Conrad Walz

Conrad Walz

 Calgary, Alberta, CAN

rootsy, grooving, well crafted rock n roll songs with hooks, lots of hooks! These infectious tunes sound great with a full band or stripped down to just guitar and vocals.


“Conrad Walz and The Wrecking Ball” is the latest album charming critics and winning hearts. It has enjoyed extensive radio airplay in Alberta and beyond. The word is spreading and the buzz is growing!

Conrad’s March 2008 solo set at “The Alberta Sessions : Songwriter Series” in Calgary was a catalyst in raising awareness of a somewhat undiscovered talent as it was regarded by many as one of the best of the event. As David Ward, host of “the afternoon edition” on CKUA radio put it:

“The most memorable music I heard at this year's Alberta Sessions was provided by a singer-songwriter from Calgary who I had never seen before. During his set I was delighted the whole time and yet I found myself shaking my head, wondering how someone this talented could be operating below our radar. I still don't have the answer to that question, but at least there's now an album available which confirms the easy-going confidence, the seasoned musicianship, the nicely weathered but easy-on-the-ears voice, and the deceptively simple songs filled with great hooks which seem to spring effortlessly from the imagination of Conrad Walz.”

Also in attendance that night was Neil MacGonigill of Indelible Music, former Jann Arden manager and lifelong passionate music fan. He had this to say:

"Conrad Walz kind of scares me! Why? Because rarely do you find someone as accomplished in as many fields as Conrad is. He is an exceptional songwriter first and foremost, and at the same time a very, very good guitar player. It is however, his "in head" musicality that frightens me... His arrangement ideas, chords structures and the like are brilliant.”

Hailing from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, it could be said that Conrad Walz is a product of his environment. The majestic Rocky mountains to the west and the simple, honest prairies to the east both find a metaphoric place in his music. Though his style could be described as rootsy, sometimes bluesy, alternative country tinged, pop rock music, he prefers to just call it rock n roll. Suffice to say the song is king in Conrad’s world. Melodic and lyrical hooks ride atop rough edged riffs and grooves while engaging the listener with heartfelt emotion, humor and a touch of attitude.

The latest album, recorded with his live band, “The Wrecking Ball” is a natural progression in Conrad's musical journey. Beginning with childhood piano lessons, his path has made it's way through many projects which have varied in scope and incorporated a broad range of styles. From campfire jams at backyard parties to festival stages in Norway, from the straight up rock and roll of his first band, “the Straw Dogs”, through the improvisational funk/jazz/rock of “Big Bad Monkey”, to the whiskey soaked midnight ramblings of country/punk rockers “Swamp Donkey”, Conrad has produced a wealth of quality material and has broadened his creative palette (not to mention cornering the market on animal band names!). Also making their mark from 2007 to 2010 were another of Conrad's bands, WaxPoets, who released their self titled album and followed it up with a Canadian tour in 08/09. Though no longer working together, they leave behind a collection of pop rock gems which garnered rave reviews and was the soundtrack to a whirlwind couple of years of wild shows and wilder after parties. Craig Norris of CBC radio 3 chose their song "Can't Slow Down" as track of the day and "Absolute Powerpop" ranked the album among the top 50 of the year.

Common to all of Conrad's recordings are not only an easy likability, but also a sense of depth and a timeless feel. If reaction to early demos for the next record is any indication, a big breakthrough is right around the corner. Lookout for a new album and tour in 2011!


Don't Lose Your Head

Written By: Conrad Walz

shot down by tequila tonight
I got a Tijuana moonbeam showin’ me the way back home
don’t know where the hell I am
sold out by my own damn tongue
went and said what I was thinkin’ and that’s why I find myself all alone
wondering where my woman went

and somebody said, don’t lose your head
don’t lose it or you’ll never find peace of mind
it’s just like a fish in the river that’ll never bite
even though you bait your hook just right

cast out by your own family
maybe you shouldn’t have called your sister a whore on her wedding day
even if she really was one
burned down by the same bad luck
that got you soaked in gasoline and lit up nearly every day
and you’re wondering what the fuck

and somebody said, don’t lose your head
don’t lose it or you’ll never find peace of mind
it’s like the drugs you been up all night jonesin’ for
they’re callin’ to you from behind a locked door

hold tight, hold tight
don’t wanna lose it tonight

well I really am sorry my friend
I got no reason to be doin’ what I’m doin’ but I’m doin’ it again
and again and again and again and again

don’t lose your head
don’t lose it or you’ll never find peace of mind
just like a dream where the pieces of the puzzle fit
but when you wake you don’t remember it

