If you like The Ventures instrumental rock-n-roll you'll love our modernized high-energy approach--original in technique and content, whimsical, intense, upbeat, never simply repetitious--and easy to appreciate. We engage audiences with humor and dramatic guitar techniques. It's music for all ages.


We primarily play our own originals, short rock-n-roll versions of great classical music, and rearranged famous instrumentals. The songs focus on new ways of wringing energy and tension from guitar music. We aim to be inventive and have developed a broad array of original guitar techniques, riffs, and music structures that are jammed with frenetic emotional energy. We have a unique multi-drive electric guitar we use in about a quarter of our repertoire; it sounds like a combination of guitar, slide guitar, overdrive, organ, and horn section. The band proficiently integrates rhythmic support, counterpoint and texture.


2010 self released "Whimsical Surf" collection of 17 originals, available from CD Baby ( We also released a CDR in 2007 entitled "Dark Surf Collection" that is still available on download.

Set List

We have developed 30 originals and 2 dozen covers. These covers are mostly rock-n-roll instrumental and other songs from the 60s, such as Secret Agent Man, Walk Don't Run, and California Dreamin', but we use our own frenetic tense arrangements to modernize them. Our sets run from 15 minutes to 90 minutes.