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"Nashville Scene Endorses "despite what I told her""

New York's Convertible Jennifers ride the line between cleverness and kitsch, dotting their sugary pop songs with one-liners ("Can I have the love without the love affair?") and Reagan-era synths. - Nashville Scene

""new year's eve" - Washington City Paper Standout Track, Feb 2007"

"I found myself living in Nashville and wanted to give a shot at writing one of those earnest, wistful country ballads without making myself puke . . . And you can't have a good country ballad without a proper beginning, middle, and end to the narrative. That's why the song has about 38 verses." He's coy when asked how much of the song is based on real life: "None of our lyrics are completely fictional. We subscribe to the Dreamgirls model of storytelling—the characters in our songs are usually exaggerated versions of real people."
Read the full review here: - Washington City Paper - One Track Mind

"GWU Gets Friendly with conjen - Feb 2006"

...simple lyrics that are uniquely gathered, with quick one-liners reminiscent of witty observations you might not think of saying out loud.
Read the full review here: - Daily Colonial (George Washington University)

"316productions Reviews the "Soft Money" EP"

NYC based indie rock trio Convertible Jennifers take the laid back '70s rock grooves of Roxy Music and Steely Dan and incorporate it into the band's relaxed, finger snapping atmosphere. The result makes for some clever songwriting. . .songs that many of the mature rock audience wouldn't mind sipping a cocktail at an after work happy hour hot spot to. -

"Review - conjen Live at Freddy's Bar & Backroom, Brooklyn 2003 -"

Smart and catchy, sarcastic 'Secret Agent' rock that seems as if it is seeping seductively from some dark corner in our collective past. - Freddy's Bar & Backroom

"Village Voice Has a Few Kind Words"

adult-contemporary quirk - Village Voice (Eddy)

"Toosquare Reviews "Go, Mower Go!" (the Riding Mower Records compilation)"

...curiously clever pop rock...whose lyrical output easily wins the tongue in cheek award. - Toosquare E Zine


"pointy little shoes" (Riding Mower Records, 2007)

"despite what I told her" (Riding Mower Records, 2004)

7" single:
"sugarcubes" (Riding Mower Records, 2003)

"Go Mower Go 2.0" (Riding Mower Records, 2005)
"Go Mower Go" (Riding Mower Records, 2003)

AZN TV national commercial campaign (on-going)

ImaginAsian Radio

"Slow Jam King" (Steven Mallorca, 2004)
"Asiancinevision 2005" official trailer

web: "Laguna Beach"




ConJen is escorting rock music into the new millennium with simple, smart and sharp pop tunes executed by an unpretentious three piece outfit with serious jazz, r&b and country chops.

Alternating unpredictably between deadly sincerity and uncommon wit and sarcasm, ConJen shares melodic and dramatic dna with Joe Jackson, Steely Dan, Wilco, Randy Newman and Cheap Trick.

Songwriter and guitarist Mark Concerto has performed for and on television (WeTV "When I Was a Girl", Oxygen "Pink Palace", Comedy Central's "Premium Blend") and film ("Slow Jam King"). Keyboardist Fat Tony and drummer A-Roque hold sway with hip hop collective Alter Egos and various jazz outfits around NYC.

Understated almost to a fault, ConJen is a rare breed of melodic aptitude, lyrical know-how and restrained musicianship. But don't let the 'thinking man's band' label mislead you. ConJen puts on a compelling, caring show with lots of big ideas and small moments for both the lover and the hater in you.

Don't miss ConJen's "Love Affair", available in this epk, featured on nationally-aired commercials for AZN Television.