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"On the song "Backseat of an Empty Bus":"

"I love the feel of 'Backseat,' great song!"- Paul Driscoll, Host of Alter-Ego 101.7 WFNX Boston/92.1 NH -


"Yeah, I like the vibe here...interesting arrangements and nice production! You create a nice hypnotic vibe without losing my interest..." -Stacy Jones, drummer for Letters to Cleo, Veruca Salt, Epic Records A&R, producer Deathstar Productions -

"Conservative Man"

Conservative Man originaire de Philadelphie, est formé de Ian le chanteur et de trois autres membres. Tout part d'un projet solo de Ian, qui va conduire par la suite à la formation d'un véritable groupe. Deux albums ont déjà été composé, un en 2006 et un l'an passé.
Avec des influences indie/pop, la formation américaine a trouvé la recette parfaite avec Mirabel and the Hikikomori et nous livre donc un magnifique deuxième opus.
Leur musique se démarque par l'excellent "Mayday" qui n'est rien d'autre que la meilleure réussite du groupe. Entre rythmes de la batterie, sons électriques, et voix synthétisée, on peut reconnaitre une part de l'ambiance menée par Empire Of The Sun qui ne cesse de se faire connaître.
Conservative Man a les moyens d'en faire autant. "Room Call" s'allie musicalement avec le précédent morceau. On en redemande !!
"A Place Unknow" et "I,Hikikomori" sont deux très bons titres, la légèreté a tendance à reprendre le dessus, on apprécie l'atmosphère indie dégagée, on voit que le groupe a vraiment travaillé sur le fond des chansons, parfois on assiste à des chœurs mélangés à cet univers électrique. Belle prouesse musicale pour Mirabel and The Hikikomri.
Mais ce dernier n'a pas fini de nous surprendre. "We Want A Reception" est l'un des morceaux phares de l'album.
Plus mélodieuses et plus calmes, les chansons telles "Joshi Is a Buddhist" "Up The Coast" ou encore le très bon "Afterhought" sonnent les dernières notes de cet excellent album.
Pas encore reconnu, le groupe a tout de même quelques concerts de prévus et en particulier au festival Provincetow Rocks! fin juillet 2009. -

"Paint the Town Red Tonight March 22 with Conservative Man at M-Room!"

Conservative Man’s
danceable indie rock blends the urban hipness of Interpol, indulgent
desire of The Cure, and pop deja vu of the The Beatles to create a
sound meant for epic nights out in the city under the hypnotic spell of
a new love. Heartbeat rhythms and gorgeous synth embellishments on
“Witness” and “Mayday” set the tone for frontman and
multi-instrumentalist Ian McCarthy, whose voice echoes with moonlit
lust and longing. Originally starting as McCarthy’s solo project, the
band is now a trio, splitting time between New Hampshire and
Philadelphia. They have independently released two albums (2006’s Communique and 2008’s Mirabel and the Hikikomori) on McCarthy’s start-up label, Dead Hero Records, and Imaginary Forces, their third album in four years, will debut this spring. Check out Conservative Man live tonight at M Room w/ Telltale 15 W Girard Ave. 8pm $8 - Jaime Pannone - The Philadelphia Deli

"Conservative Man voted the Deli's June band of the month!"

Ian, Darren and Justin of Conservative Man, the Deli’s June band of the month, took time out of their busy travels between New Hampshire and Philly to let us know where it all started and what’s lined up for 2009.

to read the interview go to: - The Deli Magazine Philadelphia

"Mirabel and the Hikikomori"

Very catchy indie rock. The first song was really good as it reminded me of a Jay Ferguson-penned SLOAN song. Cassandra also thought she heard comparisons to APPLES IN STEREO.
- CJAM Music Review

"Philly's Conservative Man has my vote!"

"I love me some power-pop, especially as the weather gets warmer. But what's this Conservative Man? You want to soak it in psychedelic-shoegazy goodness? Yes, I'll take some of that and go the non-conservative route, by having seconds!

There were two tracks by this Philly/New Hampshire project-adventure-band that caught my ear instantaneously. The dark and blissful "Mayday" soothes the head while it pumps Novocaine into your jaw. "We Want a Reception," is full-steam-ahead rock and roll with acid-tipped spikes. Both songs reflect a healthy amalgam of influences, from The Move to The Stone Roses, but never surrender themselves completely to the past.

When it comes to politics, I am a staunch liberal, but when it comes to good, layered psychedelic pop, Conservative Man has my vote." -

"Conservative Man- "Mirabel and the Hikikomori""

It’s a sunny day in purgatory, a hopeful walk through T.S. Eliot’s “The Waste Land” while impish shadows tug at your conscience. It’s funeral music for grounded transients and energetic fuck-ups, for upbeat nihilists and manic loners; and it all revolves around Ian McCarthy’s meticulously constructed conflict with isolation. The New Hampshire-based multi-instrumentalist writhes poetically through 14 tracks, wavering between unabashed disdain and buoyant acceptance of loneliness all within a cinematic soundscape of lush atmospherics and dream-soaked melodies. The combination leaves you in a satisfying state of disorientation—especially in the delirious, electronic punchiness of “A Place Unknown,” the languid, ambient drones of “Backseat of an Empty Bus,” and the Radiohead-esque closer “Morning Sickness,” with it’s ominous lyrical coda, “You should all be ashamed of yourselves.” Conservative Man’s brand of solitude is the kind you lust after, the kind that leaves you surprisingly fulfilled when everyone else is gone.
–Lauren Ciraulo - Sentimentalist Magazine


2003- Where Have I Gone? DEMO)
2004- The Karma Series DEMO
2004- Vendetta EP DEMO
2006- Communique LP
2008- Mirabel and the Hikikomori LP
2009- Imaginary Forces LP (pending)

the tracks "We Want a Reception" "Mayday" and "A Place Unknown" from the album Mirabel and the Hikikomori have been featured on 101.7/92.1 WFNX
in New England, rated by Rolling Stone Magazine as "One of the 10 Stations That Don't Suck."



Conservative Man originally began as the solo project of frontman/songwriter Ian McCarthy. Having independently released 2 albums (2006’s Communique and 2008’s Mirabel and the Hikikomori), Conservative Man has been transitioning from a one man studio project to a live act during 2008.

2008 has also seen the band’s latest album Mirabel and the Hikikomori receive airplay on over 120 college radio stations across the US and France, and has garnered positive reviews in Sentimentalist Magazine, The Wall Magazine, RockIndie Blog, The Walrus Blog, and CJAM Music Review.