Connie Lim

Connie Lim

 Rancho Palos Verdes, California, USA

Music Connection Magazine has named Connie Lim to their list of The Top 100 Unsigned Artists In The World. She's currently in the studio working on her debut CD with veteran producer Ryan Green due out this summer. Connie's music and live performance's continue to draw fans and media worldwide.


As a child, California girl Connie Lim was imaginative yet shy. She loved drawing, painting, and writing short stories in her endless stacks of Sanrio notebooks. She then began writing short piano compositions at age eight, and spent most of her childhood overcoming stage fright. The rush of pushing myself to do something I was so scared to do became addicting.

From elementary to high school, Connie sang in the choir and various A Cappella groups. She was very active and very popular in school. Voted both Student Body President and Homecoming Queen. Connie's future held many possibilities, but her parents had expectations for Connie to become a doctor or lawyer.

So rather than pursuing her musical talents, Connie followed in her familys footsteps and enrolled as a pre-med student at UC Berkley. I always loved the academic world because it gave my mind a place to challenge itself. However, I wanted to pursue the arts, yet was always told that a life as an artist would be impossible.

Regardless, music continued to play a part in her life. Connie often found herself in the dormitory basement playing piano and singing songs between study breaks. While trying to find her purpose, she also found her voice. She won the award for Best Soloist in the The International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella , and "Cal Idol". She took the awards as a sign of encouragement to form a band, and began playing live around the San Francisco area as much as possible.

I never want to let the word impossible limit my lifestyle, so I worked hard and continued to be thankful for any opportunities to share my music. Now Connies dreams are becoming more possible than ever, and her team of supporters grows by the day. She signed with a Nashville-based record label, and released her debut single in March, 2012.

Connie's debut song LA City (Produced by Colbie Calliats producer, Mikal Blue.) is a beautiful and delicate love song filled with hope and heartbreak. The lush sounds of the piano combined with Connies stunning voice inevitably take the listener on the same romantic journey that inspired the song. Her YouTube videos continues to be shared across the world, with well over one half a million views. LA City also gained radio play with one of Hong Kongs main RTHK radio stations, along with independent stations as well.

To top it off Connie was also chosen as a top 60 contestant out of the 70,000 who auditioned on NBC's first season of The Voice. She has also graced the Staples Center(home of the LA Lakers, Kings, & Clippers) singing the national anthem on multiple dates. Connie continues to empower herself by writing new songs, booking tours all over the nation, and sharing her music from city to city to city.

Look out for Connie's songs in various international feature films, including 5 Hours South and Sweet Talk. She is currently in the studio working on a CD that will be released early summer 2013.

Marty Marmor
415-754-9297 office
512-249-6822 cell


New Single " LA CITY" 2012 (available on and

New Single " Fog Over Water" 2012 (available on and other sites)

New Single "More Than Real" 2013 (available on itunes/ and other sites)

EP: The Hunted 2010 (available on and

EP: Shifting 2007 (available on itunes/connielim and

Set List

1. LA City
2. Fog Over Water
3. More Then Real
4. Sunnyside Up
5. Walk On
6. Back to Me
7. Too Ripe
8. No More Running
9. Steal Her
10. We'll Never Know
11. Shifting
12. Fix it Better
13. Desert Skies
14. Long Way Home
15. Sing Me Wings
16. Just as Good
17. Easy Street
18. Bird's Eye View
19. Sugar
20. More Than You Need
21. Sing Me Wings
22. Now
23. Cage Bird
24. Still

Special Medley:
Sex On Fire/ I'm On Fire- Kings of Leon/Springsteen

1. Somebody to Love - Jefferson Airplane
2. Is This Love - Bob Marley
3. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road - Elton John
4. Colors of the Wind - Vanessa Williams
5. Our House - Crosby Stills and Nash
6. New York State of Mind - Billy Joel
7. At Last - Etta James
8. More old school pop/rock at your service....