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"CONJOB could be seen as the second coming of No Doubt ... Hooks galore and one of the best live shows in town. Without a doubt, the best unsigned band in Orange County." - Brian Barsuglia


"An amazing live band and one of the top acts in Southern California. CONJOB is ready for big things." - Martin Brown


"One of the best live in-studio acts we've ever had. They are enthralling, passionate performers and their music is amazing. 'Everybody Be Cool' is one of our favorite independent releases of the year." - Andrea & Jenton


"One of my favorite bands in LA and one of the best draws around. They put on a live show you won't forget - there are very few singers like Zhanine out there. Their music sticks with you and if you aren't dancing by the end of the set you're probably dead." - Chris Jacobs


CONJOB - Everybody Be Cool (CD Review)

"Always a pleasure to hear Hip Hop fused with a live band vibe, Conjob brings that out to shine in their newest album “Everybody Be Cool”.

This is the kinda music that you would play at a party and EVERYBODY would actually start being cool…very smooth, easy going rhythms with one hell of a female vocalist backed by a energetic, crowd pumping MC.

The live drummer really allows this album to capture the rich, organic sound that live-band Hip Hop is famous for delivering, each little bass and snare really jumps right out at you. The guitarist brings more of a rock aspect to the whole group, this is always a hit or miss idea, ConJob hit it dead on.

Overall, I must say… very impressive."

- Jake Student


"LA is buzzing with a continuance of new and exciting fresh music styles. One thing I can honestly say, I am proud to be a Native Angeleno musician who loves other LA bands, whether or not they were originated here.

Unlike most places that I've been in the USA, live musicians support each other here. One band gets off the stage; the next band up gives hearty props to those who performed before. When I go out and see a band I 've never seen before, I get excited. I love to see potential in a band or an artist. I also love to see longevity. It's so hard to keep groups together for long because our lives get in the way so much. Like UFD, my band, didn't get bit by that bug until our 10-11th year.

So to see a band like CONJOB live at the Gig a month or so ago, it was real treat to see some fresh music from a band that obviously have been around for a while. And if the band hasn't been around a while, the musicians are seasoned and sharp.

Everybody Be Cool! Such a perfect sentiment for an industry that is everything but. The music is a clean mixture of funk rock pop and a smattering of Reggaeton beats that absolutely creates a new and fresh SoCal sound. Zha, (lead vocals) is a beautiful and vibrant alto vocalist. She's able to be just as sweet and serene as she is tough and grinding.

I am impressed with the versatility of the band members; the beautiful Vicky on keyboards is a perfect compliment vocally for Zha and only enhances the grooves with piano and synth accents. Everybody Be Cool takes you on a short journey from the party beginning to the socially conscious ending.

SOUND THEE ALARM opens the disc with a party flavor that features the sultry vocals. It also hits hard with the dark-tones of MC Warbux busting out rhymes with fever. If you close your eyes you get the feeling your about to walk in on a serious party for serious party people. Hot! Then it that song is followed by the title track, EVERYBODY BE COOL which is an awesome little acopella chant that gets you in the mood for a positive evening.

In between you hear the dance tunes like GOODNIGHT AT LAST, which will not only make you want to meet Zha and find out she's up to this evening, it will make you visually see her getting ready to go out and have some fun. She gets you there vocally. Draws you in like a magnet. And the subject matter is simple; she ain't looking for nothing serious. Just something to get by for the night. I literally get tickled when songwriting is fused to create a picture of a scene. And moreover, this song is a perfect mixture of pop rock and dance with that splash of reggaeton I mentioned earlier.

A good example of music painting pictures is MISS SUMMERTIME(2006MIX). I don't know what the other mix was, but I dig this one. If you know anything about SoCal, the heat can get you feeling a little low and high at the same time. Or should I say slow and fly? This tunes puts you in the mindset of heat looking to stick on something hot! I'll keep on shining for you, she says. One can only dream. Conjob's bio says something about mixing Pink with Tina Turner. In my opinion, that can't touch the originality of Zha's voice. How do you combine power with emotion? It is a God given gift. And it's something I've been working on for over twenty years. To Zha in Miss Summertime, it comes naturally.

My favorite song and in my opinion the best cut on the disc is TANGERINE. Driving monster bass line by Carp, that digs while it builds. Sharp cuts with the guitar give a metal-funk feel to it. Nice job DJ! There is nothing better than tightness with a band. When you have a hole, fill it with silence as well as with licks. Conjob uses that technique brilliantly with a song that rocks like this one does. If that wasn't enough, Kevin on drums, slaps you with a multitude of styles but never leaves you hanging. Sharp reggaeton beats mixed with hard-hitting rock choruses and a 16 beat high hat dance groove on the bridge. Anyone with a mildly good voice would sound like a rock star with this band behind them. Instead Zha breaks out in full Pat Benetar with soul-like vocals. The Chorus and Bridge are well constructed and that to me is what writing good music should be about. If you haven't heard it yet, I suggest you get out to a show and check it out. If there is a hit on their album, my money is on this song.

Versatile I said? You gotta respect the nicer dulcet sounds on the disc as well such as SUGAR SWEET and SPLENDOR. Sugar Sweet takes me back to the eighth grade for some reason. I think because that's when I started getting serious about chasing girls. I mean I chased them before then but not in the same way. There is a nice change of pace to it, adding a sense of adult innocence in the subject matter. Splendor almost gives off the same emotion but in a more adult way. I like to think of it as a cool traveling song. Nice groove, harmonies are tight and sweet. You really can't help but to smile when you hear it. I wish the song were a little longer and at the end. It's kind of a parenthetical song where you could turn off the radio and still hum the melody quietly to yourself.

