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Denver, CO | Established. Jan 01, 2012 | SELF

Denver, CO | SELF
Established on Jan, 2012
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"Antidote Press Release"

Press Release

Conscious Tone - “Antidote”

Contact: Tony Packer, 303-883-1766

Denver, 10/24/2018- Conscious Tone just released his new album titled Antidote, a culmination of songs made over the past 2 years create the newest project from the Denver rapper. With a refreshing blend of old school meets new age sounds the album is filled with a diverse mix of feels and vibes for everyone. The stories create a true experience for listeners that they can relate to. His lyricism is unique and fresh with a strong focal point on life and the issues we all face on a daily basis. His voice hits the right notes and blends well with an array of beats that definitely please the ears. With a wide smile and a love for the place in which he resides now he’s developed a strong presence in the local music scene with an eagerness to jump into the national eye with this new album.

Influenced by his roots in Detroit that moved out to the Rocky Mountains it makes sense that his message contains a strong focus on progression in life. Conscious Tone’s vibe reflects his growth growing up in the Mile High and the obstacles he faced. Working with local producer Erik Giovani both their styles together create an experience for the listeners that’s unique, relevant and exciting. Conscious Tone’s music is influenced by the likes of Eminem, Slug, Classified, Mac Miller, Logic and Childish Gambino to name a few. His style represents a diverse blend and unique feel of it’s own with a vibe that hits all the right spots.

Antidote has received a warm reception from fans and Conscious Tone is gearing up for a big year ahead. Press will play a strong role in the album's progression with write ups from various outlets already in the works. With plans for a release tour starting in Colorado and moving to surrounding states he’s ready to spread his message to music lovers near and far.

Contact: Tony Packer, 303-883-1766, -

"Exclusive new music"

[Video] E/E Exclusive: Conscious - “I’m Good”

Our very good friend Tony Packer, better known on the local hip-hop scene as Conscious just dropped the music video, directed by Dan Banta, for our current Colorado Summer anthem “I’m Good.” Conscious’ catchey, feel-good vocals compliment a synth heavy beat in perfect harmony, and this well directed video only helps his cause.

We’re back with an Electric/Eclectic local exclusive for you, and we hope it sets your week off right. My words can’t do the tune justice, so just have a listen and keep supporting your local scene, wherever that may be.

Check out Conscious’ Soundcloud here also, where you can snag a free download for “I’m Good” and scope some more original tracks.

Electric/Eclectic - ElectricEcletic

"Conscious Tone Has Many Questions"

Conscious Tone Has Many Questions For You

Conscious Tone is a hip-hop artist based out of Denver, Colorado. His music is influenced by the various life experiences he’s dealt with and musical inspirations. He channels those experiences into hard-hitting lyrics. Such lyricism was presented to us in his release of “Questions”. The lyrical content in “Questions” was highly captivating and emotionally heart-rendering. Listening to this song you were able to connect with Conscious Tone on a deeper level than the music. He creates chemistry between himself and the listeners, allowing us in on his personal thoughts and feelings as if the music was his personal diary.
You see more to Conscious Tone underneath his wavy image and artistic brand.

Listening to "Questions" emphasized the authenticity in Conscious Tone. If you’re able to relate to the substantial lyrics and melodic hook then you will find this song to be mesmerizing more than it could be to the regular listener. “My work is a mixture of stories and life experiences that have changed and progressed my view of the world. I've spent significant time trying to figure things out and my music reflects the highs and lows of my journey." I took some time to listen to Conscious Tone other releases like “In My Bones” and I was intrigued and compelled by his story-telling skills. Utilizing his Mo-town roots and his admiration for storytelling through hip-hop, he has developed a unique sound of his own.

With slick delivery, refreshing word flow and an honest portrayal of life experiences, his cadence follows the emotions of his stories. His socially influenced context is delivered with the style of current hip hop artists including Grieves, Chris Webby, Mac Miller and G-Eazy to name a few. Conscious Tone is the next generation of hip-hop, and we’re excited to see his story continue to develop!
Listen to "Questions" below and get to know more about Conscious Tone in our interview below!

