Constant Recourse

Constant Recourse

 King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, USA

Constant Recourse layers electronic elements and inventively rhythmic drumbeats onto a solid acoustic-pop-rock backdrop, complimented by thoughtful, punchy lyrics and tight harmonies. This five-piece group develops music from earnest, vulnerable faith reflections.


“Are you ready to go back to real life?” Wrapping up nine months of missions work in Australia, this was a common question for Ben Mell, songwriter for Philadelphia-based Constant Recourse. His time in missions emphasized giving and sharing life, discovering truth, and challenging self-centeredness. In a way, that life seemed more real than the often superficial life at home. “I don't think that's the right question” he responded. “Instead, I more often wonder: How can I bring this real life to the stagnant life I’m used to?”

Since 2006, Constant Recourse has created and performed dynamic music for churches, universities, conferences and retreats, encouraging people to bring real life to their own lives. With much of American culture devoted to attention-capturing television and unrelenting headlines, our senses can become calloused towards the people around us and matters of true importance. An engaging concert can sharpen and encourage those who feel dulled or weary.

Constant Recourse layers electronic elements and inventively rhythmic drumbeats onto a solid acoustic-pop-rock backdrop, complimented by thoughtful, punchy lyrics and tight harmonies. This five-piece group develops music from earnest, vulnerable faith reflections.

While on the road, they at times lead worship just as they would back home, playing well-known songs by Chris Tomlin, Matt Redman, David Crowder, Hillsong United, and others. All of their songs can be heard in their entirety at If you would be interested in having the group play at your venue, please contact Ben at or 484-995-7800.

Radio Stations at which CR has had singles Hold On and/or Nightly Amnesia played in 2009/2010:

Canada: CHSB (Bedford/Sackville, Nova Scotia); CJOA (Thunder Bay, Ontario)

USA: WAUF-LP (Auburn/Opelika, AL); KLUH-FM (AR); KJAY (Sacramento, CA); WVOF (Bridgeport, CT); WCSE & WNLN (New London County, CT); WBEL/WGCF (Paducah, KY); WSNL (Flint, MI); KLUH-FM (Poplar Bluff, MO); WGNU (St. Louis, MO); KGNM (St. Joseph, MO); KROZ (Hobbs, NM); WLIX (Long Island, NY); WCSE & WNLN (Long Island, NY); WGWG (Boiling Springs, NC); KAZRadio (Cleveland, OH); WFKJ (Gettysburg, PA); WSWV (Pennington Gap, VA); WWIP (Virginia Beach/Norfolk, VA)WJWD (Madison, WI); WDOV (WV); WEMM (Huntington, WV)

Online: Life Radio; Live 365 (Christian Originals Radio & Oikeo Grassroots); Cross Driven Radio (Washington, DC); Apostle Internet Radio ( Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX); Real Country RCR (Japan); Warriors of the Cross (Natchitoches, LA); Bethel Radio (Dayton, OH); Radio for Life;;

UK: Branch FM 101.8 (Dewsbury, West Yorkshire); World Outreach Radio; Northern Ireland (

Peru: Z Station (Lima)

Samoa: KNWJ (Showers of Blessing FM)

CR was selected in the nationwide Band With A Mission Competition and showcased at Nashville’s Rocketown. The band then released its first album, Something Brighter, in July 2006 and played shows locally through the fall to promote it. The following year, Constant Recourse participated in the 2007 Emergenza International Music Competition and finished in 5th place among the 180 participating bands in the Philadelphia area. Immediately following Emergenza, the band played venues in the summer 2007 Extreme Tour, which took them as far West as New Mexico.

Constant Recourse released their second album, REMAIN, in 2009. The band is currently booking and playing many local venues. Recently, one new song, “Nothing to Live For,” was featured on a special edition compilation album called “Philly Rockers For Life” featuring 25 local Philadelphia bands.

To contact Constant Recourse, please e-mail Ben Mell at or call (484)-995-7800.



Written By: Benjamin Mell

I've got a false sense of insecurity, I am secure
Until the day I die,
I know life like a stream flows from You
I've got the strongest Father in all the world defending me
I'm not afraid
I'm unafraid
I'm not afraid

Why is it so hard to believe
You've got the very best in mind when You say wait
Hey, I put my confidence in You
I believe, Lord help me to believe

Why have so many walked away
Have we all lost sight of what life is about:
Faith, hope,
No, not wishing things were different
But knowing that they are
And knowing that they will be
You said blessed are the pure in heart, for they see God

You said blessed are the people
Who have never seen but still believe
You said blessed are the pure
And blessed are the poor
And those who are in need
We are in need

Convince Myself

Written By: Benjamin Mell

I've made a god in my image
I've seen him do mighty things
He justifies what my conscience cannot
He let's me do anything but he's terrified of light
He's terrified of light

Expose the darkened motive
I want some truth in my life

'Cause I cannot forget I convince myself of anything
if I try hard enough
And I cannot forget I can only change my mind
not what's right

I've got a standard for others
and I've got one for myself
Don't lie to me and don't take what I want
But I can say what I think if it makes sense to me
I'm free to believe

What if the world doesn't cater to my whims
Will I still delude myself if the truth will find me when I convince myself...

