Conrad Miller

Conrad Miller

 Doylestown, Pennsylvania, USA

Conrad Miller is a gifted vocalist in the genre of traditional gospel music. Preparing for the release of his sophomore CD, Keep Pressing, on Millcon Music, he's set to encourage, uplift and inspire with songs like "I Need You" and the project's title tune.


Gospel music is celebrated through a variety of sounds and styles. Conrad Miller is an artist whose versatility in the genre is skillfully showcased on a brand new project, Keep Pressing, scheduled for release February 12, 2013. The Doylestown, PA, resident, accomplished singer, composer, arranger, recording artist, deacon and choir member gained countless fans nationwide with singles from his debut project, My Journey. Songs like “Amazing”, “Breathe On Me” and the favorite “Momma Prayed For Me” blared from radios all over the country. Now the artist is continuing his musical journey with a new inspirational record, Keep Pressing.

Produced by GRAMMY, Stellar and Dove Award winning producer Steven Ford, the new release finds the artist adding a contemporary flair to the more traditional styles fans have been accustomed to. Spreading his musical wings a bit, Miller lets Ford shine as he spices up the new CD with lush, orchestral arrangements and full, solid instrumentation. The title tune from Ford’s pen, “Keep Pressing,” is an infectious and feel-good track. Ford also takes the lead on songwriting for the project’s first single, “I Need You”. The track showcases Miller’s traditional side. A true hand-clapper, the song’s lyrics are easily relatable to anyone who’s realized a need for God. They easily capture the essence of a heart in desperate need of the Lord.

Keep Pressing contains a mix of soulful, heart-stirring songs including “He’ll Never Let You Down” and “Our Prayer”, inspired by The Lord’s Prayer. Miller also covered two well-known songs on the project, “Amazing Grace” and “Center of My Joy”. In addition, songwriter Jackie Cordoroy was brought in to share her tunes, “I’m Living“ and “Without Fail“.

“Just Because He Loves You” was a creation from the artist. “The hook of the song was a revelation to me,” shares Conrad. “The old folks used to say, ‘When I think of the goodness of the Lord and all He’s done for me. My soul cries hallelujah; thank God for saving me’. This song is an attempt to define grace and mercy. We don’t deserve His grace and mercy and He gives it to us anyway. Why? Just because He loves you”.

As the writer for the song, “Our Prayer”, Conrad says the track is a treatment of the model prayer. Bringing to mind The Lord’s Prayer, Conrad “prays it will anchor itself in people’s spirit.” He says that the song will help listeners to “pray without ceasing”. He also gave fans something unexpected, a rendition of a popular gospel song, “Center of My Joy”. “We decided to do a cover, something we hadn’t done on the first record,” shares Miller. “With Steven’s relationship with Richard Smallwood (as his long-time producer) and his intimate knowledge of Richard’s catalog, it just seemed to make sense,” he recounts. “The lyrics in the song are so poignant and reflective.” The new record is the perfect way to display Conrad’s love for the Lord and his love for music.

Music has always been a part of Miller’s life. Hailing from North Little Rock, AR, but growing up in Grambling, LA, Conrad exhibited musical talent from an early age. He started piano lessons at the age of 5 and trumpet lessons at the age of 8. Honing his musical skills in the church, he began singing seriously at the age of 12, when the adult choir director at the family’s home church asked him to join. While in school, he grew musically, singing in a variety of choirs and small ensembles, and playing in bands and jazz ensembles. It was in high school that Conrad began his serious pursuit of singing, starting an R&B group along with his brother Doug, an accomplished jazz saxophonist and member of The Count Basie Orchestra, and several other schoolmates. Their group, The Soulful Seven, performed throughout the US over a 5-year time span and was signed to a recording contract with MGM Records, where they were “label mates” with Lou Rawls, The Righteous Brothers, and Donny and Marie Osmond, to name a few. The group also appeared on national television several times.

Conrad’s musical training continued at Fort Hays Kansas State University where he studied voice with Donald Everette and trumpet under James Olcott. Receiving a full scholarship to do graduate work in voice and opera at The University of Michigan, he sang in the Michigan Men’s Glee Club, the Chamber Choir, and sang lead tenor roles in several operas. While there, Conrad had the privilege of performing solos at Carnegie Hall in New York City and The Kennedy Center in Washington, DC. He also performed recitals and solos in Europe and the Canary Islands. It was also in Ann Arbor that Conrad’s composing skills began to surface. One of his R&B songs, “Carla, My Love”, became a “hit” for the nationally-renowned group, The Softones.

In spite of his songwriting success, for almost 20 years, he put his pen down, still continuing to sing occasionally as a church guest vocalist. In early 2001, Conrad rededicated his life to the Lord


My Journey, 2009
Keep Pressing, 2013