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In 2008, Brandon “Noetic” Richards and Brody “Stokes” Mudryk combined their talents to create the up-and-coming Canadian hip hop group Conscience. Both aiming to self-produce music that is honest and does not follow commercialized standards; they collaborated and moved to Vancouver to write their first album. There, they started working with singer Lyndsay Johnston; her incredible, soulful voice contributing immensely to the group’s already rare dynamic. Their debut LP “Criminal Chemistry”, released in 2010, created a buzz across Western Canada and allowed Conscience to establish themselves in the industry. Their music video for “No Regrets”, directed by Brandon Christensen, was picked up by MuchMusic and put into rotation giving the group national exposure. The track “Can’t Fade Away” received attention from various organizations and has been showcased across Canada and the U.S. at many different youth seminars and functions. Previously featured artist Lyndsay Johnston joined as their official singer shortly after the release of the Criminal Chemistry LP. After much anticipation, their newest album “Under Promise Over Deliver” was released in July 2011 under Standstill Records. Features on the brand new album include Khingz, Too Phat, and Ray Black from Okay City. Conscience has spent the year adding to the growing list of artists they have worked with; they recently got off tour with hip hop legend Kool Keith and have performed shows with Beatnuts, Snak the Ripper, Random Humans, Tassnata, Rochester, DJ Dopey, CityReal, Kai Skywalker, Boombox Saints, and Khingz. A major highlight of the year for the group was performing at the Global Youth Assemble in July. Conscience was proud to take part in an event that addresses issues affecting youth around the world. They aspire to continue to perform at events that send a positive message to young kids. Their fans have a lot to look forward to, including two brand new music videos, also directed by Brandon Christensen. Lyndsay Johnston will be collaborating with Kool Keith on a track produced by the late J-Dilla. Conscience is also currently working with the Missing Persons Foundation and will be an integral part of this year’s Squeaky Wheel Tour, featuring Bif Naked.


2010 - "Criminal Chemistry LP"

2010 - Single "No Regrets"
- Much Music/Vibe Video Rotation
- Airplay on various radio stations

2011 - "Under Promise Over Deliver" LP

Set List

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