Nightly Amnesia

Written By: Benjamin Mell

I've got a nightly amnesia
I forget where I've come from
I forget all that we've done together
Father, tell me You love me
Help me recall how I love You
Holy Spirit, quicken my memory to me

and take me at my word
I know I meant what I said
And I can't recall but I know that I knew what I knew
So I know

I've got a nightly amnesia
So I wake in the morning
Singing songs of Your glory before today
You have led me to valleys
And You've broken my heart there
But You restore me
And work it all for my good

Stay, Stay
Remain in my love

Abide in my love, my love
Abide in my love
Remain, Remain

I will wait in Your love

I'll take You at Your word
I know You meant what You said
And I can't recall
But I know that You are
'cause You were true


Written By: Benjamin Mell

I am unbound to be exposed
Nearer now than ever,
Ego will not let me go
I am seen, oh

Not so pristine, your loving eyes won't let me be
I hear me plea,
"Get away from me!
Get away from me."

You only need to stay, if you will,
To see the best and worst of me
My selfishness and inadequacy
Change seems impossible
Shame is unbearable

But if I'm committed
I must tear down my own defense
And I know that I'll do it again and again and again

Would you believe my teachers say,
"Because it is, it is okay,"
but broken homes are...

But you've fallen asleep with your shame in your tears
People, wake up!
We are not alone
Not alone
Not alone

Eyes be opened
Ears be hearing
Heart perceive we're not
Not alone

Eyes be opened
(loving eyes don't let me be)
Ears be hearing
(Forebear and make a way for me)
Heart perceive we're not
Not alone

Still I Need

Written By: Benjamin Mell

I can’t stop my conscience and it’s cutting at my double-mindedness
I want to be constant but know
My will won’t budge I want what I want
I plead independence now but I know I am not free

Oh I know I need You. I know you burn in my oxygen
I’m breathing in Your fire, I need You to take my will and change it
Still I need

To know there is power, Power in your word to change what’s natural
Not my will or work but what you say could make the difference

I’ve got to breathe but I’m shaken up inside
I see you move I hesitate but I’m fixed on You
I’m like a coal that’s cold as ice I know I’m not alive in here
Will you come and can you make what once was “normal” disappear
Change what I’m sure I want to what I need
Take all that is dead in me
Light me up with just a word until I in you remain

God Save Us All

Written By: Benjamin Mell

God save us all, We can't get by just on help
I need to be saved from myself

Great, I can see now why we reason with God
Submission isn't too high on our list of things to do
No, we are high pleasures that cannot sustain
We let them last us tonight but we are down another day

Oh, how I want contentment lasting,
Joy that's wide and deep and unstoppable

God save us all, we can't get by just on help
Our depression is just so deep but
Despair will see us lift our heads
Singing God save us all

Why do we romanticize despair in our hearts
because we cannot give up
Just like a kid who wants his way
And I can blame my culture it's always been so shallow
Oh teach me how to go

Oh and I know my eyesight's failing
When the darkness looks like light and the light looks dark

Where Are You

Written By: Benjamin Mell

Where are you?

I hid myself away
I hid myself away
'Cause I was afraid you'd see what's wrong with me
and leave me where I lie
Unable to rise
Unable to rise

Where are you?

My shame is taken away
It's taken away
Now fear has lost its home in me
So fear hear me, be gone
I'm known and accepted
I'm known and cleaned

Where are you?

Love Me First

Written By: Benjamin Mell

"May I have your words
May I have your words," is not what I heard
"May I have your heart, your precious smile
Come lay with me a while"
But I am uncomfortable with You waiting so quietly, patiently
I have got to hear You speak what You think of me

This is love not that I loved You
This is love that You look and move toward me
It's hard to believe, not that You would love me too, but love me first

I make me up, I laugh and charm
To bring out what's more lovable to people
But I wake down more than i wake up
You wake with me no matter what I look like
No matter what we've come to

This is love not that I loved You or I'm doing so much for You
This is love that You look and move toward me
Longingly wanting me
It's hard to believe, not that You would love me too

But you loved me before i could say i'm worth Your time
You loved me before i could prove myself to You
You followed through like You know i've been left before
And you assure me and reassure

I finally stop my lyrical forms and Your beckoning
"Now come to me, now come to my"
My favorite thoughts and memories cadence in You

My love, know that I've held you
Quietly but faithfully
I lift you up if you choose to run to me and the pleasure is mine
My darling i lead and with grace you move so close to me
And find love with me, find love with me
Oh love with me
Love me

Hold On

Written By: Benjamin Mell

Is this the last straw?
Are you angry enough now to say,
"I'm going back to
a life that is simple but killing me," Well

Hold on
Take a second and think is it worth it?
If it leads to death,
Give it up to be strong
Don't settle for less

No one controls you
Has your joy been destroyed by words?
Don't be impulsive
Your feelings will follow if you lead, so...

Remember you are loved
Yes you are
You've been accepted
You are loved

Receive in this your strength
This is your strength
Remember you are loved


Remain (2009) - full length album
Philly Rockers for Life (2007) - compilation
Something Brighter (2006) - full length album

Set List

Typical 55-minute Originals Set:
Still I Need
God Save Us All
Convince Myself
Where Are You
Hold On
Make Me Strong
Love Me First
Nightly Amnesia
Nothing to Live For

CR sets are typically 55 minutes but we can play up to an hour and half. We can cover some popular songs by Switchfoot and are familiar with a large body of worship music by Hillsong United, Chris Tomlin, Matt Redman, David Crowder Band and more.