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The best kept secret in music


"Such is the Way of Things"

Do any of you remember Madder Rose and it's lead singer Mary Lorson? If you do you'll remember her strong, pretty, but also plaintive vocals. I remember throwing a Madder Rose disc into the player anytime I wanted to be cheered, not by happy sounds, but with the understanding that there were others out there that fell to somber moods from time to time.

Stefanie Drootin's vocals are a little brighter and less husky than Lorson's - and at times a little more thready, as if peppered with a bit more hope. But the overall appeal is much the same. A strong, though sometimes wavering delivery, and a sad more then happy overall feeling. Some other words that might describe the sound and style are sweeping, dramatic and heavy (emotionally, not sonically).

But it's not all doom and gloom. Don't get me wrong. Each of these five songs tells a story. and while the subject matter is fairly serious, there's a lightness created with the mixture of piano and guitar that keeps the subject matter from weighing the songs down.The fourth track, "One More Drink" could be looked at as a sad song, or a song filled with hope. You have to choose. And you might choose differently with each repeat listen. The musical interlude, around the 3:40 mark, is peppy and fresh, adding to the feeling of hope.

The sweeping sound is enhanced with the addition of some less than expected, but growing ever more popular, instruments like the violin, harp and saxophone. The inclusion of a saw, yes a saw, gives it a down home feel. I felt drawn into this music, made part of it, asked to stay, made a friend.

Some naysayers might comment about the thready, sometimes missed/off key vocals, but they fit, at least in my opinion. They add to the charm and appeal. You don't feel like these are musicians who will ever forget the importance of their fans. I'm pretty sure they'll always make sure their fans feel welcome, an integral part of the art, for this music is art, they create. - South of Mainstream

"Such is the Way of Things"

The range of style and influence that's evident on the debut EP from Consafos, Such is the Way of THings, is a testament to the band's depth of talent, from frontwoman Stefanie Drootin (Bright Eyes) to the band's roots in LA's Sunflower Tribe musical community (Books on Tape, Gone Done Wrong, Still Life, Delorax) to the presence of former Crazy Horse bassist Bill Talbot as occasional producer (and father of Consafos guitarist Billy Talbot). Consafos' multitude of natural gifts results in a sound that is both gentle and majestic, a soothing surface that drifts along on an undercurrent of barely restrained energy and power. With the indie introspection of Low, the folky quietude of Cowboy Junkies and the howling mad emo/jazz/rock possibilities contained in their previous experiences, Consafos construct a beautifully off-kilter vision of modern indie pop on the elemental foundations of folk, blues, and rock.

-Brian Baker - Amplifier Magazine


Such is the Way of Things EP (gdp011, Nov. 2003)
Tilting at Windmills LP (gdp016, Nov. 2004)


Feeling a bit camera shy


Pianos, guitars, violins, and mellow female vocals find root in rock drum beats and blues bass lines; this is the essence of Consafos, an anthemic, often epic group of veteran tour musicians. Made up of four members of LA's Sunflower Tribe collective (Still Life, Gone Done Wrong, Books on Tape, Delorax), Consafos have recently relocated to Chicago, IL, where they plan to refine the indie-pop formula they have invented and reworked over the past two years.

Fronted by Stefanie Drootin (Bright Eyes, The Good Life, Azure Ray) and featuring Billy Talbot on guitar (son of Neil Young bassist Bill Talbot), Consafos have been winning over audiences across the country for the past four years, from their humble start in LA, their move to Omaha, to them settling in Chicago one year ago. Their recent tour with Azure Ray (during which Drootin and drummer Alance Ward made up Ray's rhythm section) was the perfect precursor to their new full length, due out this fall, which they will be touring on extensively.