Connor Bergman

Connor Bergman


I am a one man project. My goal is to create soundscapes and energy with acoustic guitar and voice with the aid of loops and effects. I have been described as a "Rockin Keller Williams ".


My goal for playing music is to communicate with the audience. I am trying to express myself. I am trying to show the audience who I am. Since there are so many factors involved in a gig, my sets can have extreme variances. While i might explore any style in a set, I might say emotion is the key ingredient to my musical cooking. Influences: Dylan, Dead, J. Brown, Bisco, Band, Phish, Wes, Miles, Zappa, Ween, Marley, Beatles, Meters, etc.


Benchmark '05- Sawpit Records

Set List

My setlist is a mix of originals and covers, while covering many styles. I play too many songs to list. Set length depends on the gig, usually no more than 2 hrs. I have about 100 originals and about 200 covers in rotation. Examples of covers: Sand, Low Spark, Pockey Way, Rock Candy, Comes a Time, Voodoo Lady,