What inspired you to create the stage name “Conscious Tone”?

The name Conscious Tone sort of happened over a summer in 2011. When the name first came about, I was coming out of a pretty rough patch, I was trying to create a name that fit me as an artist and wasn’t just a gimmick. I’d had a bunch of people I knew calling me Young Tone and that’s kind of where it stemmed from. I woke up one morning and it sort of just hit me, I had been writing some very conscious and lyrical songs and I thought “that’s it, Conscious Tone”. I’m aware, I’m ready and I’m here to make it happen, and that’s pretty much where it came from. I went back and forth and for a little while I went by just Conscious but went all in onConscious Tone around 2012 and the rest is history.

Your music is beautiful! Have you ever found yourself struggling to open up about certain life experiences in your lyrics?

Yes, that definitely does happen from time to time. Just as writers block can get in the way of creating, putting certain life experiences in my music has its ups and downs as well. Sometimes it’s hard to find the right way to express that experience lyrically or find the right vibe to match the feeling I had in that moment in time. I feel that as I’ve grown as an artist my ability to open up more has grown as well though. I’ve always tried to create a feeling within my music, something that people can relate with and that can be hard at times. However, I’m in a position now where I can shed light on things and be a voice for those that may not have one so I thrive to create something real every time, even outside my comfort zone. It may be difficult to open up about struggles or experiences but it comes with the territory, so for me it’s all about getting past those roadblocks and finding a place where I can be genuine in my music and give one hundred percent.

The authentic nature of your artistry is compelling! How do you find balance in being true to yourself but fitting to the trends of today’s hip-hop culture!?

Honestly, I’m still finding that balance. I understand this culture moves fast so it’s important for me to do my research and to present something catchy in its own right. I always want to stay true to myself and my way of creating but I do see what’s going on around me and I have to adapt. I feel like today’s hip hop culture has reached a point where lyrical and trendy have found their own balance so to speak. It’s kind of like do your own thing and make it pop but just make sure it has that appeal on a higher level. Listeners need more now a days, it’s about bringing something new to the table. So, I've made a point to keep my music fresh and real but also engaging for my listeners. The most important thing for me is to keep that authentic vibe in my catalog, to keep evolving and to keep trying new things. To me it just means making good music that people can enjoy listening to, everyone likes something so it’s about finding that something within my music. I’ve never been super flashy, just a hip-hop head that loves writing and my style kind of reflects that. I’m still finding that balance but I’ve worked hard to create music that is diverse and appealing while still blending well with today's trends in hip hop. The culture is what you make it so if I can bring something beneficial to it, I think I’m on the right track.

Tell us a little bit about “Questions” and what inspired you to write this?

Questions is a special song to me, and it came from a very real place. I think it sheds light on my journey over the past few years. I’ve been working towards my goals at an almost obsessive rate, still never feeling finished. A job that never seems complete in a sense and is always being challenged by doubt, loss, setbacks and just life in general. I get stuck in my head sometimes and this song is a good representation of that. I’m not afraid to say what I feel in most cases and I think that creates a much more organic connection with my listeners. This song reflects my struggles with stress and anxiety in addition to the loss of people and opportunities around me. It also represents that drive and desire to make it through to the other side, no matter what. When I was writing this song, I wanted to portray a message that even when things seem so low, you can still be better. Life is tricky, but it’s important to see the bad with the good.

What can we expect next from you?

Next up is a new EP titled 87’ that I’ve been working on over the past few months. It’s set to release in late May and It’s going to be an 8 track EP that really explores some new vibes and sounds for me as an artist. I’m extremely excited to release this project and I think it'll have some really solid tracks on it. In addition I’ll be working with some amazing videographers at Creative Culture to create some dope visual content for the EP as well. I'm gearing up for a busy year musically and I think this 87' EP will be a great way to start it off.

