Congress of the Crow

Congress of the Crow


Congress of the Crow is a hard rock band based out of Denver, CO that actively journeys through the light and shade of sound. We are known for dark heavy jams, yet leave space for lighter acoustic chapters. In order to tell an epic tale, there must tension & release, body & climax.


The C.O.T.C. story began around 2000 after a Led Zeppelin pilgrimage to the UK . It began as an acoustic music project started by Shannon R. Antos in Colorado. It grew and evolved over the years into a full band. The acoustic roots are kept alive in a side project now known as C.O.T.C. Acoustic Society, featuring Shannon R. Antos and Dan Allen. The magic of C.O.T.C. involves three unique individuals that play music from from the heart, that feel soul and emotion, and paint a vast landscape in sound. As Led Zeppelin created a sound shrouded in mystery, borrowing from different parts of the globe, C.O.T.C. continues the journey in yet another chapter. Neither black nor white, both heavy and light, C.O.T.C. blazes it's own path and makes it's own way, in it's own place, in it's own time. If you up for the journey, and your mind is open, you are welcome to enjoy the ride.
Some strong influences are Led Zeppelin, Tool, Godsmack, The Sword, Alice in Chains, Black Sabbath, Kyuss, and Clutch.

Booking: 720-988-4049 (Shannon)


2003 Acoustic CD
Congress of The Crow (2006 Full Album. includes studio work, demos, as well as LIVE music)

Set List

Our typical set lasts about 1 hour although we can fill two. We try to keep the set mostly original with often one or two cover songs. Here is our last setlist...
1. Clouds
2. Driftin
3. The Immigrant Song
4. Bleed
5. Retribution
6. Manic Depression
7. Breathe
8. Battleground
9. Aftermath
10. Follow
11. Jack The Ripper
12. Lounge Trip