Connor Evans

Connor Evans

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Connor is a versatile artists with songs that can resonate with anybody. He brings passion to his music with relatable content and memorable hooks as well as a unique sound which gives him to ability to transcend and cross genres.


When you grow up with Coachella Fest in your backyard, it’s only natural you dream of one day rocking that main stage. Connor Evans is an up and coming rapper/songwriter out of Southern California, offering a unique blend of weed-induced melodies, intellect, and raw song writing ability that is often lost among today’s hip hop acts. With influences ranging from rap’s West Coast heroes like Dr. Dre, to leaders of the New School such as Kanye West, to the band Rebelution, and to the legendary Motown acts, Connor delivers a fresh sound that doesn’t quite peg him down to one genre. To learn more about Connor Evans follow him on twitter @ConnorEvans and subscribe to his youtube channel ConnorEvansTv.


#SetTheCityOnFire Mixtape Released 7/31/2012
#GreenLightLife EP Released 11/16/2012
Road To Coachella [Free LP] Released 7/22/2013