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Connie Scott

Band Christian Singer/Songwriter


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The best kept secret in music


"Seasons of Change"

“Seasons Change” is a very original CD written primarily by Connie herself. The sounds of “Seasons Change” range between inspirational and pop, with a heavy emphasis on inspirational. Each song is constructed to inspire worship and to lift up God’s holy name. The music of Connie Scott is just one part of Voice of Hope Ministries.

The liner notes include a few Bible verses that Connie references to in her songs. The most notable is the “Romans 5” intro to the song “Hope.” The song, “Hope” itself is much of what the ministry is about as it relates to the changes in our lives (“Seasons Change”).

Overall the resonance of “Seasons Change” is in the subtle arrangements and Connie’s gentle voice, the sounds of which will “Saturate” your heart with peace and hope. For fans of inspirational or worship “Seasons Change” is an album worthy of review.

- Ken W.

- Alpha Omega News

"Victory Radio Network"

It really was a breath of fresh air from the minute I opened the envelope. I have added you into rotation in a way that isn't like anything we have done before. I love that the reverence to God goes before complex musical production, I love that there is no question in the lyrics that the focus is on God. I wish more people would take music and make it a true & pure offering... And by the way, you have an absolutely beautiful voice, even in speaking the Word. Truly you are using the gifts God gave you to His purpose... - Annika - KAKN Station Manager

"Grace Hotel Review"

The key to Connie's approach is her constant search for good melodies. She displays a gift of melody. She comes forth with a message, most could take away something good from it.

She has a constant authenticity in her music. Vocally she has an obvious talent. "saturate" makes my last statement very on point.

Overall Connie really shows promise. I could see them in the future releasing some truly great music. - Anthony P. Hanna

"Wiseman Studios"

Connie has an amazing voice and can sing anything! - Timothy James Meany


2006 - Seasons Change
2002 - Knowing You (Pearl)


Feeling a bit camera shy


Connie is no stranger to the world of music. She found out early in life that singing for others brought a certain amount of joy and attention. Her earliest memories are that of standing in front of the greatest audience in the world... family!

Connie was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, until her family moved to Evanston, Wyoming in 1982. It was an incredible change for her - new climate, new schools, new people and a new way of doing things. She quickly involved herself in anything she could excel in. Once again this brought attention and a sense of acceptance. In 1986, Connie realized that no matter how many "things" she did, there was always an emptiness. That year she accepted Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior. Unfortunately, this was also about the time Connie began to go through teenage rebellion, which lasted into her college years. Attending Central Wyoming College on a vocal music scholarship, Connie filled her schedule with rehearsals, church, Christian events and partying. She was leading Bible studies, teaching Sunday school and even leading worship from time to time, but didn't understand what it meant to be "sold out" to God. Then came the wake up call! "I had gotten involved in some new age, cultish type things and God used that to wake me up! It was then that I realized I was trying to fill my life with "things" again and not the love God desired for me," says Connie.

From then on Connie recommitted and submitted her life to the service of the Lord. Her focus changed from pleasing man to honoring God; from entertaining people to worshiping Jesus; from making a name for herself to making His name famous. During this time, God placed a vision in Connie's heart. This vision was full time ministry, dedicated to impacting lives through original Christian music, Biblical worship and the presentation of the Word of God. Connie began writing new songs to reflect this passion in her heart. Songs that not only contained Biblical truths, but related to the struggles we all face in life. Since that time Connie has ministered in various ways through several organizations. In 1994, she became the worship leader at Crossroads Newlife Fellowship, serving for 11 1/2 years. In 2001, she took another step toward fulfilling the vision - she became an ordained minister and founded Voice of Hope Ministries. Shortly thereafter, Connie met Annie Cornwall and Jennifer Turley. These three women became the vocal group Pearl and released a recording project in 2003. "I learned so much while ministering through Pearl. We had many opportunities to share the Gospel and our hearts through song. It was a great season of growth!" After two and half years with Pearl, Connie felt God refocusing her vision. She realized as much as she loved being with Pearl, God was leading her in a different direction.

Seasons change! That is a lesson Connie has learned throughout her life. Since leaving Pearl in 2004, she has stepped into a new season in her walk with the Lord and in ministry. "God had me take a few months off from the music scene in order to really prepare me for what was ahead. Spending a lot of time in the Word renewed my passion for His people and instilled in me a greater desire for intimacy with Him. It's all about entering into the presence of the Lord and getting to know Him personally, not being on stage entertaining people. The Latin definition for the word "entertain" means to retain from entering in. That actually prohibits them from connecting with God. Each time I take a platform to teach, preach, lead worship or share my music, I want to be as transparent as I can. I don't want people to see Connie the performer; I want them to see Christ!"

Whether sharing with ten people at a local Christian coffee house or ministering to hundreds at churches thousands of miles from home, Connie's passion is intimacy with Jesus and her heart beats for God's people. That message comes through loud and clear in her writings, teaching and music.