Connor Garvey

Connor Garvey

 Portland, Maine, USA

Maine native Connor Garvey is finding his resonance with song enthusiasts across the US. His "winsome way with melody bringing to mind Paul Simon" & he "proves you can be optimistic and self-aware without being boring." He wins song competitions, he fills rooms, but most of all he moves people.


Recent Musical Achievements:
*2014 Kerrville Folk Festival Grassy Hill New Folk Competition WINNER 

*2014 Falcon Ridge Folk Festival "MOST WANTED" Artist

*2014 New England Music Awards Nominee for Male Performer of the Year

*2013 Selected to Falcon Ridge Folk Festival Emerging Artist Showcase

*2012 Winner in Wildflower Festival Performing Songwriter Competition (Richardson, TX)

*2012 Selected for Formal Showcase Artist at North East Regional Folk Alliance Conference

*2011 North East Regional Folk Alliance "Quad-Centric" & Folk DJ Showcase performer

*2011 Winner of Maine Songwriters Associations Annual Songwriting Competition (Portland, ME)

*2012, 2011, & 2010 Rocky Mountain Folk's Festival Singer Songwriter Honorable Mention

*2011 & 2013 Telluride Bluegrass Festival Troubadour Competition Honorable Mention

*2009, 2010, 2011, & 2013 Main Stage Performer at Storyhill Festivals (MT & MN)

*Top 6 Sirius XM's The Coffeehouse's New Singer Songwriter of 2010


Connor Garvey is an award-winning singer-songwriter from Portland, Maine, with the amiable presence of an entertainer, the lyrical depth of a poet, and the enchantment of a storyteller. 

Garvey leaves audiences uplifted and inspired through a positive message delivered in a way The Portland Press Herald says proves you can be optimistic and self-aware without being boring. His unique sandy tenor and masterful blend of rhythm and melody draw comparison to Paul Simon and contemporaries Josh Ritter and Jason Mraz. He wins song competitions. He fills rooms. But most of all he moves people. 

First time listeners often are drawn to Garveys engaging performance style, accomplished musicianship, and memorable melodies. But his lyrics project a depth and sincerity that allow the observant listener to find meaning beyond the catchy hook. Meanwhile, the intricate production of his albums adds emotional depth and keeps the songs fresh play after play.

This combination of songwriting and performance strength has earned Garvey numerous awards including being named winner of the Wildflower Art and Music Festival and Maine Songwriters Association songwriting competitions, voted as Most Wanted artist at the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival, nominated for Best Male Performer in the New England Music Awards, and a top new singer songwriter by Sirius XM's The Coffeehouse.

On his latest release, Meteors and Beating Hearts, Garvey shows further maturity as a songwriter, addressing personal and universal themes through a series of lyrical stories. Many of the songs were written as assignments for a weekly songwriting group. The challenge of writing a new song each week and presenting it to a group of artists he admires challenged and pushed Garvey to try a new approach to his songwriting.

Garveys interest in music and writing began at a very young age. Both his parents are educators and his father was a songwriter. Growing up in such a musical environment in the artistically rich Northeast, Garvey developed the firm belief that songwriting is a method for bringing community together and a way for people to explore a greater depth within their own lives.

Originally a drummer, he picked up the guitar in his teens, in part because his best friend was better with the sticks and together they could start a rock band. But this rhythmic background remains at the core of his musical style. He merges syncopated bass lines with melodic leads to create a full sound from his acoustic guitar.

The themes of community and living with intention run deep for Garvey, from the musical memories of his youth to his ease in developing relationships with audiences and fellow artists. He builds upon on the energy of live performance to deliver a memorable experience in a way that has led folk stalwarts Vance Gilbert and David Wilcox to proclaim the tradition of acoustic music is in good hands with Connor Garvey.


Western Wind

Written By: Connor Garvey

Western Wind
I am sleeping in my car on the side of the road
somewhere in Oregon woods
Its as beautiful now as it is lonely
I’d take you here if I could

It’s a tight squeeze love for two,
but I’m willing to try

Because the summers been too long
I am turning this car around
Yea the summers been too long
Western wind help me cover the ground.
I’ll be home when the leaves turn
But I’m turning first, yea I’m turning first, I’m turning now

It takes four chords now to paint you in song
last year it took me more.
I was half diminished and I hid you in augmented hues
I’d show a crack but not whole door

It’s a tight squeeze love for two,
but I’m willing to try


Each breath I breath is carried east the wind will lay it at your feet
and make the roadside grasses dance and give this distance love a chance
over river gorge and Cascade Mountains, Idaho with hot spring fountains
to Iowa down the Mississippi, kiss the wind girl if you miss me.
Heartland football & domestic beer, the wind picks up its kindness here
and wears it like an autumn cloak through the cities of the eastern coast.
After mountains green and mountains white, the freeze thaw of September nights
trees all race to drop their leaves but baby wont you wait for me!
'cause I’m turning first...



