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Supernatural Boy

Written By: Kevin Connolly/Pat Sweeney

Intro- Everytime you look at me you look straight through me.
I wanna get closer,do you wanna know me ?

Verse 1 You look like a young Brando. You look so right.
C'mon let's do the tango, let's dance all night. Ah... Supernatural boy.

Verse 2 I wanna touch your body.
You are so hot ! I wanna be your lover, see what you got. Ah... Supernatural boy.

Bridge Sick of being flirty, let's get down and dirty x 3 + all night
Chorus cos you're a Supernatural boy, Supernatural boy,Supernatural boy, I'll make a man out of you !

Verse 3 I like the way you boogie,
I like your style. You should be in a movie with that sexy smile. Ah...Supernatural boy.

Bridge - Chorus

Middle 8 I'll make a man out of you x 4

Chorus x 3 + you're such a natural
you're supernatural

Never fade away

Written By: Kevin Connolly/Pat Sweeney

Verse 1 The story stays the same, nothing seems to change. Wondering where you've been tonight.

Verse 2 Livin all alone, staring at the phone. Will you ever see the light ?

Bridge Only you can step into my life x 2

Chorus Cos baby I love you, I love you, and it's never gonna fade away.
I want you, I need you, and I think of you each night and day.

Verse 3 Heaven knew the day when you were sent my way.
Wondering had we met before.

Bridge - Chorus

Middle 8 Oh..........................

Chorus + 1/2

Repeat verse 3

Liar, liar, liar

Written By: Kevin Connolly/Pat Sweeney

Verse 1 Your poor heart's torn in two. You say I don't love you.
Oo.. what's a girl to do ?

Verse 2 And if I roll my eyes, it's when I hear those lies.
Oo.. am i the one for you ?

Bridge Well/cos everytime I look at you I see.

Chorus A liar, liar, liar. My heart's not for hire. You think I'm a bit of a fool, but I'm just smarter than you.
What's a girl to do ?

Verse 3 Woke in the morning light.
Wonder who I met last night.
Oo.. are you the one for me ?

Bridge - Chorus - Intro

Bridge - Chorus x 2


1. Supernatural boy
2. Never fade away
3. Liar liar liar