Train to Spain

Written By: conrad walz

in my head, in my heart, in my bed
I was lonely, I ain’t lonely anymore
she’s the one, she’s as warm as the sun
I was freezing, I ain’t freezing anymore

take a train baby all the way to spain baby
you know we gotta go
damn the rain baby open that champagne
like love it flows
my baby knows

travelled far just to get where we are
now I think I’ve found a place to stay
across the world with my sweet hometown girl
can’t let her get away


thoughts of you give me hope, get me through
when I’m hurtin’, or when I’m feeling down
in my head in my heart ‘till I’m dead
I was lonely, I ain’t lonely now


Johnny Rotten Serenade

Written By: Conrad Walz

you got big dreams, glamour scenes
but whatcha doin’ in the meantime
red eyed and perma fried
you know you’re lookin like you lost a friend
romance, there ain’t no chance
a slow dance is dangerous
ain’t it time to get in line with the losers and the fools
cause there ain’t no pot of gold
ain’t no rainbow
ain’t no shooting star gonna save the day

and everything was stolen while the stones were rollin’
so you stayed for a Johnny Rotten serenade

you got a big stack and a heart of black
nothing ever seems to please you
cadillac loaded, millionaire’s blues
and it’s rough, bein’ so tough
no one ever saw you cryin’
you’re gonna be blinded when you take off them shades
you got no family, got no woman
got no future , nowhere to go

cause everything was stolen while the stones were rollin’
so you paid for a Johnny Rotten serenade

you quit tryin’ back in 79
you been dead for a long, long time
I guess life really takes a toll
when you forget how to rock and roll

can’t get no satisfaction, got no expectations
there’s no use in crying you’ll get no sympathy

cause everything was stolen while the stones were rollin’
so you prayed for a Johnny Rotten serenade

Fading Away

Written By: Conrad Walz

memories float by on the river
with the flowers I didn’t give her
maybe she’ll see them downstream
it was too good, couldn’t be trusted
left her heart outside till it rusted
now it just won’t bleed for me

I’m taking my time going nowhere
I’m hoping the light will lead the way
I see the light burning out today
I’m fading away

In the past, the deeds and decisions
here and now, the lies and revisions
never know the price we paid
for the lovesick soul, no tomorrow
empty house and a heart full of sorrow
living with mistakes I made

hey little girl
can’t you see the dream is dying
what a mixed up world
can’t even see your baby crying
my flag unfurled
the mighty heart it’s torn and tattered, but still
if I can love you , I will

Sticks and Stones

Written By: Conrad Walz

he wore a blue jean jacket
with a red bandana on his head like a crown
big Mike was the king of the schoolyard
but when he went home his daddy put him down
he’d tell him, “hey boy you ain’t good for nothing”
well Mikey had to show his daddy something he could do
so he beat the old man black and blue

Sticks and stones may break my bones
But words will break my lovin’ heart
Push and shove but don’t take your love away
I’ll fall apart

I was a dance floor dreamer in the summer
on a stairway to heaven with you
I didn’t want that song to ever end
but it did and the summer did too
I’d rather fight big Mike down by the bike rack
than hear you say you’re going back home
but with the word goodbye, I was all alone

if I live a bit longer
maybe I’ll get a bit stronger
but right now everything hurts like a mother...
right now everything hurts

I’m feeling beat up and weary
just trying to pound a living outa my guitar
and just telling you the truth’s the best that I can do
with broken strings and a broken heart
then a little girl come along, says she loves my sad song
damn if she doesn’t have a tear in her eye
well it feels good to make her cry

Don't Mean Nothing

Written By: Conrad Walz

is it bad, is it good?
was it made in Hollywood or your heart?
is it right, is it fair?
do you know, do you care?
you rockstar

and the happy man takes you by the hand

it don’t mean nothing
that’s to say that it must
mean something
but if it does mean nothing
it’s precious all the same

read a book about a man with a soul and a plan
he’s dead now
knew too much, talked too loud
no applause from the crowd
the truth hurts

and the broken man takes you by the hand

whatcha gonna do when this whole place explodes
when this thing finally blows
god only knows
but who the hell is god
and why don’t he tell me what the hell to do
cause if I only knew
I just might do it

My Only Friend

Written By: Conrad Walz

burned out, sleep until the weekend
then fire it up, take it right around the bend
I need you to get me going again
come on, bring all the believers
the old souls, the heavy breathers
you all know the truth ain't far away

It's so hard saying what I wanna say
But you know I gotta say it anyway
Blood and tears, they'll drown us in the end
Rock and roll, you are my only friend

young love, the devil's in the details
pure gold, dig it till your heart fails
you just need the pleasure of her company
landscapes painted with her lipstick
a new fool falling for an old trick
going straight to hell and happy to be on the way

messed up, tangled in your blue jeans
so tough, tell me where's your heart been
beat up, but still it's beating, yeah
too much, then a little more babe
are you tough enough to go to war babe?
are you going down for the very last time?

