Birmingham, England, GBR

A raw, energetic, infectious, sometimes melodic, sometimes noisy mish-mash of styles that's progressive without the pretentious, mathy alternative pop rock.


Conquistadors are four friends from Birmingham making music without boundaries.

Eclectic tastes and an unstructured style make for high-energy, catchy songs that can be infectious pop one second and hellish noise the next.

Our ethos is one built of a conscious desire to develop new sounds whilst bucking old trends; if anything’s true about Conquistadors, it’s that we're almost impossible to pigeonhole.

The last year saw us record ‘On Tape’, film a video for ‘Black Swans’, and playing myriad shows including the now legendary Blakfish farewell show, the second Off The Cuff festival and live with Tera Melos at the HMV Institute.

Since forming, Conquistadors have shared the stage with All Or Nothing, Blacklisters, Blakfish, Greatest Hits, IO, The JCQ, KONG, Shapes, Shoes and Socks Off, Talons, Tera Melos, These Monsters and &U&I amongst many other distinguished and hardworking bands.

Affectionately labelled ‘Conks’ by our fans, we're the latest band to join the Godmonkey roster with our EP, ‘On Tape’.


1. Out Of Experience EP
2. Rochelle, Rochelle!

[Signed to Godmonkey Recordings between these two...]

3. On Tape EP - Available on iTunes. Airplay on student radio, live set for DemonFM, Leicester.

Set List