Conquistador Incorporated

Conquistador Incorporated


An eclectic mix of narratives and proclamations about the culture we inhabit. Live and electronic beats, dark textures and 3-part harmonies power this rock quartet. Check out


In the year 1528, Cabeza de Vaca crossed the Atlantic to explore what is now modern day Texas. Recently, Austin based CONQUISTADOR INC. has been ravaging the local music scene.

Their live shows embrace both electronic elements and the merciless power of a rock quartet.

Thus far CONQUISTADOR INC. has written, recorded and produced two records in their home studio and their third album is nearing completion.

A fusion on Frank Zappa, Ween, and Nine Inch Nails - the group has played notable Austin venues such as Beauty Bar, Scoot Inn, Hole in the Wall, and Lucky Lounge - among many others.

In August, they signed an online distribution deal with internet queen Kami 'one take' Knake and her 'Bands Under the Radar' Podcast. The band's online presence is now only rivaled only by pornography.

The end of 09' proved to be fruitful as the band's performance at Headhunters was filmed/recorded for an appearance in the Austin film scene documentary 'Echotone.' Expect to see lots of sweat, vocal modification, and a special 'under the kilt' glimpse of drummer Dylan McDowell.

In 2010, the band has plans for a tour, new music videos, and will be releasing their third album.

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Left Jab - E.P. (2009)

Right Hook - E.P. (2009)

All the tracks can be found streaming on and

Set List

El Rebano
Gay Jazz Man
Deep Action
Junkie Angel
Power of Passionate Shoppin'
Absence Recognition
SPF 2009
Ballad of Lisa Nowak
Ballad of Ted Haggard
Ballad of Otty Sanchez
Ballad of Travis the Chimp
Ballad of Sarah Palin
Ballad of Tommy Wiseau
Ballad of Estevanico
Ballad of Sean Kelly
Ballad of J.O.A.
I Don't Care Anymore (Phil Collins)

We can cater our sound to appeal to the clientele of any venue.