It's so hard, saying what I wanna say
I don't know, maybe there's another way
Blood and tears, they'll drown us in the end
Rock and roll, you are my only friend

Dance Across Your Heart

Written By: Conrad Walz

Dance Across Your Heart

her light cuts through the darkness
her love is so hard to harness
she'll dance across your heart before she moves on

too soon to meet her mother
too late to ever love another
she'll dance across your heart before she moves on

why can't you see, you're hurtin' me baby
when you come my way then say you're leaving
my self control is runnin' low baby
even though you know I'm a man of reason
I just can't take the way you're teasin' me

fool's gold around her finger
no memories of the fool who left it linger
she'll dance across your heart before she moves on

You're Right, Black is White

Written By: Conrad Walz

you’re banging on my front door, on my front door
trying to get a message through
I’m running out the back door , out the back door
gotta get away from you
you’re screaming bloody murder, bloody murder
you’re so bloody insincere
come a little closer, a little closer
I’ll tell you what you wanna hear

I say you’re right, black is white
and day is night it’s true
and I don’t know dark from light tonight it’s up to you
and it’s your advice to walk thin ice, I’ll follow you
cause it won’t be long ‘till you fall through

standing at attention, at attention
at your victory parade
look at all the people, all the people
celebrate the mess you made
you know they adore you, they adore you
crying as you’re marching by
look how they salute you, they salute you
with their middle fingers high

because you’re right, black is white
and day is night it’s true
and I don’t know dark from light tonight it’s up to you
and it’s your day, lead the way, we’ll go astray with you
when we all wake up, look out you’re through

na na na na

now everybody’s falling through

While You're Alive

Written By: Conrad Walz

let me take you into my life
leave your shoes on, its alright
and don't mind the women on the wall
sit down and share a bottle with me
I like the funny little buzz it brings me
And I sometimes see the dealer down the hall

Well you know me now
Do you want me dead?
Do you think I'm messed up in the head?
Will you leave me or try to save me?
Pretty baby
I won't get too philosophical tonight
Just have a good time while you're alive, alright

got a call from a friend in leather
we're gonna raise a little hell together
rip it up, rock n roll all night
I've heard many words of warning
but I don't mind dying on a Sunday morning
as long as I live Saturday night

Vulcan Girl

Written By: Conrad Walz

no she’s not from outer space
though I see stars every time I see her face
her blood is red not green
yes she’s human right from head to toe
and all points in between

she’s a Vulcan girl
not from another world
but from a little town in southern Alberta
my little Vulcan girl
she loves her Vulcan world
live long and prosper there in southern Alberta

she don’t know Mr. Spock
and she ain’t always logical but I listen when she talks
she don’t have pointy ears
but when I say lets leave this town
well I don’t think she hears


she don’t have the power to read my mind
still I hope she knows my thoughts of her are kind
we may meet again but I don’t know
I’d take her off in search of other worlds
but she won’t go

Good to Love You

Written By: Conrad Walz

well I guess we had a good run but it's over now
all this time I loved you
I guess I didn't know how to love you right
I kept you up at night
ruined your day, and then I went away
I blew my cool, broke every rule
but I never meant to hurt you
though at times I did desert you

you were here, in my heart babe
held you dear, here in my heart babe
and I know that you were true
ride your pony to your ocean blue
It was good to love you

well I didn't see it coming, yet knew it all along
I felt so much at home, yet knew I didn't belong
your perfect world has no place for me
my tired eyes, for days they weep
ain't blind enough to see things your way
but that's just the way I am
and you're the way you are

you were here, in my heart babe
disappeared when the hard part came
still I know that you were true
ride your pony to your ocean blue
it was good to love you

you were here , in my heart babe
held you dear, from the start babe
and you know that I still do

like the sand castle that we made
washed out by a wave
some things just can't be saved

goodbye baby, it was good to love you

Bring it all Back

Written By: Conrad Walz

I got coffee in the kitchen the color of her hair
I got pictures of the morning she said I wasn’t there
I get shivers in the daytime, tremors every night
shakin’ my foundation, cause maybe she was right

