Connor Christian & the MorningStar Revival
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Connor Christian & the MorningStar Revival


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"EVERYONE WILL LOVE THIS ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

(review of Time By You record)
Reviewer: T Kirk
The band Connor has a sound that is so unique and refreshing!!!!! Everyone will enjoy this band! If you're into blues or alternative or anything in between, you’ll really enjoy listening to their music. I love the wide range of the music, vocals and acoustics!!! From a deep bluesy sound to an alternative beat….You have to hear this band. Buy several CD’s because you’ll want to share this music with your friends. - CD


Years of sifting through 40 or 50 new CDs a week has taught me a couple of things: 1st thing is: Nu-metal may be the new 10th plague, and 2nd: Maybe you can't judge a book by it's cover, but most of the time you CAN judge a CD that way. If a band puts enough time into the artwork to make it look great, the sound and song quality usually follows suit. I actually opened 'Awake the Stirring City' by Atlanta quartet Princess in the first place, to see if the girl on the cover was in the band. When I popped the disc in, I forgot about that, as I heard one of the most beautiful voices I've listened to in quite a while. As the songs played on, I flipped through the booklet reading the lyrics along with the songs. From the Ryan Adams-esque opener "Good Side", to the album's stand-out track "Waiting For Princess", the flawless cover of Sam Cooke's "Bring It On Home To Me" to the Southern-rockin romp "Crumblin'", the raw emotion and pained inflection of lead singer/pianist/guitarist Connor (no last name listed) moved me to my core. Connor's lyrics, on subjects ranging from lost love to meaningless sex, crazy-stalker groupie girls to "the one that got away', these are honest and about things most all of us can relate to. The comical, Dylan-inflected "3 Times" had me grooving in my chair to, bouncing to the thumping bass and tasty drumming by the rhythem section of Joe Abramson and Shawn Thacker. Whether it was the sexy, almost Santana-like swagger of "Dig", the rustic charm of "Time By You" ,or the quiet beauty of "Bedsheet Mermaid", this is hands-down the best independant CD that has come across my desk in more than a minute. Pick this one up, it won't leave you changer this year - Web Radio Golden Flash


Full Length-
'A Southern Gothic'- January 2007
'Princess:Awake the Stirring City'- August 2005
'Time By You'- February 2003



When Connor Christian left the immensely popular band 'GruvnHi' in 2001, many people around the US, and the south in partivular, were very surprised. After all, GruvnHi had been on tour with Incubus, No Doubt, Black Eyed Peas, and many many more. But following his own vision on musical was more important to Connor than the easy-come, easy-go success that GruvnHi afforded him.
With the release of 2003's independant release 'Cursive and Code' and 2004's Perfect Symmetry Records Release 'Awake the Stirring City', Connor re-established himself as a force in the east coast's music machine. The singles "Waiting For Princess", "Good Side", and "Bring it On Home" all received airplay, and as well as airplay, the song "3Times" was featured in the movie "Last Stop For Paul", the most award winning festival film of the year 2006.
Expertly backed by drummer Shawn Thacker (Truckadelic) Bassist Joe Abramson (the Force) and fiddle/mandolin/piano player Dan Emmett (Dave Matthews Cover Band), Connor Christian released 2006's album "A Southern Gothic" on Perfect Symmetry Records, once again garnering airplay with the singles "When My Lover Comes", "A Promise" and "the River Song". Since 2004, the band has averaged 240 shows a year, thrilling audiences from Atlanta to NYC, and Virginia Beach to Denver Colorado, and show no signs of slowing down. Look for Connor Christian & the MorningStar Revival with a new album out in fall 2008, and in a city near you soon.