as well as support for national touring artists like Paramore, Candlebox, Shiny Toy Guns, the Toadies and the Startlight Mints. The band’s first full length release Between Shadows & Sunrise has received substantial radio airplay on both Commercial and College radio.


Congress of a Crow - Self titled EP

Between Shadows & Sunrise - full length CD.
(Several cuts have received substantial radio & internet play)

Set List

Originals only. Each set is a new and different experience.