Connect with Conscious Tone on social media: - Buzz Music LA

"Conscious Tone offers pure urban poetry with Blame Me"

Posted on 10th July 2019

The prelude to Conscious Tone’s latest single “Blame Me” prepares you for a heavy track, but there’s no anticipating the lyrical weight which hits you as you listen to the potently passionate R&B Hip Hop Rap single unfold. Even though the lyrics are a little hard to keep up with from the listen, that just leaves you with the compulsion to hit repeat on the track which offers commanding virile poetry.

Blame Me is the first track to be released from Conscious Tone’s upcoming EP, it is safe to say that we’re already more than excited to hear what will follow. Considering that most artists struggle to offer such candid lyricism, the raw human emotion in Blame Me is as striking as it gets and it’s incredibly commendable. The lyrics and vocals are paired with a moody electronic progressive soundscape, which moves from a tantalising Indie Dreampop sound into a solid Trap mix which is constantly dominated by Conscious Tone’s feverish versing.

You can check out Conscious Tone’s single Blame Me for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast - A&R Factory

"September Music You Should Know"

“Blame Me” is a three-part journey through the events that led to a break-up. While reminiscing about the good and the bad, Conscious Tone brings closure to a toxic relationship and moves forward while begging the question, “can you blame me?” - 303 Magazine

"New Colorado Music December"

The first track off of Conscious Tone’s latest EP, Thoughts, “Lately” is already a popular new song within the Denver rappers fan base. The consistent tempo makes it a perfect opener to ease listeners into the other songs on the EP -303Magazine - 303 Magazine

"Conscious Tone's 2019 Showcased though new EP "Thoughts""

An artist that deserves some recognition for his work over 2019 is Conscious Tone. Based in Denver, CO, Conscious Tone is an expressive artist, developing unique hip/hop soundings that make for such a smooth delivery. He's upfront with listeners by sharing personal life elements, both good and bad. Conscious Tone has never appeared as if he was afraid to be so exposed and vulnerable to listeners, mainly because his flow is so natural-feeling.

Conscious Tone released an album earlier this year titled "Thoughts". The album ironically walks through the most intimate thoughts of Conscious Tone, and it made us look at him in a different life, both artistically and personally. The first track on the album, "Lately", incorporates an ethereal-like production into an energetic Hip/Hop atmosphere. The song follows the conflictions of Conscious Tone, and his remedy to resolve such hostility. "You and Me" follow similar suit, but "Out of My Mind" adds in more of a unique sounding specific to Conscious Tone. The last track on the album, "On My Way", ends the album off with a positive message from Conscious Tone's end. "Thoughts" is the pinnacle of Conscious Tone's 2019, and we believe the album showcases his artistic abilities extremely well. Conscious Tone has the incredible potential within the Alternative/Hip-Hop music scene, and so we're anticipating what he will accomplish next artistically!

Hello, Conscious Tone! It's great to have the chance to talk about your recent music over 2019! Your album "Thoughts" was quite expressive, as you shared a lot about your personal life with your listeners. How did you feel once this album officially released?!

Honestly, I felt really great about getting this project out. I’ve covered some serious ground this year getting my message and my voice where I’d like it to be and I feel “Thoughts” really showcased that. I wanted to shed light on things I know many of us face mentally and emotionally on a daily basis, and this project helped me do so. It always feels good to get your content out but this one definitely holds close to me. I think I turned a page and really found an area of creating that I feel truly at home with, so I was happy about getting this project out to the world.

How did your perspective on music and yourself overall change during the writing and recording process of "Thoughts"?

I think that with every project I create there is a learning curve involved and adjustments are made. I ask questions like where do I want these tracks to go? How am I using my voice productively? But when it comes down to it, I always try making music that gets to me emotionally whether that be highs or lows. I knew what I thought I wanted going into this project, yet that always seems to change. This can make things a bit of a challenge so I really have to be patient with myself and trust the process. With “Thoughts” I think I’ve gained a valuable perspective on music as a whole and where mine is headed and I feel I’ve grown more as an artist in recent months than ever before. It’s a bit scary but thrilling at the same time, and it’s allowed me to focus more on the creation and directing myself towards writing that really shares my message. A lot of my music changes on the fly so things are constantly moving one way or another.

What was the biggest challenge you've faced throughout 2019 that has shaped you both artistically and personally?

