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land of compare

Written By: david conner

“The Land Of Compare”
Once there was a time,no matter how hard I tried
Some days I’d get everything I wanted
But I was never satisfied
Verse 1
Never satisfied I didn’t know what to do
So I asked a old friend if she had a clue
She said david I think you’re always lookin at what somebody else can do-------and what they’ve got that’s better than you
I think you’ve changed your address and you’re not even aware
To never satisfied in the land of compare
Livin in the land the land of compare
You’ll never find peace--peace don’t live there
It just keeps you from finding out just who you are
Its like tryin to catch a ride on a shooting star
Well I know a lot of people and they’ve already went
To never satisfied in the state of discontent

Well if you’d like to live in never satisfied
Get yourself a ticket its just a short ride
Theres lots of people there to compare yourself to
I bet at least somebody there is just alittle bit better than you
I’ve got a friend who moved there said hes feelin so tense
Hasn’t heard his heart or his spirit speak since
Verse 2
Well I’ve taken lots of walks in the land of compare
And I could draw you a map of every road that leads there
Well they’ve even got a freeway but its not really free
Going to cost you your soul and every dream that you see
They cry out for freedom while they lift up the flag
But the funny thing is-they might as well hold water in a brown paper bag “back to chorus”

going in circles

Written By: david conner

Going In Circles

This life was just rollin along
When I fell into a hole---of some kind
Must have been at least 7ft. Deep
And I’m only 5ft.nine

Looked around for something to hold on to
But there was no way I could climb
Felt like I was on “who wants to be a millionaire”
Needed to make a call--- use a lifeline

So maybe theres a question I need to ask
I keep takin 3 steps forward and 4 steps back
And when I put all the steps together
It made a big round track
Must be something I’m missin
Cause I keep comin back

Going in circles----round and round
Going in circles round and round
Going in circles---round and round
Maybe theres something lost
That needs to be found

Verse 3
Wish I would of seen the signs
Connected the dots and followed the lines
Feels like I closed the doors
And pulled down the blinds
Verse 4
Time heals all wounds so they say
I’d like to know who “they” are
“they” forgot to mention
It can leave some pretty big scars
Repeat Chorus

things you can't see

Written By: david conner

Things You Can’t See

Verse 1
Sittin on my front porch
Watching the leaf runnin down my street
Showing off the wind to everyone that she meets
Sometimes the truth in your heart can’t go on pretending
Just like the wind it could be showing off the beginning of the ending
Everything has a season
Nothing lasts forever----and ever--and ever
Livin in that truth can be hard can be tough
But cradled in love--maybe it lasts----long enough
There are so many things we never see right before our eyes
What might break your heart
Could be showing off ---a blessing in disguise
Repeat verse 1