Conni St.Pierre

Conni St.Pierre

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Exquisite, dreamy and hypnotic Ambient/New Age instrumentals that can help you to relax and escape the stress of everyday life. A perfectly beautiful soundtrack as you create, read, paint, write, study, or for healing arts like massage, t'ai chi, qigong, Reiki, yoga, meditation.


Conni St.Pierre is founder of smasheasy® and Tourmaline Media, and composer of The Legends Trilogy, the critically acclaimed ambient/new age music series. Whether she's playing melodic alto flute lines, or hauntingly ambient keyboard resonances — with the sparseness of Zen shakuhachi, or time travelling with medieval-influenced Celtic harp— St.Pierre creates a musical landscape and shares an inner vision that is fresh and inspired — calm, and graceful. St.Pierre's music offers a perfected blend of new age, ambient, and traditional music that has brought her fans around the world, and critical acclaim. With songs from her 3rd album reaching as high as #2 on European and US dowload charts, the release of her new fourth album, "Flower Spirits," has been much anticipated. It mirrors her deep love of nature in the songs which evoke the inner essences of flowers through her wordless, musical poetry.

Conni's music is widely used for yoga, meditation, t'ai chi, reiki, massage, and other healing arts, and she has composed music for guided yoga and relaxation releases. As a member of improvisational ensemble, Forest Floor, her music was part of the soundtrack of an award-winning independent forest documentary film. She is currently composing soundtracks for several independent film and DVD projects, and is seeking additional film and soundtrack work.

St.Pierre also works as partner and manager of The Outlook studio, which she and her husband, producer/engineer Ted St.Pierre, founded in 1980. The St.Pierre's have worked tirelessly to achieve their goals: being in a place that they love, surrounded by their private wildlife refuge; and making music that is now available to a worldwide audience through the smasheasy® label.

CDs and links to more music on-line available on request!


"SlamDoc" Music composer for independent documentary film by Mark Freeman, 2006

"Flower Spirits" - cd, smasheasy 2006 - on many New Age radio playlists internationally

"Beyond the Sky: Legends of the Starry Night" - cd, smasheasy 2003, named the #1 New Age Instrumental of 2003 by Wind and Wire

"Between the Branches: Legends of the Wild" - cd, smasheasy 2000

"Beneath the Waves: Legends of Lost Cities" - cd, smasheasy 1998

"Tree-Sit: The Art of Resistance" - film music, Earth Films 1998

"Manifest" - Forest Floor (improvisational ensemble) - cd, smasheasy 1996

"Scrawls from the Unconscious" - Forest Floor - cd, smasheasy 1994

"Frontierworld" - Sky Frontier - cd, smasheasy 1992

"Sky Frontier" - Sky Frontier - cd, smasheasy 1988

"Macbeth," "Romeo & Juliet" - Boston Shakespeare Company - music and sound 1978

Set List

Conni performs on solo Celtic/Gypsy Harp, or with keyboards, flutes, and percussion.

The harp set list includes haunting and beautiful versions of '60's and 70's songs that will surprise some: "In the Court of the Crimson King," "Sugar Mountain," "Across the Universe," "Catch the Wind," "All Along the Watchtower," and more.

The flutes and keyboards set list includes songs from all 4 albums, in addition to some interesting versions of cover songs such as "Angels Want to Wear My Red Shoes," "Battle of Evermore," and "Crystal Ship."