I feel the biggest challenge I faced throughout 2019 was roadblocks in general. The music industry can be pretty cutthroat and I’ve experienced it first hand over the years. I was hit hard with life this year in a strange way, and it truly lit a fire inside me. It’s not about changing so much as learning and making the best decisions for yourself as an artist to reach that next goal. Mentally this has been an extremely challenging 12 months and musically it’s been a lot of highs and lows, but I’ve always been one to roll with the punches and look for a positive outcome. I think this year really taught me a lot about myself as an artist and how much I really want it. It’s all about finding a balance and shaping things where you see fit. With that said I feel I’ve grown a lot personally and opened my eyes a bit more, which has translated into music in a great way!

We hear that you're currently working on another EP series! Tell us more about how the process of that is going, and you feel about collaborating with other artists?!

Yes, I am! “Thoughts” is number 2 of 4 and I’m really excited to drop the last two projects. The idea of this series was to create a personal vibe within each one. So rather than me dropping a full 16 song album, I felt that 4 smaller EP’s would help me spread my message and the things I’ve been going through more organically. Each has a feel of its own so it’s allowed me to try some new things and really hone in on where I’d like to go musically. My hope is to always share something genuinely meaningful and relatable with my listeners. Currently, I’m at a point in my career where collaborating with other artists is very high up on my list. I’ve got a few I’m in contact with that I’m really excited about working with. One, in particular, I’m looking forward to working with is Cali based songwriter ill Nicky, I’ve been a big fan of his music and I really think we can make something great together. Collaboration can be key to progression in this business so I’m really excited to branch out and work with some new artists in the near future.

Thanks for taking the time to speak with us here at BuzzMusic! How do you see your artistic journey growing in 2020?

Well, I feel 2020 has some great plans for me musically. I’m taking some big steps towards important goals that I feel I’m much better prepared for than I was before. I’ve spent the last year really dialing in on my style, voice and just overall presence within music and I’m right where I want to be. So, 2020 will hold some new opportunities for me to grow as an artist and I’m really looking forward to that. I’ll be pushing out a lot more content, lots of shows, organizing a small tour and securing some solid placements along the way. I’m thankful for opportunities such as this one with BuzzMusic and I’m looking to build on that next year. It’s all love with me and I’m just excited to continue this journey through music. - Buzz Music LA


Dreamn Out Loud Project ( 7/1/15)

Falling Forward EP (4/29/16)

Antidote (10/12/18)

These Days (7/26/19)

Thoughts (11/12/19)



Conscious Tone is an artist out of Denver, Colorado. His music is influenced by various life experiences and musical inspirations. Utilizing his Mo-town roots and his admiration for storytelling through hip-hop, he has developed a sound of his own with slick delivery, refreshing word flow and an honest portrayal of life experiences. His socially influenced context is delivered with the style of current hip hop artists such as Ryan Caraveo, G-Eazy and Bryce Vine to name a few. “My music is a mixture of stories and life experiences that changed and progressed my view of the world.”

Growing up in a musical household, Conscious Tone quickly gained an interest in music that later fueled his passion in pursuing a musical career. After 5 years at the University of Colorado Denver, Conscious Tone graduated May of 2016 with a bachelor degree in music business. Conscious Tone worked as a marketing representative for Sony Music from 2013-2016 which helped him build a strong understanding for the industry as a whole. Although he is an advocate for the business side of the industry, he is more interested in creating music and performing. “For the last 10 years, my life has been nothing but music and I wouldn’t have it any other way, I don’t think I’ve ever been happier.”

 Conscious Tone is focused on growing his fan base in Colorado and expanding from there. “We’re trying to find ourselves as a city and I really want to be a part of that… If I can get a deal while being here in Denver, that would be my biggest dream.” He has played shows in venues such as The Bluebird, Marquis Theater, City Hall, Moe’s BBQ, and “grimy smoky hole in the wall bars” such as Trailside Saloon. But he has big dreams and some of the stepping-stones include playing the top venues in Denver as well as festivals such as Riot Fest, SXSW, and Underground Music Showcase.

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