Bring it all back you won’t be sorry
Bring it all back it’s been too long
Bring it all back it’s still the same old song

I’ve seen dreamers with a purpose, and artists with a price
had lovers straight from Venus, who left me cold as ice
been friends with crooks and felons but they done me no harm
all my regrets come from women who fell from daddy’s arms


I’ve had moments of elation and paralyzing fear
coming back to this old ghost town
with nothing new to offer but tales of wasted years


Can't Slow Down

Written By: Conrad Walz

I get off at the thirteenth floor
try my key in every door
I know there must be something more
but I can’t find it, no I can’t find it

I’m the king of my own scene
I’m Morrison, I’m Jimmy Dean
yeah I’m forever seventeen
and I don’t mind it, no I don’t mind it

you know I wasn’t built for speed
but I can’t slow down
it’s what I want not what I need
I just can’t slow down
I’ll crash and burn it’s guaranteed
I just can’t slow down

taking names and leaving scars
chasing after shooting stars
smashing parties and guitars
I didn’t mean it, no I didn’t mean it

twisted means to scattered ends
I burn the candle at both ends
but hear me wax poetic friends
I think I mean it
I think I really mean it

step right up and ride the disaster
hey everybody do ya wanna go faster?

That Diamond Ring

Written By: Conrad Walz

that diamond ring has lost it`s shine
that golden dream was yours and mine
that precious thing
was supposed to bind our souls together
till the end of time
but when I put it on your finger
we began a slow decline
I lose my temper
you lose your mind
woke from a dream only to find
that diamond ring has lost it`s shine

hey darling where you going with your new friend
can`t you see I`m going off the deep end
you want me to stay at home and pretend
everything`s alright

but that diamond ring has lost it`s shine
that golden dream was yours and mine...yes it was
woke from a dream only to find
that diamond ring has lost it`s shine

well you know my heart is aching and it won`t stop
here comes another 20 karat teardrop
maybe I`ll see you at the pawnshop
my heart`s for sale

that diamond ring has lost it`s shine
that golden dream was yours and mine
that goddamn thing
was supposed to bind our souls together
till the end of time
but when I put it on your finger
all the love got left behind
at heartbreak station
end of the line
woke from a dream only to find
that diamond ring has lost it`s shine

Live For Love

Written By: Conrad Walz

you give me love and you take it away
it comes and goes and it's day by day
though smiles have faded
tears come too soon
but I'll cry on dead roses
and I`ll make them bloom

I live for love I do
I live for love it's true
I live for loving you

healing from a feeling I've felt before
I feel a little stronger
I want some more
take me back in time baby
way back when
I'll do it all over again and again

Night Without Fire

Written By: Conrad Walz

it's alright, don't worry
I'm gonna take you right back baby
like I do every night
when we fight, I don't wanna
so sad, so sorry, it's so true
me and you make love like dynamite
you know you do me right

but you hurt me good
your fire burns my wood
you cut me down like a tree at Christmas
light me up for a while
and when you're gone it's wrong again
another night without fire and I'm freezing
cold turkey's a bitch

deep down I can feel it
it's like a hammer in the heart
and it's gonna leave a nasty bruise
and drugs and booze won't cure it
you smile, you kill me
spill a little bit of your full cup
on my mind
then I find, I'm thirsty

and I think I understand
why tenderness feels like murder
cause love is a dream
and this dream is black and white it seems
no shades of gray or maybes
it is what it is

I paint a pretty picture
cause I feel that I can fix her
but it ain't a pretty picture
feeling like I do
and thinking I need you to get me through


"Millionaire's Blues" lp 2006
"Conrad Walz and the Wrecking Ball" lp 2008

Set List


Miss Dynamite
All You Got
Something for the Pain
Bring it all Back
Painting on the Wall
Don't Lose Your Head
Rocket Fuel
Chasing My Tail
Hit em Where it Hurts
Train to Spain
Whiskey Man
Remember the Days in the Sun
Don't Mean Nothing
My Only Friend
Dance Across Your Heart
While You're Alive
Sticks and Stones
Good to Love You
Ain't the Same
Works for Me
You're Right, Black is White
Truth Tonight
Lovers Eyes
Sunday's Mother
Night Without Fire
Fading Away
One More Song
Alberta Skies
Shine a Light


the Seeker
Those Were the Days
Torn and Frayed
Simple Twist of Fate
Live Wire
Ain't Got You
House of the Rising Sun
Live Forever
Heart of Stone