Conor Furlong

Conor Furlong


Conor is a solo artist from Dublin, making music that takes you to another world.


Conor has made an impressive impact on the Dublin circuit with his shows in Whelan's, The Village, Crawdaddy, The Ruby Sessions, The Button Factory and two in-store performances in Tower Records being among the highlights.

Conor has been managed by the former Pulp/Moloko/Babybird manager who loved his music and worked tirelessly with him.

Conor's music has been played on 2FM, Today FM and Phantom FM. Conor has been interviewed twice live on air at Phantom FM, both times he also played a song live on air.

The video for "So, You Think That You're A Star?" has been played on Channel 6's "Night Shift".

Everyone who has heard Conor's music remarks how captivating it is. Anyone who loves music will love the music made by Conor Furlong.


Debut album "Eternal" released 30th May 2008.
Tracks from the album have been played on Phantom FM, Today FM and 2FM.

Set List

The Astronaut
So, You Think That You're A Star?
World That I Dream Of
The Stars Are Out Tonight
You Set My Soul On Fire

30 mins.