Each song shows the power of being eclectic in the music world today. COAST OF DESPERADO babeh, is the one tune you can rap along with if you have skills like that. Warbux again drives home a clear picture of how this young woman hooked on addiction looks. Can't say I don't know what that's like. But in this song I can identify with the person Conjob is singing about, even if I didn't get caught up on that shit. I can only hope he was describing someone real, because I felt it when I heard it, bruh! MC Warbux tears it up, but only with the vocal enhancement of a raspy voiced Zha illustrating the pain of the woman in the song. Vicky's haunting melody on the keyboards only adds to the picture. As you can see I'm big on images of music. If you can paint me a picture in my mind, then you've got a good song in all respects. It's all about the communication. Hear it, feel it, see it! The CD ends with a special surprise with one of the coolest college rock tunes I've heard in years called Zombie Pharm. (sp?) Yea don't turn off the CD thinking it's over because it's NOT. J All I can really say about that tune is that it was fun to listen to. And too bad it was hidden in the back seat."

- Keri Johnson

"Production Director, BOUNCE EVENT MARKETING (The Grammy Awards, MusiCares)"

"We work with the biggest acts in the world in the events we produce. Dave Matthews, The Eagles, Beyonce and many others have all recently been hired by Bounce Media.

Having worked with CONJOB on the National Lampoon Spring Break tour, they not only exhibited the same professionalism as these other acts but put on a sensational show that wowed packed audiences across the country.

There was some early skepticism in putting them on the same stage between such established acts as Digital Underground, Tone Loc and Rob Base. Not only did CONJOB hold their own, but they blew these other acts off the stage.

Bounce is proud to have worked with CONJOB and would hire them again in an instant should an opportunity present itself.

Furthermore, I would give them the highest recommendation - without reservation - to any talent buyer, booker, promoter or label representative looking for a band of their style and caliber.

If you are interested in speaking with me personally about CONJOB, feel free to contact me through the band and I will be more than happy to accomodate." - Katie Campbell

"West Coast Representative, BODOG MUSIC GROUP"

"I worked directly with CONJOB as they competed through 3 rounds of the 2007 BODOG Nationwide Battle, culminating in a sold out show for the Los Angeles Finalists at Hollywood's Avalon Theatre, filmed live for FUSE TV.

While CONJOB did not advance to the Nationwide Finals, its my opinion there were one of the top bands in the entire competition.

They are an act that effortlessly bypasses confining categorizations and the boundaries of musical genres, creating a sound that lies somewhere within rock, hip hop, and soul.

This posse is one of the strongest, hardest working acts you'll find anywhere." - William Pong

"Editor in Chief, UBO Magazine"

CONJOB, made up of performers Zhanine [vocals], Warbux [MC], Derek Jones [guitar, backup vocals], Victoria Razzano [keyboards, synthesizer, backup vocals], Brian Carpenter [bass] and Kevin Brent [drums], is a delicious blend of hip-hop, funk, soul and rock music, based out of Los Angeles, CA.

Their newest album, "Everybody Be Cool," includes such songs as "Sound Thee Alarm" and "Miss Summertime," both of which are funky, hip-hop delights.

Conjob has put an album out every year since '04 and will continue to create and rock unique albums and performances. For more information about Conjob, please check out their MySpace page at - Aaris A. Schroeder


2011 * Arriving Summer 2011



" 'Everybody Be Cool' is a must-have album!"
- Damien Castaneda / Guitar Player Magazine

"Zhanine is a star with an incredible voice."
- Bernard Baur / Music Connection Magazine

"A delicious blend of hip-hop, funk, soul and rock!"
- Aaris A. Schroeder, Editor / UBO Magazine

A potent combination of West Coast cool, hip hop swagger, sweet succulent melodies and big beefy beats, CONJOB has established themselves as one of the top unsigned live acts in Southern California.

Led by Guamanian-born lead singer Zhanine (imagine if Pink was genetically fused with Sade), the band has brought their electric urban mix of groove/rock/soul/funk up and down the West Coast and beyond.

Through non-stop promotion and touring (including top billing on the National Lampoon College Spring Break Tour), CONJOB has recently shared the stage with Jurassic 5, Alien Ant Farm, Digital Underground, Zebrahead, Trapt, Stephen Perkins from Jane's Addiction (who joined the band on stage during the 2008 Summer Meltdown Festival), Unwritten Law, Mickey Avalon and many others.

Recently the band won the $10,000 Grand Prize in the Century City Street Festival, headlined the prestigious Amplify Independent Music Festival in Las Vegas and traveled across the country to showcase at the Millenium Music Conference in Pennsylvania.

CONJOB has produced numerous music videos since the release of their independent album "Everybody Be Cool" and has licensed their music to ESPN for their coverage of the 2008 Winter X Games and All State Insurance for a national ad campaign.

Hailed by Music Connection Magazine as one of the "Top Unsigned Acts in Los Angeles", CONJOB will continue recording and touring relentlessly throughout 2011. They recently co-headlined the Xclamation Music Festival in Modesto, CA, sharing the main stage with Simple Plan, Pepper & The Expendables and then returned to headline the Amplify Music Festival in Las Vegas.

CONJOB is currently in production to their follow up to "Everybody Be Cool", which will be produced by Bob Burch (Great Glass Elevator, East West) and Lumbajac (Lauren Hill, Hoodlum West), with an eye on a Summer 2011 release.


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