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Houston, Texas, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2000 | INDIE

Houston, Texas, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2000
Band R&B Christian


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Connection! - Unleashed"

Houston’s contemporary quartet Connection! blends synthetically-smooth harmonies with traditional-flavored fare. Although organized in 2000, the quartet was formed before the new millenium, when the men were still teenagers and part of a group called “The Youth Musicians.”

Apostle Kareem Jackson, who is an associate minister at Deliverance Rock Ministries in Houston, serves as lead vocalist on the quartet’s third CD, Unleashed. Lyrically and musically, Jackson and Connection! ladle out the comfortable and familiar old-time religion for which gospel quartets are renowned and revered.

The quartet's blend of traditional and contemporary is especially evident on selections such as “Won’t It Be Grand,” which Jackson introduces as something “granddaddy used to sing.” The song’s vamp portrays Heaven as a place where there is, among other things, no high blood pressure, diabetes or back-stabbers (sounds good to me). “I’m Nothing” finds the singer unable to eat, sleep or even breathe without the Lord.

Many of the songs on Unleashed focus on the healing power of God as the balm in times of trouble. For example, one of the album’s radio singles, “Good to Me,” references the album’s title in depicting God as the “only friend” and a door-opener when one is “shackled and bound.” The concluding “I Surrender All” confirms this premise, complete with a rocking CCM arrangement.

The album’s drive tempo song, “I’ve Been Delivered,” is the best track on the CD. - The Black Gospel Blog

"Connection! - Victory LIVE"

This month we take you to the state of Texas and introduce to some and present to others Connection. Their 2007 recording is titled Victory Live. This is the group’s second recording. Their freshman project, Troubles Won't Last Always, was released in 2001.

According to information from their website “Connection started as a group of church musicians with about 7 teenagers ranging in ages of 13-18. They called themselves "The Youth Musicians". As the young men grew in age and stature, they felt the need for a name change. Thus, Connection was born in the year of 2000.”

The group consists of Kareem Jackson (lead vocalist), Rodney Hughes (keyboards and background vocalist), Prentice Denkins (guitarist, background and lead vocalist), Tristain Milladge (guitarist), Kenneth Robinson, Jr. (background vocalist), Johnny Gray (background vocalist), Gregg Davis (drums and background vocalist), Charles Samples, Jr. (Keyboards), and Dawayne Milladge (bass guitarist). These guys are seasoned musicians and extraordinary singers. In addition to the group, Pastor John Jasper, Jr. (the host pastor), André Tate of The Williams Brothers, and Levie "Ash" Wright of The Lighthouse Singers also make appearances on this project.

The new release is a Live recording. The recoding took place at New Light Baptist Church, Houston, Texas. And, from time to time you can actually hear the audience's participation in the recording.

The recording opens with "Lord I Need." This is a very smooth and thought provoking ballad. It could almost be considered a prayer. Listen closely to the words. The tempo picks up slightly on "He Made A Way." "I’m Nothing" is the next track. This song is one to which every Christian can relate. The song simply states that we are nothing without the Lord.

"Heaven is My Goal" is the next track. The background harmony in this track is outstanding. The lead singer and the background vocals interact exceptionally well on this track. Levie Ash Wright, Jr. makes his appearance on Trouble Won’t Last Always. This is one of two songs on the CD that was not written by Kareem Jackson. It was written by Michael Taylor.

The next track is "We’re Going To Make It." This song will encourage you. No matter what you are going through or dealing with, know that you’re going to make it. By the way, the host church choir provides the background vocals for this track.

André Tate makes his appearance on "Good To Me Parts 1 and 2." Listen closely and you will hear the influence of The Williams Brothers on these tracks. It is a great song. The song acknowledges how good God has been to each of us.

The tempo really picks up with "I’ve Been Delivered." It would not have been a surprise to hear the lead singer shout “let’s have church ya’ll.” The guys reach back and sing about the way people used to have church – old tent revival, something got a hold on me, those old mothers laid their hands on me, can I get me a witness. You get the message; the guys really ‘work’ this song. It should get a lot of airplay.