Written By: Connor Garvey

This too shall pass my little one
The morning will come and bring the sun
the monsters you dream of are not as big as the seem
the morning will come and bring the sun

This too shall pass my good friend
work will be found and life will mend
the longer the wait the more you feel the change
work will be found and life will mend

So let it wash over, let it wash over, let it wash over...and then, let it go

This too shall pass lover of mine
we’ll weather the storm we’ll weather fine
this path that we walk on is not a path in the sun
we’ll weather the storm we’ll weather fine

This too shall pass this mess we’re in
Fear will fight, but it won’t win
The strength of a love, will not be judged by a law
Fear will fight but love will win

So let it wash over, let it wash over, let it wash over...and then, let it go

Seasons will change just let it go
there’s sun and there’s rain let it go
Seasons are changing, the seasons are changing, seasons are changing let it go
let it go, let it go

This too shall pass my earthly days
I’ll drift into night I’ll fade away
this life that I’ve borrowed I’ll pass to youth in my stead
I’ll drift into night I’ll fade away

So let it wash over, let it wash over, let it wash over...and then, let it go

The Bird

Written By: Connor Garvey

Standing on a platform high stick on a rope in hand
People come from far and wide for the trapeze man
Circus comes once a year on the tracks from Illinois
Not much else comes through here to enjoy

Word here travels slow but travels nonetheless
Heard its his last show heard it will be his best
weighing in 195 legend so I’ve heard
closest man to flight alive, they call him the bird

Should he let go a minute too late a minute too soon we all know the fate
Most wouldn’t try or ever let go they’d swing ‘till they stopped release and walk home
This dangerous flight, that’s why we stare, freedom is flying for those who dare

The ticket taker took her toll, crowd pushed to their seats
Starts with a drum roll to quicken heart beats
Sat through the elephants (sat through the) lions roar
Silence is the evidence of who the crowd is for

“Now Ladies and Gentlemen I hope you’ve enjoyed the show
we’ve got a special treat before you go
Man’s not made for flight, this I’m sure you’ve heard
but let me introduce the man the legend, the bird”


Breathing and the music stopped the bird began to soar
eyes on the man up high, thoughts on the floor
They’ve seen this show before with flips all in-between
but he’s got something in store ain’t nobody seen

Swinging momentum builds a mother shields her eyes
fearing he might get killed- lost to the skies
Release...hearts in throats
Release...bird just floats

Minutes passed and still he soared
the crowds all left and the closed the doors
broke camp and the tent came down
they packed the train and headed out of town

He escaped the circus, escaped the show
at his peak he just let go
Now in this town where truth is blurred
there’s talk of flight and a man, a legend, a bird

Hold Your Breath

Written By: Connor Garvey

Hold Your Breath-

Darlin’ you know the money is thin
like leaves of a tree when the winter moves in
Darlin’ I don’t expect too much soon
a tree with no roots ain’t expecting a bloom

But if we just hold our breaths a minute more
then we will know what the wait is for
Just hold our breaths a minute more...then we will know

I’ve just received government help
this searching for work isn’t filling the shelves
But this ain’t all I am lord knows I am trying
I’m not slowly dying, I hope you can tell

Word heard in passing is there’s work on the road
it may fade quick so babe I must go
I’ll call you soon from a gas station payphone
I’m hoping by then I’ll know when I’ll be home

We need to believe
We need to believe


Tattered Shirt

Written By: Connor Garvey

I am my mother's daughter
most can tell
they say it is a likeness of the eyes

less of the color
more how we see
beauty in what's cast aside

Bring me a vase of dandelions and queen anne's lace
Bring me a heart that’s torn and tired and I will love you

I built me a life out of pieces I could find
not much to covet but it's my own
I kept my arms wide a harbor in a storm
welcome the abandoned and alone

Bring me a vase of dandelions and queen anne's lace
Bring me a heart thats torn and tired and I will love you

I fell for a man in tattered garb
a man who seemed to love until it hurt
His favorite clothes had holes in them
I want to be that faded shirt

I hang to believing he'll love me that way
he'll love me for all of my scars
we're all just searching, seeking harbor,
for someone who will love us as we are


Meteors and Beating Hearts
(Mishara Music 2014)

Before The Meteors-Live In Bozeman, Montana
(Mishara Music 2013)

Where Ocean Meets Land
(Mishara Music 2011)

The February Collection-RPM
(self-released 2010)

Constancy of Stars
(self-released 2009)

Peak EP
(self-released 2008)

Songs Sung in Small Rooms
(self-released 2006)

Hello Life
(self-released 2002)

Set List

Sets include mostly original music with colorful covers mixed in in unique ways.

Covers include:
Bob Dylan
Tom Waits
Bill Withers
Otis Redding
Stevie Wonder
Amos Lee
Josh Ritter
Martin Sexton
The Weepies
Talking Heads
Dire Straights
Counting Crows
John Hiatt
Michael Jackson
Shawn Mullins
David Wilcox
Indigo Girls
Classics: "Stand by me" "Paper Moon"
And many more...