Conjunto Los Pochos

Conjunto Los Pochos


Conjunto Los Pochos is a traditionally-based, Tex-Mex conjunto playing dance music including boleros, polkas, waltzes and cumbias. We also write & perform original music.


Conjunto Los Pochos' core members, Otoño Luján (button-accordion) and Elliott Baribeault (bajo sexto) met in 1996 at the California Institute of the Arts. The two Southern California natives played traditional conjunto music as a duet at backyard barbeques and for anyone who wanted to enjoy Conjunto music. In the summer of 1997, the four-piece ensemble "Conjunto Los Pochos" was born.

The band's name initially came about to address the perceived peculiarity of a bunch of [primarily] acculturated Mexicans (Pochos), barely speaking Spanish and playing "Norteño" music (border music from Northern Mexico). Ironically though, this music - having stemmed from the merging of European and Texas-Mexican cultures in the late 1800's - continues to reflect the process of Pochismo (or acculturation) through its lyrics and music.

Conjunto Los Pochos has lived this music at dance halls, weddings, concerts and a variety of venues from the Eastside to the Westside, throughout Southern California and across the country. They have developed their unique sound that combines elements of both Texas and Mexico conjunto styles with original music as well as classic favorites. They have been joined by Ernesto Molina (1999) and veteran musician, Lorenzo Martinez (2001), who tour with the band and play on their newly released CD “Margie’s.” Los Pochos has performed regularly at the Annual Grassroots Music Festivals in New York and North Carolina and at the Annual Tejano Conjunto Festival in San Antonio, Texas. The band has appeared on KMEX/Channel 34’s “Los Angeles Al Día” and has performed alongside legendary musicians such as Poncho Sánchez, Los Dos Gilbertos, Flaco Jimenez and Little Joe y La Familia.

Los Pochos has arrived at the year 2005 successfully presenting a genuine L.A. expression of traditional Conjunto music to a steadily growing audience that cuts across race, nationality and social status.



Written By: Elliott Baribeault/ Pocho Music Co. (ASCAP)

I should have stayed at Margie’s where the people are friendly
where the music is warm and the beer is cold
why did I wander
down to the Crossroads
no one there likes me at least that’s what i'm told

I should have stayed at Margie’s they won’t let you speak English
oh what words to begin with I do not know
I’m all for thinking
when I’ve been drinking
but good conversation is best when I’m alone

El Tropico
I got hired for my music
but I turned into a user
and you cant tell the boys from the girls
El Tropico
at the end of the evening I don’t wanna be a loser
things sleazy and I turn into a boozer
I look back on my life and think I should have stayed at Margie’s

I should have stayed at Margie’s or I should have stayed home
on a Saturday night I can’t be alone
why do we wander down to the bottom
the bottles are empty and my memory is cold

Rosa Maria

Written By: Unknown

Rosa Maria se fue a la playa
se fue a la playa
se fue a bañar

Y cuando estaba sentadita en la arena
Me decia con su boquita "Vénte, vamos a bailar!"

Rosa Maria
Baila mi cumbia mamá
Rosa Maria
Baila mi cumbia mamá

Rough English translation:
Rosa Maria went to the beach
She went to the beach to bathe

And while sitting there on the sand, she said to me "Come on, let's dance!"

Rosa Maria
Dance my cumbia, my love.


Margie's (Latest album), 2004
Conjunto Los Pochos (Self-titled album), 1999

CDs available for previewing and purchase now at:

Set List

There are two basic programs that we perform. For educational programs, we typically perform 45-60 minute sets (about 10-13 songs). At dances, we play 60 to 90 minute sets (up to about 19 songs). If we’re playing a long show (4hrs+), we can break it up by playing 60 minute sets, with 30 minute breaks.

Originals include:
Light As A Feather
Ford Taurus
Liquor Stores
She Said, He Said
O’s Polka

Covers (in Spanish) include:
Sabor A Mi
Rosa Maria
Al Pie De La Tumba
Ojos De Pancha
Carabinas 30-30
Los Barandales Del Puente
Cuando Salgo A Los Campos
Hace Un Año
El Asesino
Viuda Con Dinero
Cruz De Madera
Por El Amor A Mi Madre
Pato A La Olla
La Nueva Zenaida
Mojado Sin Licencia
Por Las Parrandas
El Borrachito
Volver, Volver
Camioncito Pasajero
Seis Pies Abajo
La Puerta Negra
Paso Del Norte
Quiero Que Sepas
Mujer Paseada
Dame Mas Amor
El Golpe Traidor

Covers (Bilingual or English) include:
On The Road Again
Open Up Your Heart
Hey Baby, ¿