The title track is next. "Victory" features Pastor John Jasper, Jr. and the New Light Baptist Church Choir. Almost seven (7) minutes in length, this is the longest track on the CD. However, it is such a powerful song, it does not seem that long.

The final track is “99 ½ Won’t Do.” This song has been recorded many times. But, never like this. The arrangement to this track was done by group member Prentice Denkins. Connection has made this song their own. It has a jazz feel to it. The background harmony is awesome. What a great and unique arrangement to an old traditional song.

There are no hard drive songs on this CD. The closest song to a drive track is “I’ve Been Delivered.“ The guys could have easily titled the CD Praise and Worship. For, the selections are songs of thanks, of acknowledging God, and just lifting their voices in praise to God.

Once you listen to this CD, you will realize that Connection has a style all their own. Yes, they are a quartet gospel group. But, they are not trying to sound like some other group. They have a refreshing and unique style. More importantly, they minister to you.

On the whole this release from Connection is a great CD. We give Connection's Victory Live a 9 out of 10.

You should be able to find this CD in your local record store. You can also purchase the CD from the group by visiting their website - Click on the title to hear “99½ Won't Do." - Gloryland Gospel

""The Medley" [Audio] - Connection!"

The group of young men from Houston known as Connection! makes good use of a medley to showcase clean vocals, slick production, and the ability to drop some good music on both contemporary and traditional gospel quartet fans.

Simply called "The Medley," Connection! starts with '"Heaven is My Goal" followed by "Running (99 1/2 Won't Do)," both of moderate tempo and R&B/soul feel, before diving into the hand-clapper "Hold On."

Since the group's formation in 2000, Connection! has gotten much attention, including racking up a pair of Rhythm of Gospel Award nominations. - Gospel Music Fever


2000 - Troubles Won't Last Always - Innovative Records
2006 - Victory LIVE - Innovative Records
2010 - Unleashed - Unity MG/TMG/Entertainment One
2013 - The Medley (Single) - Redeemed Records



Connection! began as a group known as “The Youth Musicians” that played for churchesin Houston, Texas with seven members of teenagers ranging in ages 13-18. As the groupmatured musically and grew in stature, a change in their name was a necessary part oftheir growth. Thus, Connection! was formed in 2000.In that year, the group’s official debut was Trouble Won't Last Always. The single hit theairwaves nationwide and catapulted the group to popularity throughout the southernregion of the nation.In 2006, Connection! produced their first live recording entitled, “Victory LIVE”. Thiswas considered a success and received positive reviews and praise by numerous musiccompanies. Glory land Gospel rated the album 9 out of 10 and placed the CD in its Top20 chart, peaking at #15. The Musbo Company, a music marketing/promotional firm,placed the CD at #1 on its Top 20 Chart.A few years later, Connection! was chosen by Live Nation to perform every4th Sunday of the month at the renowned Houston House of Blues Gospel Brunch in2009-2010. During that time period, the group received the honor of being nominated fortwo Rhythm of Gospel Awards; one in the category of Male Quartet of the Year andanother in the category of Traditional/Contemporary Group/Duo of the Year.In February 2010, Connection! signed a CD distribution deal withTMG/E1 Distribution,producing their full length album entitled, Unleashed. The album debuted in March 2011,received airplay across the nation and ranked #11 on Glory land Gospel’s Top 20 Chart.In March 2012, Connection! traveled to Dallas, TX to be a part of the All-StateGospel Super fest Battle of the Bands. Connection! placed first, winning the title,Regional Winner of the All-State Gospel Super fest Battle of the Bands.Connection! signed a recording contract with Redeemed Records, LLC to produceConnection!’s forthcoming CD, which will be released in first quarter of 2014. The firsthot single of the forthcoming CD is entitled, “I Won’t Turn Back” featuring ZacardiCortez.In the year 2014, the group received the honor of being nominated for three Rhythm ofGospel Awards; one in Traditional Group/Duo of the Year, Best Performance bya Contemporary Artist and Quartet Song of the Year "The Medley".

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