Connor Cassidy

Connor Cassidy

 Norfolk, Massachusetts, USA
SoloHip Hop

Connor Cassidy is a 18-year-old rising Hip-Hop artist from South of Boston, MA. Completely independent, he is also a Hip-Hop producer, video editor, photographer, & director of his own visuals.

Taking the most of his pride in live shows, freestyle game, recorded records, & visuals, Connor is an emerging problem for a shifting industry.
"Free Yourself."


Born on November 12, 1995, Connor Thomas Khalil Cassidy is an emerging Hip-Hop/Rap artist rooted in Boston, MA. With the pride of a bostonian, vibe of his Irish side, positive state of mind, & musical ability that stretches beyond his years, Connor is an artist far from easy to come by. First transitioning into the city's music scene in 2012, Connor has dedicated himself to honesty throughout his music at a young age. "To put it simple I just spoke my mind, and let everything I've seen & lived through take the music where it needed to be. I kept an open-mind, as I still do. It's what keeps it down to earth." After establishing the unique and smooth flow that now accompanies his intelligeble lyrics, Connor has tapped into a new realm of artistry. He is a perfectionist of direct intention, with the primary goals of bringing positive thinking into the minds of his listeners (coining his widespread slogan: "Free Yourself), inspiring those who need it most, & telling his own story. After one minute of conversation with him or one of his fans, it becomes clear what makes him the exception in an overcrowded field.

After gaining notoriety in late 2011 for his freestyles around the city from battles to improvisation , it has been nothing but a skyward climb for the young emcee. Inspired mainly by alternative and punk rock, along with legends Lacey Sturm, Q-Tip, & Bob Marley; his vision and message have become clearer with each record. "Growing up I didn't even really dip into any hip-hop, I was always infatuated with bands like Rise Against, Blink-182, and many more of that nature. Their energy was just incredible in my eyes, it still motivates me." As a young-man entering the scene for the first time, Connor could be found performing at many local spots around the Bay Area, along with occasional out of state shows. To this day, he has opened for a handful of national artists: Shwayze, Cory Gunz, Waka Flocka, Cam Meekins, Moufy, & more, along with headlining his own show at Tommy Doyle's in Cambridge, and performing at nearly 20 other Hip-Hop showcases everywhere from high-schools to bars in the city.

Show to show, town to town, Connor would travel with his band of brother's who claim the title 2a.m. Tribe, which is a group and movement that Connor brought into reality in 2012 with Tirso Pena & Sean Mula. Dedicated to the vibes and symbolism of 2a.m. as a time, it stands behind the motive of nearly all Connor's music. "2a.m. became the landmark for everything we were doing at the time, whether it was work or just life. If you're up at that time, you're up for a reason. There's just something about it; from the conversations and stories that happen at that time, it's just different. Most of my tunes are designed to be played at 2a.m., while the world sleeps. It's a different sense of freedom that comes with night. 2.a.m. Tribe is my family, my kin, & all that comes with it." 

Around seven music videos, four singles, and countless hours of recording later; Connor is set to debut his largest project to date - "Can't Forget" this coming Spring of 2014. Dedicated to the past of himself and his team, this project will be everything and more of what Connor has to offer. Assisted by producers 6ix, Tantu,  Nine Diamond, along with features from Kyle Bent, Caitlin Cassidy, Sean Mula, & Tayyib Ali and from Connor's extremely good friend & fellow artist Andrew Cigna (Cignature), this project will be a new tone of Hip-Hop music. In the words of the man himself, "All in time." 



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I need a vocal mic connected to speakers, and a DJ to play my records/instrumentals in proper order.