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"Hash & Hydro"

The much anticipated "Hash N Hydro" by Pennsylvania's own Conscious Pilot has been tearing up the dub circuit and destroying clubs with its memorable vocal hook and future funk bass line. "Don't let your fake props get your face popped" is right. A must have for absolute dance floor devastation.
- Shift Recordings


Vinyle: Hash & Hydro (Shift003)
Digital: Night Owl (SHIFT DIGI 005), How High (TRILL DIGITAL 003)
Unreleased: Stab Machine, Digital Done Dirty, Gypsy Starship, Fucked With



Conscious Pilot had been fine tuning his DJ'ing skills for years with various styles of music and felt it was time to elevate his passion for music to a higher level. Around the same time, he witnessed dubstep evolve from a dark vibe in London's UK garage scene to it's own genre of electronic dance music. This fresh new sound left him with all of the creative motivation one could ask for. The logical
progression from DJ to producer was set in motion, and CP sprung into action!

The home studio was built, and he got down to business teaching himself the basics of music production. With some help from his friend Claw he completed what would become his first breakthrough hit, Hash & Hydro. The song's popularity exploded in the underground dubstep scene, and even became somewhat of an anthem in certain corners of the world with it's infamous vocal hook and future funk bassline. The song was heavily supported by some of the biggest names in the scene
including 12th Planet, 16Bit, Borgore, and many more. It was quickly signed to America's most notorious dubstep label (Shift Recordings) and later released on vinyl, building a solid foundation for his new-found interest in music production. All of this only validated his efforts to push the dubstep sound as he perceives it, both as a DJ and a producer.

Push the sound he did, backed by a work ethic any professional could relate to CP slowly built a reputable catalog of songs and DJ mixes. His reputation as one of America's hardest working dubsteppers started to precede him, and he began landing some major gigs at some of the biggest parties. He went from opening for international dubstep legends such as MRK1 and BunZer0 to headlining parties himself up and down the North East. Many of the cities Conscious Pilot performed in credit him with bringing dubstep to their area, resulting in entire scenes emerging in territories previously uncharted by the mysterious sounds.

Fast forward to present day, Conscious Pilot can be found utilizing many avenues to push the limits of what aggressively dark bass driven music sounds like. Whether you catch him on his radio show on the award winning Sub.FM, at a live gig slaying crowds at your local venue, or on a studio mix you rage out to on the ride home from work you'll be sure to hear a deadly blend of his own unreleased songs and his hand picked selection of dubs from around the world that are intelligently incorporated into every mix. Don't sleep!