Constant Season

Constant Season


Piano and synthesizer influenced alternative echoing each members love for music from a diverse pool of influence. we maintain a radio appeal without sacrificing the depth of our music, or compromising our artistic beliefs


Constant Season draws on influences such as Radiohead, the red hot chili peppers, coldplay, the beatles, U2, bloc party, jeff buckley, bob dylan, and cat stevens to develop what has become a completely unique sound. Lyrics often consist of stories of desire, loss, and personal growth as it relates to the world around you. the piano adds a completely different dimension to a rock ensemble that sets them apart from many. elements of classical music are integrated with a gauge for what is relevent in todays pop music scene. after only one year as a complete band, over 20 original songs have been fully arranged and composed.


Laws of Reaction

Written By: Mike Ferraro (constant season)

Lifetimes built around one moment
all you ever see
a city built around a single
solitary street
tonight is the night that'll let me inside
if i ignore what I see
tonight is the night that'll make it
alright if your lock can find my key

the tenant in every building in the ghost town in my dreams
the constellation buried in the underground astronomy
the stars in the sky'll never write me
off if I illuminate thier heat
but the sand on the ground'll never
level off if I keep treading my feet

even when you hear about it
nobody knows
and when you lay your eyes on
it it's already gone
this is an acception to the
laws of reaction
this is a cause for a medial attraction

to mold my life into their form was
all they asked of me
the past is a sign of the future broken the presents all i need
i see a love in the light that'll flicker all
night in the match you gave to me
and we;ll float on the sky looking down
from up high in love with what we see

ride on right to what you don't know
ride on right to me
ride on right, take off your blindfold
ride on right to me

Smoke and Liars

Written By: Mike Ferraro (constant season)

read me through a fire
sick of you telling me to hold on
when i have none
a broken combustion
through the smoke and the liars
we'll finally drown out the flood

i feel you through the heatwave
the pearls and beads of your
charcol and your brimstone
leave my arctic alone, walk through
holt coals and burning bridges
find the other side alone

a mistake to create it
a chance to finally break it hold on
a mistake to imitate it, to imitate it
the chance you take to find the open side of emptiness

alone all along

a mistake to entertain it
a chance to finally break the
hold on me, the hold on me
a mistake to imitate the one and only
constant faded, and break the
mind control you never even instigated

the amber waves are falling on our
charcoaled existence bringing
a sense of certainty past smokescreens in our living spaces
igniting never ending forest fires
in our lives

Frame of Mind

Written By: Mike Ferraro (constant season)

trust in a view in a life
in a different mode
with lights over you, over all
you live for
trust in the hold that you dig
with your life's ambition
fracture the lives of your goals
and aspirations

spell it out, spell it out for me

sit in a room, this is all
i can do alone
without anyone thinking up
my next move
sit in a room strumming lines
painting pictures of it
check the design of my headstock
do you like it?

spell it out for me

what is the right place or the right time
tell me whats your frame of mind
i know what im holding is the only
rope to tie your life around tonight

Echoes of your Figure

Written By: Mike Ferraro (constant season)

inter war years i dont think you know me
inside source is deaf and dumb
headway halted, follied by my insight
a map without a parallel
peaks and canyons level on your saddle
rock formations in your head
bear resemblance to formulaic handshakes
interactions, set none apart

headway open to your foresight
behind the liquid silver looking out
your saddled on another horse
in another town

soft but piercing, my breath on your window
a dragons fire will thaw it out
schools of thoughts and echoes of your figure
lips are strangers, bodies one
planets drifting, axised on our moments
night and day the sky lit up
deep rotation and accidental contact
spark the flames that keep us warm

currents coasting on a flatline
constant fluctuation, still as stone
your riding on another barrell
in another ocean


Self released EP Constant Season

1) Frame of Mind
2) Laws of Reaction
3) Smoke and Liars

Set List

on average a 15- 20 song well paced setlist, all original.
45 minutes to one hour

heavy feathers
poison fog
written in the stars
echoes of your figure
laws of reaction
lights on orion
strobelights and streetfights
romance reaper
road not taken
nothing less
crimson breath
paper hearts
frame of mind
smoke and liars