Conrad and Lady Black

Conrad and Lady Black


Five young musicians, studying music at McGill, making virgerous attempts to break away from their classical and jazz roots (while secretly being classical and jazz fans). The band that nobody has heard, but everyone talks about.


The human vortex known as Conrad and Lady Black all started when Kevin and Lucas were introduced at a dinner of all jazz musicians, in which the dinner time conversation consisted of the stupidity of Indie rock. Kevin and Lucas were not amused, left the table, found a practice room and jammed.
Over the next few months, while Lucas hammered some of the songs in his head onto paper, numerous people were auditioned, until finaly the current linup was formed in the late winter of 2007. The recording of the bands EP consisted of sneaking into the McGill music building after hours, and recording everything (except the vocals) in one shot. Three weeks later, the vocal tracks were added in Nicholas' living room in Deep Cove, British Columbia. After a summer of working in restaurants, construction jobs, college painting firms, and National Youth Orchestras, the band will reform in August to work on their first album, due out in the winter of 2008.


The Conrad and Lady Black Midnight EP

Set List

Conrad and Lady Black have never been much for naming their tracks, so depending on who in the band you talk to, songs will be refered to be different names. Sometimes it will even be as vague as "that Radiohead-ish one".

On the bands first EP, the track list is:
1) Lebanon
2) It's True, It's You
3) BiO